Ask Lemmy

How to reset a locked iPad?

At my work, they recently cleared out the lost and found and were going to trash stuff. I ended up with a clean practically new iPad. The previous owner was not contactable for over a year. He left his Apple details on and his passcode was 12345 (I kid you not). I want to unlock it from his Apple account so that I can hard reset...

If a useful brain-computer interface was available sometimes in your lifetime (and secure and safe) would you get one?

Background to this slightly weird question: I found one of my old an English exams on science fiction and dystopian literature from the 11th grade in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany (ca. 2004) and found a similar question. The idea back then was to discuss the pro- and cons of a BCI (and I objectively did not do to well back...

How do you connect with people and make friends without social media?

I'm struggling to figure out how to make friends without having Instagram or any other social media. I have discord but don't use it much. I see all my acquaintances in discord channels and sharing Instagram posts and stuff. It's already hard for me to make friends, but I feel like not having any of the traditional social media...

Series: Conservatives of Lemmy: What do you think has gone awry in modern society and how might it be constructively addressed?

I'd like to start a series seeking viewpoints from across the political spectrum in general discussions about modern society and where everyone stands on what is not working, what is working, and where we see things going in the future....

What's the best US site/app to sell stuff?

Cleaning out my mom's house. I hate to trash things that may be useful to someone else and some of it's probably worth some $$. I've used Facebook marketplace a couple of times. I've heard of OfferUp and LetGo but haven't used them. Where will i get the best response and $? Should i just pile it all up and do an online estate...

When you stopped caring about staying in good shape?

I completely stopped caring about 2 years ago, I realized I was never going to do anything with my good look and that I will never get into a relationship in my life, so I just figured out "what's the point then, I'm already invisible to women?" And I don't care about my health tbh......

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