UngodlyAudrey ,
@UngodlyAudrey@beehaw.org avatar

How shocking it is that someone dumb enough to work for Trump is dumb enough to lie to prosecutors. Guess he isn't getting away with just probation after all.

DarkGamer ,
@DarkGamer@kbin.social avatar

Attempting to usurp democracy and install a dictator should be a capitol offense.

AmidFuror ,

The punishment is working in the legislature?

sonori ,
@sonori@beehaw.org avatar

Definitely seems to be that way.

bermuda ,
@bermuda@beehaw.org avatar


Jode ,

"Disable your adblocker to continue reading"

Yeah fuck that.

mozz OP Admin ,
mozz avatar

Literally no idea what you're talking about. I have no idea but I suspect your adblocker is maybe substandard. Have Librewolf

pbjamm ,
@pbjamm@beehaw.org avatar

Firefox+UBlock Origin worked with no issue.

blindsight , (edited )

Worked for me with AdAway (host file editing) on Android, too, FWIW.

cranakis ,

Lock him up.

snooggums ,
@snooggums@midwest.social avatar

So all the states that gave him a pass for cooperating when he didn't will go ahead and charge him now, right?

Nougat , (edited )

I am definitely curious as to how this impacts his Georgia plea agreement.

Edit: He is in violation of his Georgia plea agreement.

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