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Actually this case was a two-pronged attack; first on mifepristone, but more broadly about whether federal agencies have the authority to conduct regulatory actions without express and specific direction and permission from Congress.

Republicans have been attacking this fundamental function of the Executive branch for a while now, as a way to kill regulations. They know that Congress is deadlocked over many issues and that it will never or rarely pass highly specific and technical regulations (e.g. environmental regulations, water quality standards, manufacturing safety regulations, communications rules, etc), and when it rarely does it takes years to do so, which will allow companies to do all sorts of horrible shit in the meantime.

This case was brought on the grounds that the FDA didn't have the authority to authorize mifepristone without express congressional direction.

This was a huge relief, because much more than just access to contraceptives was on the table.

t3rmit3 ,

Better late than never. Kudos to him.

The credit system is a scam, and shouldn't exist.

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Not only humans can use language to impart abstract concepts. Crows have been observed sharing information about danger to crows who are not present to witness the danger themselves, but then successfully recognize it in the future. They've also been found to be able to create tools they have not seen before in order to solve problems.

Koko the gorilla was also famous for her abstract thinking. Others species include dolphins and elephants, and obviously we haven't tested most species out there.

Hong Kong arrests three for 'insulting' Chinese anthem: They were turning their backs, remained seated when China's national anthem was played prior to a football match ( www.france24.com )

Football fans in Hong Kong used to boo the national anthem as a show of political discontent, but the government in 2020 banned the practice as part of a wider crackdown following huge democracy protests in the city....

t3rmit3 , (edited )

I can't tell if China wants to be Texas, or Texas wants to be China?

*Sips tea* "Nationalism."

t3rmit3 ,

Y'all got one of these cool diy projects for killing whiteflies? xD

t3rmit3 , (edited )

Because you don't like the truth?

“I think it’s so important to understand how immigration enforcement has been a pillar of the Democratic party’s governance for three decades,” activist and scholar of border imperialism Harsha Walia told Intercepted podcast in February 2021, when it was already becoming clear that Biden’s tenure would hardly see the undoing of the border regime.


Harsha Walia is a Canadian activist and writer based in Vancouver. She has been involved with No one is illegal, the February 14 Women's Memorial March Committee, the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, and several Downtown Eastside housing justice coalitions. Walia has been active in immigration politics, Indigenous rights, feminist, anti-racist, anti-statist, and anti-capitalist movements for over a decade.

Walia is the author of Undoing Border Imperialism (2013) and Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism (2021), co-author of Never Home: Legislating Discrimination in Canadian Immigration (2015), and Red Women Rising: Indigenous Women Survivors in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (2019). She has also contributed to over thirty academic journals, anthologies, magazines, and newspapers.

I feel this person knows what she is talking about.

t3rmit3 ,

Apologies, I am just very used to seeing knee-jerk reactions denying Biden's culpability for his actions, and clearly I've developed some knee-jerk reactions of my own that I need to work on.

t3rmit3 ,

They just need to gamify it. Have a "Verified Accurate Alt-Text Submissions" leaderboard or something.

Inside Enclave Rabia Caracol — An Anarchist Community Center and Cafe in Tijuana, Mexico - UNICORN RIOT ( unicornriot.ninja )

On a given day, the five story building (including basement and roof top rooms) houses a variety of projects and dozens of people pass through its open doors.“We have a café, we have a community kitchen where we prepare the free meals. We have a community bike shop in the basement and we have space for events,...

t3rmit3 OP , (edited )

Really, they're much more open to change than us stodgy Progressives are; they'll literally change their basic morals in a matter of months! (White) Crime? No problem! Police? First they're friends, then after J6 they're fascists, then after the campus protests they're friends again! If Jesus ever comes back (and they can't kill him), they'll change their tune on him as well!

Us damn LIbRuLs on the other hand are so stick-in-the-mud, we won't even go along with one little genocide, even if our Boss says it's necessary!

t3rmit3 OP ,

I believe they prefer the term "orange cream soda" now, rather than 'white' or 'orange' separately, in order to be more inclusive.

t3rmit3 OP ,

Yes, obviously they are not actually changing their actual view(s) at all; their only actual view is "what we do is right, what 'others' do is wrong". That stays forever unchanged, it's just their outward-facing rhetoric that changes.

The laws around felons and felonies is a whole 'nother discussion. It's an arbitrary category that differs by state, and was only really created in order to give a veneer of legality for punishing certain groups more harshly. But yes, I'd vote for Debs in a heartbeat.

t3rmit3 OP ,

Their only real view is that They are Right and Good, and Others are Wrong and Bad.

t3rmit3 OP ,

Conservatives never intended white people to become felons, but they also can't give away the game by admitting that.

On Tone Policing

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to one of our first philosophical documents- the core principles document, "What is (and isn't) Beehaw". I'm going to zero in on a small portion in the middle of the first part here, because a recent discussion in the LGBTQ+ space got charged and, in a way, where a larger educational or...

t3rmit3 ,

Also, if you do choose to comment something, and you see that the discussion it spawns is not being productive, or is negatively affecting the overall tone in the post, you can always delete or edit it down.

Sometimes the person you're commenting to is not in a mood or headspace for even a good-faith discussion, even if they're not actually venting, even though in another case someone else may have been open to discuss the point, and you can always gracefully retract a comment, or bow out of the discussion.

t3rmit3 ,


"GNU Laughably-Insecure Manipulator Prohibit Sexy Energy"?

t3rmit3 ,

Deez GNUs

t3rmit3 ,

Thing we're unnecessarily shoehorning AI into : Charging a battery

t3rmit3 , (edited )

He's doing the classic anti de-colonization argument of, "well sure we got here illegally, but it would be mean to kick us out now, you'd basically be 'colonizing' us in reverse!"

It's like a home invader saying they chased you out, so they live there now, and now it's you invading their home!

And then of course calling 70 years "ancient history" LMFAO. Guess my dad is "ancient history"!

t3rmit3 ,

You left out the 'N' and the 'tscape Navigator'

"I was shocked:" State Department Official quits after report denies Israel blocking humanitarian assistance in Gaza despite "abundant evidence showing Israel is responsible for blocking aid" ( www.democracynow.org )

After working at the U.S. State Department for over 20 years, Stacy Gilbert quit the Biden administration this week after a report she contributed to concluded Israel was not obstructing humanitarian assistance to Gaza....

t3rmit3 ,

Good on them for quitting.

Anyone complicit in this, and anyone who supports people who are complicit in this, is a fucking criminal.

t3rmit3 ,


Good job, jurors. Now it's up to the courts and justice system to actually do something about it.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

Whoa, I was not "comparing disabled people to Nazis", I said that Nazis should be an oppressed and marginalized group.

what disabled people have to say about the matter

I literally was quoting the links you recommended to read!

trying so hard to justify continuing to use intelligence based insults

There is a disparity in YOUR SOURCES between how they are discussing slurs, and I am asking you what YOU believe, between those sources, is the answer:

  • Affinity is taking an absolute stance against intelligence-based slurs in any form
  • Cultrface is directly offering intelligence-based slurs like "ignorant" and "inept" as acceptable alternatives to 'stupid'
  • Genderbitch is differentiating between "oppressive" slurs and non-oppressive ones, and saying only the power dynamics matter

I've removed my first comment, since it was too unproductive.

t3rmit3 ,

Much of the mainstream media covered this week’s “unified reich” posting as if this were just part of a typical campaign. “Trump’s latest flirtation with Nazi symbolism draws criticism,” one headline in the Hill put it.

Yep, this phenomenon was examined recently by The Intercept, who note that the need to sell news means that media organizations are unable to sustain the level of heightened alarm that Trump and the GOP's actions merit, because very quickly people burn out (analogous to what in security is called "alert fatigue") trying to constantly keep up with the unending stream of dangerous rhetoric he spews. So instead it gets treated as old-hat, and normalized, or falls through the cracks.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

Yes, but and don't allow your resistance to be selected and controlled by the owners. Be wary of people telling you the "right" and "wrong" ways to resist. Resistance takes myriad forms, some of them clean, some of them markedly less-so. Some of them legal, some not. Some of them safe, and others dangerous. If you find yourself policing others' resistance, make sure you aren't becoming a tool of the Owner Class to funnel resistance into less effective, more easily-ignored or countered methods.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

Voting can have an effect, of course, but whether it does is dependent on many things.

if it were true that voting does nothing, nobody would put such effort into discouraging us from voting

This is not necessarily correct.

Never assume that the thing that an opponent loudly and visibly opposes is their actual goal; it may very well be a distraction to keep you from their real goal/ or the real threat to them. That's not some abstract hypothetical, either; this is done all the time in politics. Putting non-starter provisions in bills in order to expend your opponents' political capital killing the extreme provisions in order to get your real goals passed, is a common practice, as one example.

An inexperienced opponent telegraphs their real moves unwittingly. An experienced one feints.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

I was not talking about tone at all.

And literally nothing I said was an attack on what you said, I was adding to it.

edit: I have changed my first comment to make that clearer.

Why is Nikki Haley scrawling genocidal messages on Israeli bombs? | Moustafa Bayoumi ( www.theguardian.com )

...on Tuesday, the former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was all over social media for a picture taken of her during a visit to Israel. In the picture, Haley – the one Republican who had been frequently lauded for her smarts on foreign policy – is seen squatting down in front of a row of Israeli artillery...

German carmaker Volkswagen says forced labour in one of its sub-supplier's plants in China was not identified as 'no full supply chain transparency exists' ( www.hrw.org )

- Volkswagen (VW) in 2023 commissioned a deeply flawed audit at a plant in China's Xinjiang province operated by a subsidiary of Volkswagen’s joint venture with SAIC, a Chinese state-owned carmaker....

t3rmit3 ,

VW can demand transparency (e.g. access to supply chain facilities by 3rd party auditors) as a prerequisite to doing business with a partner company. It is absolutely standard to demand that business partners have had 3rd party audits to prove they comply with laws and regulations. This is not some insane ask, this is everyday stuff in the business world.

If a company can't or won't get an auditor to validate that they comply with PCI-DSS, for instance, they're not going to be signed on for processing payment card information by other companies.

And slave labor is a tad bit worse than retaining too many data fields in a credit card for too many days.

t3rmit3 ,

They all could manage that, as they are already managing similar attestation requirements from suppliers e.g. ISO 9000-family controls.

t3rmit3 ,

True, but it is far better than just saying, "well we called but no one picked up welpguesstheresnothingwecando!"

Israeli tanks advance into Rafah's centre despite global leaders' outcry over the horrors at Sunday's strike on tent camp ( www.reuters.com )

- Residents said Rafah's Tel Al-Sultan neighbourhood, the scene of Sunday's night-time strike in which tents and shelters were set ablaze as families settled down to sleep, was still being bombarded....

t3rmit3 ,

The international pressure is clearly making Israel step up their timetable in Rafah, and they seized the crossing to stop that flow of aid, that was holding southern Gaza back from descending further into famine as rapidly as northern Gaza is.

They are going to try to "solve" this before the international community increases pressure, or moves to actual meaningful interventions.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

I am probably one of the "usual suspects" you are referring to, if that's "people who believe Biden should be as accountable for his actions as anyone else, and not excused for participation in a genocide based on whether ignoring that is more convenient for me".

It's 9am where I am, so this article was posted at 5am my time. Sorry if I didn't telepathically detect this post in my sleep, and arrive fast enough for your liking, to express my opposition to Trump.

This is completely illegal and unconstitutional, and is exactly why we should not even be allowing Trump to be a candidate. Sadly, no one with the power to stop him is doing so, because it serves too many peoples' interests.

Also, I can't post what I believe should be done about/ to Trump on Beehaw, as it would not adhere to Bee-ing Nice.

As a side note, it's also hilarious to me that you don't seem to realize that the "usual suspects" in this case, are those of us who Trump is talking about deporting.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

I'm sorry that you think actually-murdered Gazans versus hypothetical future murders aren't "realities" to be considered, just principles, or that you think choosing between 2 people who both profess backing policies that will result in said murders, is a normal choice to be making as an electorate.

Trump should already be in prison, for any number of crimes. So should Biden. That neither are, is an indicator of how "well" our system is working.

There is a fine line between "working from within a system to change it" and "validating and reifying the system, by being a willing participant". If you are finding that your participation is not having the impact you intend, perhaps you should consider what side of that line you're actually on?

t3rmit3 ,

when people like you refused to vote for Hillary in 2016?

Nice assumption.

Trying to pretend like they might not and Trump might somehow not be worse

Where did I do that, exactly? Please be precise.

Please tell me about your hypothetical future where you don’t vote for Biden.

Please show me where I expressed who I was or wasn't going to vote for?

When you actually have a good-faith question about what I believe is the path forward, or what needs to happen, and are done shouting at an imagined person that you created post-2016 to explain the absolute failure of the Democratic Party to stop a fascist from taking power, I'll be here.

t3rmit3 ,

Latest round, meaning October 7, or Rafah? Because according to the IDF, the recent rocket attacks out of Rafah didn't injure anyone.

And if you're treating an occupying force as being the same as the occupied population that is resisting them, you're starting from a false premise of innocence.

Is it alright for Hamas to kill civilians? Of course not. Is it okay for them to attack Israel with the means they have available to them, when they are being regularly attacked by Israel? Of course. They're both evil, but one is much more understandably so, assuming you don't for instance think Nat Turner was wrong for fighting his oppressors?

t3rmit3 ,

Man, there are a lot of assumptions from y'all, mostly seemingly based on your inability to accept the fact that you can't shame the electorate at large into voting a certain way. I voted for Hillary in 2016, but I was screaming to the rafters that she was going to lose because she was a bad candidate, and should never have been put up in the first place. This is shaping up to be a repeat.

It doesn't matter what arguments you make about people voting for Biden, because you and I have no real reach; this is why it's critical to select good candidates. If you keep putting up "hold your nose" candidates, they're going to lose sometimes, no matter how much arguing and shaming and cajoling you do. When you do it multiple times in a row, it just compounds that effect.

Y'all are the ones living in the fantasy world where you can change millions of disaffected voters via web forums. Also, you're stooges for the Democratic Party's scapegoating for never listening to their base, and losing elections because of it.

t3rmit3 ,

Also, where is he sending me? That one is important.

t3rmit3 ,

I would say everyone should protest anyways, but then again I'm just one of "the usual suspects" who some other folks in this thread seem to be in agreement with Trump in believing that we are ruining America. :P

t3rmit3 , (edited )

Because your protest...

Let me stop you right there: the protests that are being talked about by us (Frog and I), and by Trump, are the actual, real-life, on-the-ground protests against the Genocide in Gaza. We're not talking about hypothetical protest voting in November.

Or hey, maybe I'm being naive, and you really are saying that people shouldn't be protesting the Genocide in Gaza?

t3rmit3 , (edited )

“Wait,” I said. “That victory fund was supposed to be for whoever was the nominee, and the state party races. You’re telling me that Hillary has been controlling it since before she got the nomination?”

Gary said the campaign had to do it or the party would collapse.

“That was the deal that Robby struck with Debbie,” he explained, referring to campaign manager Robby Mook. “It was to sustain the DNC. We sent the party nearly $20 million from September until the convention, and more to prepare for the election.”

Holy shit.

Bernie took this stoically. He did not yell or express outrage. Instead he asked me what I thought Hillary’s chances were. The polls were unanimous in her winning but what, he wanted to know, was my own assessment?

I had to be frank with him. I did not trust the polls, I said. I told him I had visited states around the country and I found a lack of enthusiasm for her everywhere. I was concerned about the Obama coalition and about millennials.

Even the then-head of the DNC knew she was going to lose. It was too late to do anything at that point, but people are over here blaming Bernie and young voters for 2016, when Donna Brazile knew Hillary was going to lose the election, and Hillary had completely controlled the DNC to shut Bernie out.

t3rmit3 ,

The same conservatives that crow about abortion in one breath will echo Great Replacement rhetoric in the next, and talk about 'baby mommas' on welfare being paid by George Soros to 'churn out demon-rat voters' in the third.

The "pro-life" movement has been thoroughly coopted into the service of white supremacy (whether or not Christianity has always been that is a discussion for another time).

t3rmit3 ,

Joe Biden's defining feature is his paternalism.

He knows what's best for black people (like "sending social workers into the homes", since they don't know how to take care of their kids!).

He knows what's best for young people (his mind's not going to be changed when they protest something!). He's gonna hold onto that torch for a while longer.

And he loves children. And Israel is just a little underdog baby country, trying to hold it's own against the mean bad old (far too tan) men around it!

But don't worry, Biden knows what's best, and Bibi will come around, with some firm, paternal, "come to god" talkings-to.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

That is only true when supply outpaces demand, and buyers can choose not to purchase the shitty products, which is not the case for housing thanks to years of NIMBY and protectionist zoning regulations preventing housing development on the low end of the market.

Also, necessities completely upend the supposed "free market" dynamic by not being something buyers can opt-out of when no better option is available.

If you control necessities, people are trapped with you no matter how shitty your product is.

t3rmit3 ,

It's hard to keep speaking out both sides of their mouths if they invite him over for some purikura.

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