Free and Open Source Software

Best Android spreadsheet editor?

I tried Collabora on a Galaxy Droid and it was such a massively buggy disappointment: in a .ODS file, I couldn't backspace more than once; I could only delete one character at a time. I had to enter another character or move the cursor or do something else before it would take another backspace. I don't understand how this app...

Current 2024 command to automatically transcribe subtitles for a video?

I am very out of the loop with related recent tech, but once in a while i wish i had subtitles for internet clips, and i understand there's good tech out there for this these days. Is there something i can download in a typical headless Debian machine that i can then point at some MP4 clip to get subtitles? Even if imperfect...

👻 Question about ghost(.org) 👻

I'm trying to get a new web site up and running with ghost, but I'm wondering if it's really designed for selling products, like the way Gumroad is, for example. I was attracted to ghost because of its built-in mailing list and blogging capabilities (and because it's open source), and I thought adding a "commerce element" for...

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