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opened an investigation on Thurs into ’s meeting w/ & execs last month to determine whether Trump offered a “policies-for-money transaction” [ ] when he asked for $1B for his 2024 campaign so he could retake the White House & delete ’s .

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The investigation is the 2nd congressional inquiry into the April 11 fund-raising dinner…. Trump told ~20 oil & gas execs that they would save far more than $1B in avoided & fees after he repealed regulations….

has vowed to “drill, baby, drill” if he wins…. He has made no secret of his plans to end ’s policies that support & as well as .

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On Wed headlined a fundraiser for Inc,a , that was hosted by 3 execs…in Houston. One…was , a billionaire who owns a empire w/an ambitious int’l expansion plan that depends on new . paused permits for new terminals in Jan. Another was , a pioneer of the boom that turned the into the largest exporter. The 3rd, , leads , a Houston-based oil co.

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Via Josh Gerstein:

JUST IN: DC Circuit denies en banc review to Peter , former aide currently serving 4-month sentence for contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas.

No judge asked for a vote on his en banc petition. Katsas, who worked in Trump WH, recused.


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Senate Democrats Open Inquiry Into ’s $1 Billion Request of Oil Industry

Two committees are seeking information from oil executives about a dinner where, the lawmakers say, the former president proposed a quid pro quo.


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@GottaLaff soliciting bribes

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Lesser Evil?
Our only hope against fascism?

“Why have large carbon-consuming countries allowed the systematic murder of thousands of children in Gaza? Because Hitler has already entered their homes and they are getting ready to defend their high levels of carbon consumption and reject the exodus it causes.”

--Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s speech at the COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai in December.

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was plotting to assassinate himself, acc/to the logic used by & .

The policy statement on when officers can use —misrepresented by Trump & his supporters as proof of an assassination plot at —was also in the paperwork for the consensual search the conducted of Biden’s Wilmington home, looking for .

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Via Lawrence Tribe:

The Trumpers are now going for the jugular in attacking the great 1965 precedent on which nearly all federal rights of privacy and personal autonomy depend, Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479, upholding the right to use when having sexual relations.

-Harris HQ:

Top supporter Marsha Blackburn says Griswold v. Connecticut is “constitutionally unsound”

(Griswold v. Connecticut is the 1965 Supreme Court ruling that legalized birth control)

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"The new rule in the GOP-controlled House is that you can’t make mention of Donald Trump’s many civil and criminal trials, but you can simply insult the physical appearance of fellow members."

~ Brian Beutler

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"It’s neither surprising nor disappointing that Haley has aligned herself with Trump after inveighing so fiercely against his utter unfitness for office. His rivals always do."

~ David Frum

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"Now it turns out that a flag representing the idea that the 2020 election was stolen, that the people should engage in armed revolution against tyranny, and that the United States should be a nation based in Christian theology has been flying over the home of Justice Alito, who is supposed to be defending the United States Constitution impartially."

~ Heather Cox Richardson


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"The unfortunate truth is that Republicans, under Trump’s influence, no longer accept that Democrats can legitimately win elections. This isn’t a run of the mill ideological difference between the parties. It’s the ruin of American democracy."

~ Stephen Robinson


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After pulling the pin, & lobbing the grenade at Europe, Nigel Führage has retreated to the lucrative safety of KGB News, & left the idiots who voted for Brexit to fend for themselves!

He's also prioritised getting re-elected in the , over the General Election. The man is an unprincipled grifter, who mugged off 52% of the electorate, & who should be charged with high treason.

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🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ “During a marathon day of proceedings in the Mar-a-Lago classified case, a morning hearing in front of Judge Aileen devolved into a shouting match amongst the attorneys, and the afternoon series of arguments prompted the judge to wonder if the legal nuances of the case may be too difficult for jurors to understand”

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2yrs AFTER an American flag was flown outside the VA home of Justice Samuel , another provocative symbol was displayed at his…house in NJ….the flag…like the inverted flag was carried by rioters [] at the… 2021 [].

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AKA the , it dates back to the Revolutionary War, but largely fell into obscurity until recent yrs & is now a symbol of support for , for a strand of the “Stop the Steal” campaign & for a push to remake American govt in terms.

3 photos obtained by NYT, along w/accounts from…neighbors & passers-by, show that the flag was aloft at the home…in July & Sept of 2023. A Google street view image from late Aug also shows the flag.

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During the period the flag was seen flying at the justice’s NJ house, a key case arrived at , challenging whether those who stormed the Capitol could be prosecuted for .
In coming wks, the justices will rule on that case, which could scuttle some of the charges against , as well as on whether he is from prosecution for actions he took while president.

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members of & state ofcls have displayed the as well, among them , a PA state senator & a leader of the “Stop the Steal” campaign. The highest-ranking elected ofcl known to show the flag is Rep , who hung it at his office last fall shortly after becoming of the .

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Who else called it?

Sound off 🔈

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It just means Nikki Haley in in favor of dictatorship 🤷🏻‍♀️ and she doesn’t care about human rights and a free democratic world

At least people can see now where Nikki Haley stands for 🤦🏻‍♀️ Chaos and anarchy and a destruction of the USA

It’s incredible to watch 🙈 but it is going the wrong way with the US

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Was there ever a doubt?

is supporting ’s 2024 White House bid, she said Wednesday in her first public remarks since exiting the Republican presidential primary more than two months ago.

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“A former president falsely accusing his successor and rival of posing a threat to his life is without precedent in modern U.S. history.”

~ Hannah Knowles


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"[The MAGA hordes] don’t care that Trump was nowhere near Mar a Lago on the day the FBI executed a search warrant that had been approved and issued by a federal court. All the MAGA hordes care is that Trump has seized on this wild allegation and is using it not only to take shots at Biden, but to fund-raise off spreading the lie."

~ Lucian K. Truscott


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"One of the pre-conditions to any fascist seizure of power is the acceptance by a sizable percentage of the electorate of the need for, and justification of, political violence. A time-honored strategy for would-be dictators is to create 'false flags' to enrage and radicalize the populace, or at least enough of it to take control of government.

That’s why Trump’s latest ploy, though utterly absurd, is so dangerous."

~ Jay Kuo


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"The American law system is becoming increasingly broken in two key ways. The perennial problem, always there but now magnified by Trumpish impunity, is that there’s one legal system for the poor and another for the rich. Trump might well be convicted of felony fraud, but with money for lawyers and appeals, he’s unlikely to face punishment anytime soon, if ever."

~ Nina Burleigh


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