What happened with Starfield?

I was only caught up with the news to its release date and didnt bother to check on it since then. I don't plan to play it, but rather to check on the headlines and reviews surrounding it since I've heard some negative comments about the game. I know about the recent trends of the gaming industry but I was kinda hoping for...

I have such a burning hatred for anarchist

I don’t know what it is, but I almost hate anarchist and other “libertarian socialists” more than I hate liberals and conservatives. They have a completely useless dead-end ideology. At least supporters of capitalism have the fact that it’s propped itself up for so long and is the dominant mode of production now as...

Trying to remember an old Spider-Man game I played as a child... anyone can recognize it?

Hey folks, I've lurked on this community for a while now but haven't really posted anything until today. Sorry if this isn't really the right place to ask questions like this, but since this is a place for old games, I felt it'd be the most appropriate one......

Selfhosted alternatives to Goodreads?

So I finally broke down and made a very poor purchasing decision and ordered an e-ink writer to be a notepad/e-reader hybrid. Partially so that it is less of a hassle to read books I got from kickstarters and the like while still using the kindle app for the disturbing amounts of money I throw at Amazon....

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