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🤦🏻‍♀️A Education Department Title IX rule that aims to strengthen protections for students was blocked in four states by a federal court -Bloomberg

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Leaders Agree on Plan for $50 Billion Loan to

& also signed a 10-yr agreement aimed at making Ukraine’s more self-sufficient.
“A lasting peace for Ukraine must be underwritten by Ukraine’s own ability to defend itself,” Biden said.

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President says he won't offer commutation to his son Hunter after gun sentence

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Mensch in Chief

President : "I'm extremely proud of my son, Hunter. He has overcome an addiction. He's one of the brightest, most decent men I know."

He says he will "abide by the jury's decision."

Biden did not attack the justice system or the outcome of the trial.

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Hrs b4 meeting w/his about his , a leading candidate for went on a bizarre rant about .

Sharks, claimed, were attacking more than usual (not true) & posed a new risk bc boats were being required to use batteries (not true), which cause them to sink bc they’re too heavy (really, really not true—the world’s heaviest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, stays afloat bc of laws of despite weighing >550M lbs).

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These rants are tempting to laugh off. They’re par for the course. is Trump. But Trump may also soon be the president of the . Imagine the response if Joe had made the same remarks, word for word. Consider this excerpt (pic)

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    Coming from , that exact statement might have prompted calls from across the political spectrum for him to drop out of the race. From , it was a blip that barely registered. I’ve previously called this dynamic “the banality of crazy”: Trump’s ludicrous statements are ignored precisely because they’re so routine—& occurrences don’t drive the news. They are the proverbial “dog bites man” stories that get ignored by the .

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    Except that even this truism breaks down when it comes to the asymmetry between coverage of & : Based on GoogleNews tallies, the news story about Biden’s dog biting a Secret Service agent spurred far more press coverage than Trump saying that he would order shoplifters to be shot w/o a trial if he became president.

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    By contrast, when makes a gaffe—mixing up a name or a date rather than, for example, suggesting that boats sink because they’re heavy—questions arise about his mental fitness to be president. A president who occasionally misspeaks is far less worrying than one who purveys fantasies & . Biden may gaffe, but he lives in ; Trump often doesn’t.

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    presses to keep in agreement

    PM , a hard-line , has been intent on changing language that was included in last year’s G7 communiqué to exclude mentions of or reproductive rights.
    , along w/the leaders of , & , pushed for its inclusion, & Biden threatened to not sign the doc if it was not included.

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    It's important to never use bigoted phrases, even if unintentional.

    and are war criminals; and it's fine to call Biden bloodthirsty - but you should never say it about Netanyahu, or any Jewish leader.

    When the phrase "bloodthirsty" is leveled at conservative Christians, it has no meaning. But when speaking about Jews specifically, it evokes blood libel accusations, it's a reference to centuries-old :

    @israel @palestine

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    rejects attempt to

    The on Thurs rejected a California lawyer’s claim that he may trademark the double-entendre phrase “Trump Too Small” to use on T-shirts criticizing .
    The admin asked justices to uphold the US & Trademark Office’s decision to deny the trademark application from atty Steve Elster because fed disallows trademarks that use a person’s name w/o their consent.

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    Please join with me in supporting Sherrod Brown via ActBlue. Democratic Senate control depends upon him winning!

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    @DemocracyMattersALot Getting people to vote for Brown will equate to a win.

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    retains full to key

    The on Thurs refused to limit access to a widely used , rejecting a challenge from doctors 2 years after the court’s majority overturned on procedural grounds.

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    In a ruling, sided w/the admin & the manufacturer of , & reversed a lower court decision that would have made it more difficult to obtain the drug used in >60% of . The ruling was not on the substance of the case, but on a procedural ruling the plaintiffs did not have to bring the case.

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    "Democrats are facing the threat of a gender gap that could imperil the traditional advantage among younger voters that the party has enjoyed for decades and that President Joe Biden likely needs to defeat former President Donald Trump."

    ~ Ronald Brownstein


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    "Biden faces a dual challenge with younger men: Not only is abortion less of a motivating issue for them, but there’s evidence that many of them are receptive to the messaging of Trump’s 'Make America Great Again' movement, with its implicit promise to restore traditional racial and gender hierarchies."

    Brownstein cites the new Pew Research Center national survey linked below to support his claim here.


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    Banning medical debt from credit reports.

    Cracking down on junk fees.

    Banning non-competes.

    Capping credit card fees.

    Negotiating drug prices.

    Expanding OT pay.

    These Biden policies don't make headlines, but this is what it looks like when government works for the people.

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    Nice list (above) of some ways is not the same.

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    The has voted to hold in of for refusing to turn over audio recordings of President Joe 's interviews w/fmr special counsel Robert as part of the probe over his handling of .

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    channels across the country used a nearly identical script to push coverage of a controversial @WSJ article questioning President Joe ’s mental fitness.

    An eerie supercut compiled by shows how anchors on dozens of channels owned by parroted the story in a coordinated fashion.

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    More! And

    Via Kyle Griffin:

    President just announced his 51st round of nominees for federal judicial positions — bringing the number of announced federal judicial nominees to 247.

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    , seeking to show unity, to meet w/ lawmakers on Capitol Hill

    Trump plans to return to Washington on Thurs to meet w/congressional near the Capitol, as the GOP tries to present a united front & coalesce around a agenda [ha!] heading into the Nov .

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    The trip will be ’s 1st meeting w/ lawmakers since a jury found him on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his case, making him the 1st fmr convicted of a . Since the historic guilty verdict, however, have largely fallen in line behind Trump, as he & President continue to be locked in a tight race.
    It will also be Trump’s 1st public visit to Capitol Hill since the , 2021,

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    A brutal, nine-hour, multi-agency police assault against unarmed protesters at UC Santa Cruz shows the university would rather use violence against its own students than address demands to divest from genocide.

    @palestine @israel

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    @mondoweiss @palestine @israel This is Joe 's America, this is Gavin 's California. Disgusting, anyone who is still planning on voting for these fascist fiends needs to read every word of this.

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    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken complains that "Hamas could have answered [to 's proposal] with a single word; Yes", but it proposed changes.

    Disgusting sack of shit genocide enabler never says anything about or his fascist co-criminals, but feeling hurt because Has doesn't like the BS ceasefire deal they didn't even have the balls to vote for.
    Video shared on telegram:

    @palestine @israel

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    🇬🇧 A Tory social media campaign suggests the party fears a landslide in the upcoming general election, as minister says they are fighting to avoid a "supermajority"

    The Conservatives' latest advertising campaign appears to target potential voters, warning them that the Tories could be reduced to just 57 seats in the next parliament, even if picked up no seats ⏩

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    Well I do not think you can blame if the gets in this Autumn, nor for what he might do. FWIW I think he has shot his bolt.... assuming does not keel over meantime

    I am not sure & are adequate - I do think the new govt will be better, and will do good in terms of regulation and organisation but not waste time on stuff that costs money & is hard to finish - unlike with his idiocy

    But is far away - events, dear boy!

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    I'm fasting for every Thursday until

    Since last Thursday

    • Israelis have made Nasser hospital inoperable
    • Israeli/US bombs massacre hundreds of civilians in Rafah, the last refuge in Gaza
    • Biden vetos a security council resolution for a permanent ceasefire and the release of all
    • Smotrich (Israeli finance minister) says is not important
    • Israel does not allow aid to enter and the UN has given up on North Gaza aid

    cam OP , avatar

    I’m every Thurs until a in

    Since last week

    • UNSC endorses 's proposed solution promoted by . agrees to plan, but says otherwise. has only rejected it.

    • Mass murderer from the 2014 Gaza attack Benny Gantz resigns from Israel's war cabinet.

    • Israeli military massacres/maims several hundred Palestinians in Nuseirat. Sec of Def Austin called it a success, Biden congratulated Israel @palestine

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