Will we ever know why the shooter shot Trump?

I think bad decisions influence him cause he was younger than me. It makes me want to know what happened in his life he was able to buy an AR-15 at 22 I think. He had a good life going and it's like no he tried to shoot Trump and I wonder why? I don't see how you can just hate someone that much to also end your life over.

what do i do concerning this? ( )

So I am writing a thesis and what I thought that meant is making some cool programming project and then basically explaining what you did, how you did it and why. But today I hear that I am supposed to do things like """research""" and """literature review""". Apparently one is supposed to find similar pieces of """research"""...

What can we learn from the Trump shooting and the Uvalde shooting ? (ml)

After I'd read that the Trump shooter had looked at photos of Trump and Biden and their upcoming speech locations and the fact that the shooter was a lone wolf and bullied at school, I read part of the Wikipedia page about the Uvalde shooting . The Uvalde shooter also was a lone wolf and also used an AR-15. My thoughts right now...

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