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I mean... That's literally why the Democrats lost in 2016 and why they're likely to lose in 2024. The Democrats can't even compete against a would-be fascist dictator. That's how out of touch they are.

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I sincerely hope you're right, but Biden is polling a lot lower now than he was in 2020, and it was a shockingly close race.

Regardless, it shouldn't be this close. Democrats need to shift to capture Gen Z and Millennial voters. Alienating young voters will be what loses them the next election, if they lose, and it's causing increasingly bigger problems for them as Gen Z ages into voting and Millennials aren't shifting right as they age. Democrats need to pivot to get young voters politically engaged.

Or, at least, that's my take as a non-American watching this trainwreck happen.

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This was my main concern. What's the monetization strategy?

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I'm bothered that they didn't do this with a two column layout with the (red) # of digits left aligned and the number and name right aligned.

This would make a nice, clean vertical line down the page and make all the numbers start in the same spot for visual comparison. As it is, there's a messy not-quite-straight gap between the columns that suddenly veers right at the top, with numbers starting willy-nilly all over the place. Ugly and unnecessary!

... I'll see myself out.

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I disagree that CEOs are equivalent to landlords. CEOs do create value by providing direction for the efficient application of resources to solve business problems and leadership and direction to employees. It's not an easy job, by any stretch.

That said, taking skill doesn't mean that CEOs should be entitled to massive take-home pay. I think the "fix" comes in adjusting our taxation system, not CEO compensation. Well, at least so long as we're tied to the profit-seeking corporation structure we're in. A "good" CEO can lead a company to producing significantly more value than a bad CEO, so let them fight for big compensation packages all they want.

The highest marginal tax rate in the US for individuals peaked at 92% in the early 50s. If we had sane marginal income tax rates at higher income levels, then there would be no problem with executive income. (Granted, we also need to fix taxation on other forms of compensation and capital gains, too.)

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Okay, let's see... Not sure if the spell is even activating that glyph sequence. Let's try casting it again with a purple glow rune there...

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BC is doing a lot of work toward truth and reconciliation. This year is the first year that all high school graduates are required to complete a First Peoples course as part of their graduation requirements. (Usually as an English First Peoples course or as a grade 12 social studies course that meets another grad requirement, so it doesn't remove any elective choices.)

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LLMs aren't really capable of understanding spelling. They're token prediction machines.

LLMs have three major components: a massive database of "relatedness" (how closely related the meaning of tokens are), a transformer (figuring out which of the previous words have the most contextual meaning), and statistical modeling (the likelihood of the next word, like what your cell phone does.)

LLMs don't have any capability to understand spelling, unless it's something it's been specifically trained on, like "color" vs "colour" which is discussed in many training texts.

"Fruits ending in 'um' " or "Australian towns beginning with 'T' " aren't talked about in the training data enough to build a strong enough relatedness database for, so it's incapable of answering those sorts of questions.

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My level of research was to come to the comments hoping someone had explained the weird numbering jump already.

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I've heard about this one before, but I'm downloading an episode now.

The one thing I hate about QI is that I've already seen it all and there aren't any more episodes.

Edit: That was great. It totally scratched the QI itch. Among many other tidbits, I now know how leech treatments were discovered, that there's a specific frequency that is arousing for badgers and sets off car alarms, and that in one year, over 700 American students were arrested for owning pagers.

Edit: Holy shit. The author of Goodnight Moon literally died from an overly-enthusiastic "can-can kick". She did it to prove she was feeling fine... (ironically) but she dislodged a blood clot that instantly killed her.

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Just FYI that Beehaw defederated with, so our experience is a bit different; being defederated from the biggest instance means we avoid most low-effort posting and vitriol, but it also means we miss most (?) of the content on Lemmy.

I'm not entirely sure how it works; I don't know if I can see if someone from replies to my comments in other communities. I don't think so, since I can't remember ever seeing a commenter, but I'm not totally clear on how defederation works. I think we just don't see those users at all, including posts/comments they make to other instances?

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Eh, idk. Depends on the person. I've been going for a "scruff" look for a few years now. I trim close-ish 1-2 times/week, just before it starts to get itchy from hairs getting long enough. I always have at least 1-2mm facial hair.

If I go clean-shaven, I have baby face and I look 10 years younger. Not a good look. A bit of scruff makes me look closer to my age, but I don't like the look of a full beard on me since I can't grow a decent mustache. It looks like I'm trying too hard.

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I think that's a much better way to start. Martin is clearly a discovery writer, but he talks like he's a plotter, and the intricacies of the political machinations imply he's a plotter, too.

He's written such a tangled mess that it's impossible to untangle everything. Plus, he's made his millions, so there's not much incentive for him to finish.

I started reading when book 5 was about "due" based on his expected release date he had previously announced thinking that book 5 would likely be out by the time I read up to that point. Over four years later book 5 finally released and I knew in my soul the series would never be finished.

Welcome to the Inaugural Bingo for 2024!

We wanted to invite other Lemmy readers to join us in a reading challenge, we have tried to structure this so it’s very flexible with regards to genre, and we don’t require you to join or post on !books. We had just put in the work to make it and thought we could share the fun. (Admins/Mods please feel free to delete if...

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Love it! As I was going through the list, I was trying to think of progression fantasy/LitRPG titles to match each square. (It's my genre of choice most of the time.)

I think I could pretty easily get 25/25 hard mode if my ADHD doesn't interfere with my follow-through...

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I watched most of this video (in the background) the other day. I have a technical background, but I've never made a "real" game. It looks like a really good tutorial for newbies to making games.

I look forward to seeing the later videos!

Also, I found it an odd coincidence that he chose the exact knight sprite I used for a Scratch tile-based-game tutorial project for a lesson a few years ago. CC0 assets are awesome.

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To add to the other suggestion, you could set your default ringtone to silence, then set a custom ringtone for "priority contacts" so they can actually ring you.

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Team building is very important.

That's why my employer strongly requests us to meet in person 2 times/year.

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LLMs can be great for explaining things that have concrete solutions, like physics and math problems, when they have a separate "computations" AI bolted onto it, like ChatGPT does. Usually, you can check the answer in the back of the book anyway, so it's very easy to catch fact hallucinations.

I wouldn't worry about source hallucinations with this either. I don't think it would even come up?

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You'll likely also need to pay for a Debrid service. It's basically a download caching server, so if one user downloads a file, it's available to everyone.

With Stremio, that means that popular media will already have a zillion options pre-cached. If you want more niche stuff, then you can do the extra step to get your Debrid service to download it for you (assuming there's a public teacher that has it with seeders.)

It should also work for those download/file sharing sites, but I haven't bothered to figure it out yet.

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Eh, it's different. I like that I can choose individual streams for different quality. I watch at 720p on my old TV with crappy WiFi, or 4K on my desktop. Anything mainstream enough to be on a streaming platform will already be loaded, it's just obscure stuff you might need to add yourself, which you'd never get on Netflix anyway.

We usually watch shows in Stremio even if they're on Netflix.

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Yeah, fair. The setup is a bit technical for sure. You can set it up to default to different settings, though, so it would probably work well if the defaults are set correctly.

Like, my crappy old laptop can only handle H264s, not H265, but you can select video codec as a default. At least, I'm pretty sure you can.

My kids can manage it, and they're only 6 & 8.

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Sure, those are important, too. But it's kinda a big deal to put a stop to the idea that military conquest is fine, so defending Ukraine (and potentially Taiwan) are important, too.

Supporting Israel's genocide is, however, reprehensible. And is just as bad (worse?) than what Russia is doing in Ukraine or that China is doing in Taiwan.

China's genocide against the Uyghurs gets a pass, politically, because they already control the territory. And what they're doing in Hong Kong and want to do to Taiwan are terrible, but not in the same level

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Yes, you're right. I'll edit that.

Israel Attack on Iran Is What World War III Looks Like ( )

But this, in fact, is what actual war looks like these days: Sometimes it’s a volley of 300 missiles and drones, and sometimes it is lean, targeted, and carried out covertly. Gone are the days of vast conquering armies and conventional military confrontations between two parties. So long as experts, the government, and the...

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Agreed. Also, WW1 and WW2 were characterized by total war, where the economy shifts to a military economy and everything else becomes secondary. None of the major powers in the world are engaging in total war right now.

To me, it's not WW3 until that happens. Hopefully, it never does.

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This is the best explanation for the disconnect between progressivism and conservatism that I've ever heard. It makes total sense. I sort of knew this already, since it's clear from their racism that they think helping minorities hurts them somehow, but this video wraps that idea up into a nice, simple explanation.

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You can thank Julius Augustus for that. He wanted the best months named after himself. Egomaniac.

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What the flying fuck. I literally did that exact thing in university to manage my at-the-time undiagnosed sleep disorder.

I slept through like 30% of my classes, but it was the most rested I'd ever been in my life.

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So what I'm getting from this is that we need to push the Moon a bit further from the Earth, and pull the Earth a bit closer to the Sun.

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Universal holidays between the years was good enough for the Mayans and it's good enough for me!

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"Ignore that Trickle Down Economics has never worked since it was invented. We just didn't trickle down hard enough. Let's eliminate all taxes on the wealthy. We're the ones who make all the jobs! It will be great! Trust me!"

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Does NewPipe use the YouTube API, or is it a scraper? Also, how will this fix Vanced, that's using the actual YouTube app?

There are also browser extensions that just play the ads, muted, at like 100× speed. It might as well just be a tiny buffering hiccup at that speed.

I guess we'll need to see, but I'm not too worried.

James Webb telescope confirms there is something seriously wrong with our understanding of the universe ( )

Astronomers have used the James Webb and Hubble space telescopes to confirm one of the most troubling conundrums in all of physics — that the universe appears to be expanding at bafflingly different speeds depending on where we look....

blindsight ,

Related, The Last Question by Isaac Asimov is a fantastic, timeless science fiction short story.

blindsight ,

Retro handhelds

What's your opinion on the best platform for playing GBA games?

OG GBA has no backlight; backlight mod it? The GBA SP is tiny. The DS Lite has the GBA slot and better screens. The DSi XL can't do all the games, but has a great screen/controls. The 3DS & variants? Steam Deck? A recent handheld emulation system?

blindsight ,

I appreciate the detailed response! The Miyoo Mini Plus sounds great.

blindsight ,

This article goes against what I've noticed in schools, as a teacher.

In schools I've worked in that block sites students want to reach (games or video streaming, almost exclusively), one kid in the school figures out how to sign up for a free VPN, and it spreads quickly until everyone in the school is using a crappy (likely unsafe) VPN. They don't have the knowledge to seek out a reputable VPN; they just get whatever spyware they find first that works.

There's no point filtering school Internet, except for known porn sites. Block PornHub, obviously, but as soon as you block YouTube or Cool Math Games, then every student in the school will be using a shitty VPN by the end of the month.

That said, students aren't going to put the effort in to get around blocks for schoolwork. Obviously. They aren't going to open the VPN for that!

blindsight ,

Totally fair, but it's also true that Israel has gained nothing of significance and lost a lot from this war, not getting any of the objectives they set forth.

Unless the actual goal is genocide, in which case they are continuing to "succeed" every day.

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A vibrator was one of the very first patented electrical devices. 1880. It predates the first patent for the first electric iron by a decade.

blindsight ,

The point is that those have a cost, so grid has to pay for them, essentially. Hence negative electricity prices.

blindsight ,

This sounds like it might be a really interesting book, for anytime interested in politics, American or otherwise. I wonder how closely this parallels to Brexit, the Freedumb Convoy, and QAnon.

I usually don't read books about politics, but this one might be an exception.

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I expect piracy will be the big winner when it happens.

Exactly my thought. And backing up games and stripping Steam DRM from the games that use it (very easy to do, or so I hear.)

If Valve announces Steam is shutting down (or enshittifies), then everyone who can (and cares) will just backup their games, and everyone else will just download the DRM-stripped versions using their favourite piracy platform.

Right now, it's easier to buy a game on Steam than fuff about with piracy. Even at minimum wage, it's usually cheaper in the opportunity cost of time to just buy games (if you're a patient gamer, at any rate; higher income levels needed for full box price).

blindsight ,

Not parent poster, but I'm going to see if I can come up with some.

0: If you get banned from Steam, you lose hundreds or thousands of games.

0.1: You can't use credit card chargeback protection since you will get your account banned.

0.5: If you're blocked by VAC anti-cheat, you're locked out of all your games that use VAC.

1: Steam requiring other storefronts to sell at the same gross price instead of the same price net fees. This means nobody can compete with their 30% cut... On the other hand, they take 0% for activating games sold elsewhere, which kinda balances it. Still, this is probably the biggest barrier that's maintaining their 30% cut.

2: Discoverability since they stopped curating the games list. (Maybe? Not sure if this is a problem, tbh.)

3: Normalizing the concept of games requiring a launcher to run/DRM.

4: Offline play functionality is inconsistent, so sometimes it breaks when people are traveling with no Internet access.

5: Porn games can be seen easily my minors/people who find it offensive.

6: Region-locked censorship, like gore in Germany.

7: Some people would say region-adjusted pricing, but I disagree. Still, might be a valid reason for some.

(Numbering is wonky because I thought of actual real problems later.)

I think I did pretty well! It's hard to find things to fault. It's a pretty great platform.

blindsight ,

It might have a chance. If even 100 game owners in France all complain to the regulator, they might investigate and issue a large fine? idk how realistic that is, but it's plausible. Conservatively, if 100K copies sold in France at 50€ a pop (?) that's 5 million €. That might be sufficient precedent to keep other companies from deleting millions of users purchases regularly. It wouldn't cost $5MM to build offline play capability into games, especially if it's designed for it to begin with.

I'm Canadian; I'll do my part once the petition goes live here, but I doubt Canadian regulators will do shit.

You are going to be trapped in a room for 12 hours with a mid 2000s office desktop with no internet connection and an external hard drive; what are you putting on the hard drive?

I've got some DOOM WADs I have been meaning to play so I would probably grab Trench Foot, Total Chaos, and the sequel to Ashes 2063, Ashes: Afterglow with a portable install of GZDoom to play them....

blindsight ,

Diablo 2 with a mod: Project Diablo 2.

I'd download an offline copy of the wiki, too. And a build guide; 12 hours isn't enough time to come up with a build and play the game!

Demographics Professor Warns that by 2531, Everyone in Japan Will be Named Sato ( )

Despite today's date, this is not an April Fool's prank. At a press conference in Tokyo last weekend, professor Hiroshi Yoshida from the Tohoku University Research Center for Aged Economy and Society, sounded the alarm bell for a looming crisis. By the year 2531, e

blindsight , (edited )

The math is also wrong.

You can't apply exponential growth to the proportion of a total.

Growing from 1% to 2% (a 100% gain) is equally a reduction from 99% to 98%, a 1.01% drop.
Going from 99% to 100% (a 1.01% gain) is equally a reduction from 1% to 0%, an infinite drop.

Simple exponential modeling is the wrong tool.

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Yeah, Terraria is a great example of a game where the grind is integral to the game. Needing to get 20 drops from a particular creature encourages you to explore the specific zone deeply enough to really enjoy it. There's no story to progress through, it's just exploration and grinding to get different materials.

Similarly for Minecraft. Is it "grinding" to mine diamonds at z-level 11, or is that the game?

JRPGs and MMOs are the ones who generally don't respect your time with their XP grind systems.

What non-FOSS software have you been unable to quit?

For me, Google video search, Google books (Internet Archive is good, but doesn't always have the same stuff), Adobe InDesign (but in the process of learning LaTeX), and Typewise. As for the Google stuff, I liked Whoogle a lot, but almost all their instances seem to have been blocked or shut down. Also, apologies if this is...

blindsight ,

I'm really liking Logseq. I started on it instead of Obsidian since Logseq is FOSS. I understand it's not too hard to switch over since they both use markdown files, granted some scripts need to be run to convert markdown differences between the two.

Logseq's business model is to charge $5/mo for syncing on their (fully encrypted with a private key) server, but you can use a FOSS syncing solution (or a property one) if you prefer. I pay to support the project and to simplify sync on work devices I don't have administrator rights on (so most other sync solutions wouldn't work well.)

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