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GrymEdm , in It's been called Israel's 'Guantanamo'. A doctor who worked in the secretive facility is now speaking out avatar

Sorry this is a long one, but it's packed with lots of info about Israeli treatment of prisoners. Tried to keep each point brief.

It's not a recent development. Here's a trailer for a 2014 ABC News Australia documentary called Stone Cold Justice - the TL:DR is that for decades IDF have taken and tortured Palestinian youths and coerced them into signing confessions so they can be convicted in court. Here's the full "Stone Cold Justice: Israel’s torture of Palestinian children" documentary if anyone wishes to watch it.

Josh Paul resigned from a position as a director for the US State Department after war came to Gaza because of his ethics. Here he's talking about an investigation he directed of the rape of a 13-year-old boy in an Israeli prison as requested by Defense for Children International - Palestine. His department found the allegations to be credible, and when they asked the Israeli government for explanation the IDF raided the DCIP the next day and declared them a terrorist organization in a move that was condemned by multiple human rights groups, the UN, and 9 EU nations.

Here's an article about Israel's policy of "administrative detention" by which large numbers of Palestinians are held without trial or even charges for an AVERAGE of a year. "Before October 7, the number of Palestinians held by Israel under administrative detention was already at a 20-year high. According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, there were 1,310 Palestinians imprisoned without charge or trial at the end of September, including at least 146 minors. Since then, Israel has dramatically increased its use of administrative detention, pushing the number of detainees to over 2,000 within the first four weeks of the war. (That’s out of a total of roughly 7,000 Palestinian prisoners.)" It's just taking hostages with a less offensive name.

Within the last day Israeli national security minister Ben Gvir made a social media post with a last line that translates to: "The death penalty for terrorists is the right solution to the incarceration problem, until then - glad that the government approved the proposal I brought." The incarceration problem he's referring to is a lack of space to hold all the prisoners/hostages Israel is taking, and he's advocating executions until more prison cells are built.

mozz Admin , in Russia says U.S. is responsible for deadly Ukrainian attack on Crimea
mozz avatar

I know this whole message is preaching to the choir but:

You guys managed to find like the one time in history that US military ordinance killed civilians that unequivocally wasn't our fault, when they were attacking a clearly military target under occupation from a clearly malicious invading force

And you are, predictably, complaining like it's our fault you put the airfield right next to a fucking public beach and then didn't sound any kind of warning that it was under active bombardment and knocked one of the missiles off its military target and it fell on some people

Pack up

Go home

SkyezOpen ,

Russia is also claiming they shot down 4 missiles. Their track record suggests that's unlikely. This whole story reeks of bullshit. Lemme know when literally any other country reports civilian casualties and then I'll care.

Weslee ,

I wouldn't be surprised if Russian forces went out to the beach after the attack and bombed it themselves, just so they could get this story

frunch ,

Seems a lot more plausible than them shooting down 4 missiles, def on-brand too

assassin_aragorn ,

Putin has a history of false flag operations, so it isn't impossible.

mozz Admin , (edited ) in ‘Ultimatums don’t work with Ukraine’ — Zelenskyy’s chief of staff responds to Putin’s peace proposal
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"As soon as Kyiv agrees to fully withdraw from Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia and starts this process, we are ready to start negotiations,” Putin said on Friday.

Putin also demanded that the West lift all sanctions against Russia, and that Moscow's claims to the territories of Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson be recognized internationally.

Is that all?

You assholes don't even hold Kherson. And you want Ukraine to withdraw and give it to you, after having chased you out of the capital already, as part of the peace agreement? (Did it get recaptured and I missed it or something? This honestly sounds like I must be missing something.)

I can see why they didn't bother inviting Russia.

Edit: No, I didn't miss anything. They want Ukraine to retreat from their advancing front line (or, well, advancing as of a year and a half ago and then stalled) and give them back again the territory that Ukraine already un-stole, in exchange for stopping shooting back against Ukraine's advance. Good luck gentlemen.

tal , avatar

No, I didn’t miss anything.

You did, albeit not in the direction you're thinking!

Just a day ahead of the peace conference, to which Russia was not invited, Putin articulated Russia’s demands for peace: Ukraine must give up the entire four regions that Russia occupies part of, demilitarize, and drop its aspirations to join the NATO defense alliance.

They also demanded that Ukraine "demilitarize" and permanently stay out of NATO, I assume because Russia would like to hold the threat of hard power over Ukraine and (a) isn't willing to fight NATO and (b) has discovered that fighting a militarized Ukraine isn't all that much fun.

mozz Admin ,
mozz avatar

Yeah, fair play. I didn't even see the demilitarize thing.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter. They already know Ukraine's going to tell them to go get fucked; they just want to be able to say that they're the party that presented a peace proposal which Ukraine would have loved to sign but the West vetoed, knowing that no one of consequence will believe that. Why they are doing that is becoming less and less clear to me as time goes on.

tal , avatar

I don't know if the aim is honestly to look reasonable. Like, okay, take your earlier statement:

You assholes don’t even hold Kherson. And you want Ukraine to withdraw and give it to you, after having chased you out of the capital already, as part of the peace agreement?

It's actually even more improbable than asking for it as part of the peace agreement. They're demanding it as a precondition to start negotiations for a peace agreement. Like, the Dnipro River is a geographical barrier to Russia. Ukraine would have to withdraw from all of the territory, letting Russia's forces across that barrier, and Russia says that then they would start talking about terms for peace.

mozz Admin ,
mozz avatar

Yeah. I think their interpersonal communication style involves dictating insane terms to people who can’t fight back so they have to accept them, or else try to resist and get punished. They’re literally just incapable of dealing with people they don’t have dominant power over, so they just keep pretending they do like a demanding teenager, thinking it makes them look “strong” or else just doing it from force of habit and because they don’t know what else to do.

FlyingSquid Mod , avatar

"Give up your military. We promise we won't invade again!"

mozz Admin , in India just showed the world how to fight an authoritarian on the rise
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Oooh ooh I know, we refuse to vote for his opponent because this is so tiresome that we have to do this every election / because his opponent isn't everything we wanted to have in terms of forward progress / because that'll show the system as a whole that we want better candidates and things will finally move forward as a result / etc

No? Because I have been assured that that is the answer

KevonLooney , in Visibly Distressed Putin Pals Shaken Up by Trump Verdict

Russian propagandists were openly hoping for a hung jury and were visibly disappointed when Trump became a convicted felon on all 34 charges he was facing.

Hmm... sounds like some posters I read on here...

girlfreddy , in ‘Solidarity over hatred’: the small band of Israelis stopping settlers obstructing aid trucks avatar

Multiple sources have said that members of Israel’s security forces are tipping off far-right activists and settlers to the location of aid trucks. The relationship has been confirmed by a spokesperson from the main Israeli activist group behind the blockades and supported by messages from settlers’ internal chat groups reviewed by the Guardian, as well as accounts from witnesses and human rights activists.

The Israelis trying to help would have an easier job of it if the IDF didn't sabotage them at every turn.

gedaliyah , avatar

Not the IDF. Get the facts right at least.

NOT_RICK , in ‘Solidarity over hatred’: the small band of Israelis stopping settlers obstructing aid trucks avatar

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world

-Fred Rogers

Sebeck012 ,

Thank you for this.

magnetosphere , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia avatar

Fine, Putin. Escalate some more. See what happens. I don’t think you’ll like it, but why take the word of an American? Try it for yourself. Find out.

sudo42 , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia

So… lemme get this straight. (Neglecting the fact that Putin started thus and can end it at any time) Russia can buy and use Iranian, North Korean (and possibly/likely Chinese) weapons on Ukraine, but Ukraine reciprocating using western weapons would justify a nuclear response?

Laser ,

Don't put too much thought into it, ist an empty threat to scare idiots, there's no logic

gravitas_deficiency , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia

Ok. But you should know that we love proportional response. You might even say it’s our hobby.

Theprogressivist , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia avatar

We get it, Putin. You're shitting your pants because no one is taking you serious anymore, and your orange ass puppet has been charged who is also shitting his pants both literally and figuratively.

slurpinderpin , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia

What's Putin going to do? Attack a NATO nation? Bring it the fuck on, loser. We'll be flying sorties over Moscow within the week

andrewta , in The AfD’s obsession with the Third Reich is driving a realignment of Europe’s far right | Mariam Lau

"Not all ss were criminals"

How quickly we forget our history.

I mean yes some were technically unaware of what was truly happening. But do we really want to go down the path of being on the side of, or defending the ss?

CanadaPlus ,

I don't think any were unaware of the general picture. There's debate about how much Axis civilians knew about things like the Holocaust, but the SS were a select, elite group. They knew enough.

grue ,

Nah, even what you wrote is overly-charitable.

The SS knew exactly what they were doing. Krah knows the SS knew exactly what they were doing. Krah is simply blatantly lying.

AFC1886VCC ,

Agreed. You could make that argument perhaps for German civilians. And maybe even some of the Wehrmacht at a stretch. But the SS answered directly to the Nazi party and not the Army. They were the enforcers of Nazi ideology across Europe, and most were committed to Nazism. They knew what they were doing and carried out war crimes with enthusiasm.

Anyone who defends the SS in any shape or form is a very bad person.

Telodzrum , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia

Putin's saber has been rattled so much that it functions more as a seppuku vibrator than anything else these days.

Stern , avatar

Seppuku vibrator

Great band name

ThePyroPython ,

Seppuku™ Vibrators

"Finish yourself off, with honour!"

Edit: sorry I misread band as brand.

MyTurtleSwimsUpsideDown ,

Thrust yourself into la petite mort with a Seppuku™ Vibrator today!

NOT_RICK , in Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia avatar

Sounds like Russia’s “final warning”

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