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One flaw of the LLMs I've used: they will never give you harsh criticism. While it would be nice to think all my writing is just that good, I know there are no circumstances where someone will ask for feedback and it will say “throw the whole thing out and start again.”

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@fpbhb nailed it

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@molly0xfff Passive Aggressive LLMs! It'd be hilarious if you end up having it speak to you and it turns out it's super sarcastic but the text prevents that from coming across.

On a more serious note, I've heard that apps that use LLMs tend to create long prompts with examples and such. I'm wondering if a good prompt would allow it to be more "constructive"

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Women’s reproductive rights, contraception, LGBTQ rights, IVF, now this:

The Christian right is coming for divorce next - Vox

“Conservative commentators and lawmakers are calling for an end to no-fault divorce, arguing that it has harmed men and even destroyed the fabric of society.”

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That's crazy!

Why would any sane person want to force their partner to stay married to them?

That's the Republican party for you.

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@GottaLaff I can’t wait to see how many women would willingly do prison time rather than stay in a marriage they didn’t want to be in. I can tell you with my last relationship (an abusive marriage) I would have done time if it meant I didn’t have to deal with him any longer.

Stay married to an abuser, or make toilet wine in prison with a bunch of other women willing to do time for the same reason? TOILET WINE WINS HANDS DOWN

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Add to the list…

👉🏼👉🏼“ Justice took 3 undisclosed trips aboard private jet provided by Republican megadonor Harlan Crow between 2017 & 2021, according to docs obtained by the Senate Judiciary Committee and released Thursday.

The records, which Crow turned over to the committee, show that Thomas traveled aboard Crow's private jet in May 2017 on a flight from St. Louis, Missouri, to Kalispell, Montana, with a return flight to Dallas two days later”

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@GottaLaff 🤑

havvyhh2 , avatar

@GottaLaff ...yes....keep digging!!

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Hrs b4 meeting w/his about his , a leading candidate for went on a bizarre rant about .

Sharks, claimed, were attacking more than usual (not true) & posed a new risk bc boats were being required to use batteries (not true), which cause them to sink bc they’re too heavy (really, really not true—the world’s heaviest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, stays afloat bc of laws of despite weighing >550M lbs).

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Vote for Joe, not the Psycho.
Vota por Joe, no el Loco.

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@Nonilex Between WaPo and NYT it’s a race to the bottom. Normal people desperately need a robust media ecosystem that is independent of the Fascist owners and that is able to counter all of the disinformation with truth

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shareholders reapproved Elon ’s roughly $48 billion pay package, ammunition for the board's fight to preserve the court-rejected plan -WSJ

Aviva_Gary , avatar

@GottaLaff This is going to be hilarious when it gets rejected by a court again... 👀

darwinwoodka , avatar

@GottaLaff dumb

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host 'pep rally' w/ in his 1st visit to Capitol Hill since attack

3½ yrs ago, Trump incited a violent at the Capitol in a bid to overturn Joe ’s election victory & remain in power, a special cmte concluded after a lengthy investigation.

Today, gave a him hero’s welcome.

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Party over country, libs.

Also, white Christians über Alles.

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@Nonilex 🤢

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It’s a rather humbling thing to have the HR person that’s supported me for years ask where I want the box sent so I can return my company laptop and how many days of vacation I took so they can pay out the balance. A rather disappointing end to a 25 year run, first with Netrex that was bought in 1999 by Internet Security Systems, which was bought in 2006 by IBM.

Anyway, here we goooo

Swalsh , avatar

@jerry Ugh. Sorry to hear that. It's dehumanizing. I hope you find something fun soon!

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I was the 'go-to' PC deployer for our small corporate and I got a bit brazen towards the end. When someone retired after their 20 or 30 (and more!!) years, if they asked to keep their old PC, I'd write it off and they'd leave with its new replacement (capex shenanigans :)

That company was so effing stingy. I wasn't gonna be the 'Can I keep my old PC? Nah fuck off' guy.

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Eevee just got a brother. Welcome to the family, Rayquaza ❤️

fencepost , avatar

@jerry is Rayquaza with you or your son (and Eevee)?

And is the name because he's shiny?

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@fencepost he is with my son end eevee. Apparently his name is being changed to “Onix” now. I recommended Umbreon, but that was shot down.

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UPDATE: NY Governor Kathy Hochul said on CNN last night that she is considering a ban on masks.

This is absolutely shameful! New York has suffered so much from COVID, and COVID is not over. We should be normalizing and depoliticizing masks, not banning them.


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    @luckytran The speed of the pivot from "mask up, it protects the elderly and immunocompromised" to "masks are illegal" is just astonishing.

    davidhmccoy , avatar


    Letting the GOP drag them to hell.

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    I don’t buy the theory that psilocybin somehow caused human civilization to develop. My issues:

    1. How could something used only by a few even today have such a big impact?
    2. Some people find themselves in altered states naturally; why are the mushrooms needed?
    3. is this solving a “problem” that doesn’t exist? It’s not mysterious it took time for complex societies to form. Life is hard, full of set backs. Couldn’t it be for once the weather was nice & not everyone got eaten by bears?
    nazokiyoubinbou , avatar

    @futurebird Yeah, it's all an environment one is born into and immersed in, never knowing anything else. Even having ideas or creating tools or etc would have been hard to do in such a scenario -- a very slow progress.

    MichaelPorter , avatar

    @futurebird I just listened to a very interesting episode of the podcast “The Joy of Why,” in which they interviewed Gül Dölen, a neuroscientist at UC Berkeley. She studies how psychedelics can reopen critical periods for learning (the term “critical period” comes from Konrad Lorenz - think baby geese imprinting on people). Really fascinating stuff with applications to treating PTSD, depression, and so forth.

    It sounds like psychedelics reenable the plasticity of the brain, and with respect to your comment, maybe take away the paralyzing influence of preconceived notions or prior conditioning. You could get innovation and advancement more quickly that way.

    You wouldn’t have to have a lot of people taking them, but a small number of people may be able to open up their creativity enough for everyone to benefit.

    The podcast in question (with transcript):

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    First of all, has a person ever looked more mischievous? I wish I knew her.

    Secondly, this is a miniature portrait from around 1660. It comes with overlays that allow you to change her appearance for fun. Filters from 500 years ago lol!

    Same painting, but now with an overlay. You can see most of her face, but she now has a dark moustache and long beard, and is wearing a thick dark cloak with a hood.
    The overlay this time is of a nun's habit

    researchbuzz , avatar

    @ElleGray We need to meme this lady and get her in the Internet culture pantheon

    Henodudude , avatar

    @ElleGray woah that's sick

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    All nine Republican senators running for reelection this year just voted against the Right to IVF Act:

    John Barrasso
    Marsha Blackburn
    Kevin Cramer
    Ted Cruz
    Deb Fischer
    Josh Hawley
    Pete Ricketts
    Rick Scott
    Roger Wicker

    So much for the party of "freedom."

    philpetree , avatar

    Marshie Blackburn has marshmallows for brains.

    olav , avatar


    The SBC conference just voted to attack IVF, and where they go so do the conservatives

    aadams6363 , to random avatar

    Got us some lovely Bienenstich and @PaulNickson refused it. Now I have to eat 4 slices on my own. It’s a hard life.

    MaJ1 , avatar
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    jerry , to random avatar
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    “How did you did the top rating in the company!?!”

    “I turned off all features by default”

    gigsim , avatar

    @jerry they just figure out what bug bounty is? What is the budget for that?

    Nonilex , to random avatar

    retains full to key

    The on Thurs refused to limit access to a widely used , rejecting a challenge from doctors 2 years after the court’s majority overturned on procedural grounds.

    Aviva_Gary , avatar

    @Nonilex Which is exactly his point

    Lefty , avatar

    Conservatives don't let go by a single opportunity to strike down at those they oppress.

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