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Take it from conservative national security experts: Trump is unfit - You may have legitimate differences with Biden but the alternative is a MAGA stupid narcissist. https://wapo.st/3Vb2cYj

faab64 , to israel group

Palestinian fleeing Israeli assault on Rafah are forced north towards the destroyed cities.

Some of those people have been displaced 4 times since the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza.

@palestine @israel


faab64 , to israel group

Israeli "defense" forces destroyed the roads and infrastructure in Jenin refuge camp in occupied West Bank.

This is how israel is "defending itself". By destroying the life of Palestinians in occupied territories.

@palestine @israel

palestinians trying to repair the water pipes destroyed by IDF last night

faab64 , to palestine group

"Lord, those who destroyed my house, destroy them."...A Palestinian woman after seeing the destruction of her house due to Israeli aggression

Video available on telegram: https://t.me/newsvideofa/2283enter link description here


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presented the King of with a long version of the Aurus car, a presidential aide said.

The Russian leader invited Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to the summit in Kazan in October. Yuri Ushakov said: "The invitation has been accepted.

As a result of today's talks between the leaders in , seven documents were signed, including one on holding Bahrain Cultural Days in the Russian Federation in 2024.

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Kate Raworth asks us to consider a new meaning of progress...

Instead of pursuing endless growth, it is time to pursue well-being for all people as part of a thriving world, with policymaking that is designed in the service of this goal. This results in a very different conception of progress: in the place of endless growth we seek a dynamic balance, one that aims to meet the essential needs of every person while protecting the life-supporting systems of our planetary home.

When we turn away from growth as the goal, we can focus directly on asking what it would take to deliver social and ecological well-being, through an economy that is regenerative and distributive by design. There are many possibilities – such as driving a low-carbon, zero-waste industrial transformation, with a green jobs guarantee, alongside free public transport, personal carbon allowances, and progressive wealth taxes.

Policies like these were, only a decade ago, considered too radical to be realistic. Today they look nothing less than essential.

FULL ESSAY -- https://www.theguardian.com/books/article/2024/may/13/what-does-progress-look-like-on-a-planet-at-its-limit

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Balaji Srinivasan is leading a growing tech movement to take over San Francisco and “ethnically cleanse” it of Silicon Valley’s critics.

On , I spoke to @gilduran about network states and tech billionaires’ turn against democracy.

Listen to the full episode: https://techwontsave.us/episode/221_techs_plan_to_ethnically_cleanse_san_francisco_w_gil_duran

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The “compassion” of neoliberal capitalists…

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George Monbiot says...

It is simply wrong to define neoliberalism as ‘free-market economics’. It's nothing of the kind. The ‘freedom’ that neoliberals celebrate – which sounds so beguiling when expressed in general terms – turns out to be freedom for the rich to exploit the rest.

As for ‘the market’, when used in the neoliberal context this term disguises a host of power relations. It becomes a euphemism for the power of money. When ‘the market’ decides, it means those with the money decide.

In reality, it’s about who dominates whom. Neoliberalism is a tool used by the very rich to accumulate more wealth and power.

Neoliberalism is class war.

That's from his new book ⤵️

The Invisible Doctrine: The Secret History of Neoliberalism (& How It Came to Control Your Life)

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Nikki Haley timeline:

Feb. 2024: He is not qualified to be the president of the United States, because I don't trust him to protect them [troops].

May 2024: I will be voting for him.


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The Corporation officially votes to withhold degrees from 13 seniors for the in .

This is truly outrageous.

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Biden administration signals it will support bipartisan push to sanction ICC

Via FT

(So, Putin is off the hook then? Or, is it ok in one case, not ok in another, whatever the US wants)

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Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone until the End of 21 May 2024

🔹In the northern , Israeli forces have blocked two medical facilities and are fighting in Jabaliya. At the same time, air strikes by the Israeli Air Force continue in Gaza and the surrounding area.

🔹In the south of the Enclave, in the area of , fighting is also taking place. There are no recorded advances by the IDF, and artillery and aviation do not stop operating in areas controlled by the Palestinians.

🔹In the , Israeli security forces carried out several raids, and in there have been clashes since the early morning, with local factions of the Palestinian resistance detonating several IEDs.

🔹On the border with , the exchange of strikes between the and continues. Despite the liquidation of another field commander last evening, the number of shellings does not yet allow us to talk about an escalation.

🔹In 's airspace, the Houthis shot down another MQ-9 Reaper. The footage showed the defeat and fall of the UAV. This is the second shot down in May and the fifth since the escalation began on October 7.

@palestine @israel

map of northern Gaza

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Head of the National Security Council regarding failure to achieve war goals: There are no conditions for a prisoner deal. We did not overthrow and did not enable the residents of the enclave to return to their homes safely.

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is a weasel, and not even a very good one, but Starmer is both soul-crushingly dull and an utter shit.

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U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak calls for a July 4 general election, as polls show Conservative Party in trouble.

NBC News reports: "Most polls suggest that if the vote were held tomorrow, the opposition Labour Party could enjoy a landslide win that would make Sir Keir Starmer the country's leader."


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The NYT lets Americans know that they were supporting the worst butchers in Afghanistan.


It's just a decade or two after this information could possibly have been useful. But don't worry, all CURRENT imperial efforts by the USA are on the up-and-up! USA isn't supporting any monsters today, no sir!

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It is depressing to see how many people are participating in the funeral process of the butcher Reisi and the other 8 who died in the helicopter crash of May 20th.

The propaganda posts by the regime and their supporters making me sick!

The Iranian nation continues to be faithful to the Islamic revolution, the revolution that revived Islamic action and became the backbone of the Islamic movement in the world against evil.

faab64 , to random

Hostages of Israeli revenge in the Gaza Strip: Testimonies of 100 released Palestinian detainees reveal crimes of torture, cruel treatment

Palestinian Territory - In a new report released Tuesday, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor documents the testimonies of about 100 released Palestinian detainees. These testimonies confirm that the Israeli authorities and army committed horrific crimes of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture, and inhuman and cruel treatment against thousands of Palestinian civilians who were arrested as part of Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip, ongoing since 7 October 2023.

In a 50-plus-page report titled “Hostages of Israeli Revenge in the Gaza Strip”, Euro-Med Monitor brings to light the widespread practice of arbitrary collective and individual arrests by Israeli forces against civilians in the Strip. Those arrested during Israel’s military incursions and its ground attacks on cities, camps, and residential neighbourhoods throughout the Strip include women, children, the elderly, and displaced individuals.

report: euromedmonitor.org/a/6342

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For the first time, the president of Tunis has arrived in Tehran to participate in the funeral of Iranian president Reisi.

The Prime ministers of India, Iraq, Armenia and delegates from the Taliban regime have also arrived in Tehran. Russia decided to send the head of Duma to the funeral instead of Lavrov, or Putin himself; same with Uzbekistan who sent the head of the parliament. Prime ministers of Azerbaijan republic and Syria also arrived earlier today.
President of Tajikistan,
The Egyptian government have sent the foreign minister, so did Belarus and Pakistan.

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This morning’s Good News:

An Israeli poet and editor of a poetry magazine, called Lips Poetry, would like to publish my poem, below, and translate it into Hebrew.

Peace, all ways 🙏🏼



faab64 , to palestine group
faab64 , to israel group

According to the , Israel killed over 15,000 in Gaza during the ongoing .

had stated that more children were killed in Gaza over 6 months than in all world conflicts in 4 years.

@palestine @israel

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  1. How much legal jeopardy is in?

The classified documents case will make use of a recording which indicates that had a highly sensitive document which he knew was NOT declassified.

The chain of evidence looks strong and while there is much news media spinning, a court of law is more rigorous environment where focus on fact is primary


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  1. How or why a “Unified Reich” video was posted on ’s Truth Social, may remain unclear. An anonymous staffer has been conveniently blamed. Perplexing how that keeps happening

Was playing footsie with Neo Nazis or is this simply an example of a sloppy campaign consistent with the chaos experienced during the wannabe strongman’s occupation of the ?

A will do what do


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