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The admin has a plan to shut down the . But it needs 's help.

The admin hopes to unveil a series of executive actions that President Biden can sign but will likely have to wait for the outcome of Mexico's June 2 presidential .

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Damning Evidence Blows Up Trump’s Espionage Crimes

Documents with classification markings discovered in Trump’s private quarters months after prosecutors had subpoenaed them and the FBI conducted its own exhaustive search of the property. Investigators had “strong evidence” that the former president “intended” to hide classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort, according to newly released court documents.

He told his staff to avoid security cameras when moving boxes.

And his espionage continues.

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As new polls come out please remember there's nothing important in them that we don't already know: the race is going to be close, are going to cheat, they're going to get illegal help from foreign countries and we outnumber them greatly, which is why they have to cheat.

So what are you going to do about it?

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Dear UK , get yourselves on the right now as you will be at home in July. Tell you families, tell your neighbours, tell your friends.

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admin cancels an additional $7.7B in

>160k student loan borrowers are now in line to have their balances canceled, bringing the total amount of allowed under the Biden admin’s policies to $167B, the Dept announced Wed.

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With the months away, is lauding his admin’s achievements in delivering loan cancellation to nearly 4.8M people through a mix of existing programs & new policies. have remained staunchly opposed to the effort, decrying it as a waste of taxpayers’ money & patently unfair to Americans who never went to college.

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Willis now proceeds to November’s general , where she will face Courtney Kramer, a Republican lawyer who interned in the White House.

DA Fani Willis, who has emerged as a national figure after bringing charges against Trump, won her Democratic primary on Tues in her first ballot appearance since the inception of the high-profile case.

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Iran will hold presidential election in less than 50 days and the president will be elected for a period of 4 years.

People will have the choice between selected candidates chosen by the spiritual leader and the Guardian council!

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🧵 Monday 20 May 2024

has a huge posse today, including ; , a party leader in NY; , fmr NYPD commissioner who was imprisoned for tax fraud & false statements; , lawyer who defended Trump during his first impeachment, & , legal adviser who was in AZ for attempts to keep Trump in power after the 2020 election.

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Prosecutor argues “there’s nothing new at all” about their theory. The charges against are because he falsified business records to conceal another . They signaled that other crime was seeking to promote his own "by unlawful means," in violation of state . That introduces a 3rd potential crime.

3 potential crimes, all wrapped into each of the 34 felony charges of falsifying business records.

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pledges to 'roll back' Democratic President Joe ’s put in place by Democratic President Joe & to fire the chief during a lengthy rally speech to the on Sat, during which he accepted the influential group's .

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The address to thousands of members at the group's annual Leadership Forum in Dallas was light on new , but he used the platform to urge supporters to go to the polls in the Nov .

"We've got to get gun owners to vote," said in his wide-ranging speech, which covered everything from his trials to & over >90 mins.

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Johnson was the chief whip for Donald Trump.
Mike Johnson led the efforts to overturn our election. He is anti-choice. He blocks our border security. He lies for criminal Donald Trump. He supports conversion therapy. Mike Johnson is a deranged white christian nationalist aka American nazi.

Johnson’s insane dominionist Christian nationalism, aka fascism dictates that the bible should drive decisions in government and white supremacists will rule over you and our treasury.


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After the 2020 presidential , as some supporters falsely claimed that President had stolen the office, many of them displayed a startling symbol outside their homes, on their cars & online: an upside-down .

One of the homes flying an inverted flag during that time was the residence of Justice Samuel A Jr, in Alexandria, VA, acc/to photographs & interviews w/neighbors.

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votes to force shipments to , rebuking

The -led UnitedStates House of
Representatives passed a bill on Thurs that would force President Joe to send weapons to Israel, seeking to rebuke the Democrat for delaying bomb shipments as he urges Israel to do more to protect during its war w/ .

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The Security Assistance Support Act was approved 224 to 187, largely along party lines. 16 joined most Republicans in voting yes, & 3 joined most Democrats in opposing the measure.

The act is not expected to become , but its passage underscored the deep -year divide over Israel policy as PM Benjamin 's government seeks to wipe out militants who attacked Israel on ….

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NEVER AGAIN should Donald Trump be trusted with national security clearance.

NEVER AGAIN should Trump be in command of our Armed Forces.

NEVER AGAIN should anyone who serves our country in uniform have to salute a walking, talking NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT!

I am a Veteran and I approve this message. Please, maximum boost. 🫡

Military and Veterans tell the story of criminal Donald Trump, he is a traitor and national security threat.

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U.S. intel chief warns of increasing threats to 2024 election

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@DemocracyMattersALot Everyone needs pay tf attention and understand that LOTS of crap they're seeing online/social media is from bot/bs accounts. There are literally thousands of knobheads being paid to jerk your chain. Just like 2016. Be smarter and don't fall for it.

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This should have been the end of Trump’s presidential campaign back in 2015.

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is not some fever dream or conspiracy theory liberals have come up with.

It's a real, 920-page manifesto for neutralizing the civil service and concentrating power in the hands of an autocratic president.

It's the conservative plan to take over the country. It's what's at stake in this .

@DefendDemocracy @DemocracyMattersALot

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Donald Trump - candidate for the Republican party despite having:

-sent an armed mob to stop the election certification
-told an insurrectionist mob to go to our Capitol and fight like hell
-tried to steal an election
-received millions of dollars from foreign nations while serving as President
-been found to be a sexual predator by a jury
-been found to be a fraud by a judge
-had multiple affairs that he covered up through hush money payments
-did tax fraud
-stolen national security secrets which he hid and concealed, enlisted others to help his Espionage crimes
-promised a healthcare plan in two weeks, never delivered, but did deliver an empty binder to 60 minutes
-pretended a pandemic wasn't serious causing hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths
-said he wants to be a dictator
-told our enemy to go ahead and attack our allies
-sent jobs to china
-praises murderous dictators
-told 33,000 lies in office

And all of this is but a fraction of his crimes, scandals and despicable moments.

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Tues 14 May, 2024 🧵

has his posse again. Today it’s more elected officials. Today, Trump will be joined by the speaker, , as well as ’s governor, , a contender to be Trump's running mate. Also present will be Representatives & of Florida, & , who was one of Trump's primary rivals this year. Both Donalds & Ramaswamy are longshot hopefuls to be Trump's running mate.

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, the prosecutor, asks why he paid the money to . Cohen says he did so to the , & that he did so at ’s direction. This is a summary of the key themes & may signal that direct examination is coming to an end soon.

Trump’s lawyers are on edge thru this part of Cohen’s testimony. & pass notes.

Trump, however, appears to be dozing peacefully.

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testifies about being in London when the tape came out shortly before the . He says he got an email from , who was the CEO of the campaign at the time.
Prosecution displays an email exchange about the tape that was forwarded to him by Bannon. Top campaign ofcls including the press sec
, the campaign manager & the deputy campaign manager were also on the email.

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said that told him: "I thought you had this under control."

Cohen says Trump also said of 's allegation: "Guys may think it’s cool, but this is going to be a disaster for the campaign."

Cohen says that Trump explicitly told him they needed to do whatever they could to suppress Daniels's story until at least after the , because it wouldn't matter at that point.

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For myself and most of the people I know personally who are not lost to the MAGA-side, we are:

  • Disgusted and outraged by Israel's war on Palestinian civilians.
  • Disgusted and outraged at our complicity in these war crimes.
  • Absofuckinglutely going to vote for every single Democrat on our ballots including Joe Biden.

If this confuses you, please feel free to ask me ethics questions. It is a subject I have studied and taught and I'm happy to engage in good faith dialogue.

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Here's all you need to know about Mark Penn's column: it does not use the word "abortion."

There's no point listening to any electoral advice that doesn't suggest Dems lean into their best issue in 50 years, one proven in 2022 & 2023 to work nationwide.

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The NYT has for some reason (maybe since the new head editor in 2022? IDK, that's only a guess) become explicitly anti-Biden. I suspect that this article is their concern-trolling way of criticizing Biden, and doesn't at all represent actual constructive advice from someone who wants him to win.

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