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votes to force shipments to , rebuking

The -led UnitedStates House of
Representatives passed a bill on Thurs that would force President Joe to send weapons to Israel, seeking to rebuke the Democrat for delaying bomb shipments as he urges Israel to do more to protect during its war w/ .

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The #Israel Security Assistance Support Act was approved 224 to 187, largely along party lines. 16 #Democrats joined most Republicans in voting yes, & 3 #Republicans joined most Democrats in opposing the measure.

The act is not expected to become #law, but its passage underscored the deep #US #election-year divide over Israel policy as PM Benjamin #Netanyahu's government seeks to wipe out militants who attacked Israel on #Oct7….

#Palestinian #Gaza #HouseRepublicans #uspol #geopolitics

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@Nonilex . . . seeks to wipe out militants who attacked Israel on …. Hmmmm. How about seeks to destroy the very concept of Palestinian personhood?

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Pro tip: the D's who joined R's aren't D's.

There's DSA, not DNC, anyhow.

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