snooggums , avatar

So all the states that gave him a pass for cooperating when he didn't will go ahead and charge him now, right?

Nougat , (edited )

I am definitely curious as to how this impacts his Georgia plea agreement.

Edit: He is in violation of his Georgia plea agreement.

cranakis ,

Lock him up.

Jode ,

"Disable your adblocker to continue reading"

Yeah fuck that.

mozz OP Admin ,
mozz avatar

Literally no idea what you're talking about. I have no idea but I suspect your adblocker is maybe substandard. Have Librewolf

pbjamm , avatar

Firefox+UBlock Origin worked with no issue.

blindsight , (edited )

Worked for me with AdAway (host file editing) on Android, too, FWIW.

DarkGamer , avatar

Attempting to usurp democracy and install a dictator should be a capitol offense.

AmidFuror ,

The punishment is working in the legislature?

sonori , avatar

Definitely seems to be that way.

bermuda , avatar


UngodlyAudrey , avatar

How shocking it is that someone dumb enough to work for Trump is dumb enough to lie to prosecutors. Guess he isn't getting away with just probation after all.

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