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I just wanted to confirm from our meeting just now, did you want me to (some crazy shit that could cause problems)?

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Bite me, Musk.

Progressive political commentator (print, radio, podcasts) for years. I post a lot: breaking news + legit info you can use, prone to snark. My mini Australian Labradoodle, Hamilton, has trained me well.

Now where's my trough of wine? 🍷🇺🇸🇨🇦

#Progressive #USPolitics #VotingRights #legal #WomensRights #CivilRights #BLM #climate #Canada #journalists #politics #news #LGBTQ #DogsOfMastodon cover avatar


By Cory Doctorow (GPG 0xBF3D9110957E5F4C)

Archived at

I post long threads. If you don't like these in your timeline but want to read them, I suggest unfollowing me here and subscribing to my RSS, or my newsletter, or any of my various long-form feeds. Links at

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Interested in building a better world and standing in solidarity with others who share that goal.

For biographical information, please see

"Writing is the way I fight." ~ James Cone

#solidarity #democracy #HumanRights #LGBTQ cover avatar


Social Media fool on multiple platforms. I tend to talk about #Fediverse :fediverse: and it's nuances. Also post #AIart using #Midjourney from time to time. I am your typical hippie and :weed: smoker. Follow me for a variety of topics like #gaming; comments and opinions on tech news; World news opinions; occasional self-loathing and #depression messages. VERY #ADHD. Sometimes my thoughts aren't organized. If this isn't your thing, just keep moving, or block, I really don't care :) #fedi22 tfr cover avatar


pro-ant propaganda, building electronics, writing sci-fi teaching mathematics & CS. I live in NYC. cover avatar

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I post Foxes every hour :3

Please keep all comments on the images SFW.
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#democrat #equality #women's rights #BLM #resistor #LGBTQrights #choice #nevergop #warrior #twittermigration Living in a Blue Dot in Florida.

The profile picture is myself and my wonderful Daughter. She's the reason I fight for Democracy and Women's Rights!! cover avatar


… paring down time on social media … ?? Fully migrated to mastodon now that the bird self destructed. Though if you want to view my old posts, same username. Recovering lawyer, so mostly #law, though #climate, #science, #geopolitics, #politics, #democracy, stuff I think is cool & of course … #BabySquirrel cover avatar


photographer, birder, nature shitposter, he/him, northern illinois usa, 30

i only boost images with descriptions

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This is the Mastodon account for Richard Stallman.

I founded GNU & the @fsf and with them launched the Free Software Movement. Please join or donate to the FSF:

I use this account to mirror the political notes from my web site,

Read my linking policy:

The views expressed here, as in, are my personal views, not those of the Free Software Foundation or the GNU Project. #FSF #GNU #FreeSoftware cover avatar


I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and I'm all out of bubblegum.

الجهل عند الرجال فيه يشبه الليل بدون قمر cover avatar


Husband/father with faith that democracy is the way to go; still idealistic enough to believe it's achievable. The only thing I'm selling is democracy. Banned (3x!) by the fowl site for calling out GOP lies. Migrated from @DemocracyMatters.

#VoteBlue #TwitterRefugees #WashingtonDC #FightFascism #NoRepublicans #Ukraine cover avatar


Climate-friendly cars that fit the planet and the budget - and the cello
Plus climate news cover avatar


Geopolitics▫Military▫Analysis▫Strategy▫Cyber▫Space▫Intel▫Intellectual Property R&D

All content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 🌐 license unless otherwise 📝

#Geopolitics #Military #Analysis
#Strategy #Cyber #Space #Intel

#️⃣#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine
#ArmUkraineNow #WarInEurope

#️⃣#Belarus #StandWithBelarus
#Moldova #Armenia #Georgia

#️⃣#NATO #WarsawAlliance #NAFO

#️⃣#IranRevolution #Afghanistan #MahsaAmini #FreeTibet
#Myanmar #Burma #Taiwan avatar

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OG filibuster buster.

Curator: #GunFAIL.

Host: Kagro in the Morning #KITM Livestream, 9 AM ET Weekdays:

Podcast archives:

Patreon: cover avatar


Making #TTRPG games and being weird.
team: rev, yvette
rev's ko-fi:
rev's other games: cover avatar


Recovering CISO
May have an orchid problem
Bad photography
Worse dad jokes
The worst Infosec hot takes
Twitter: @maliciouslink
https://Infosec.Exchange Admin
#infosec #security #cybersecurity #risk #fedi22
…and for fucks sake, be nice to each other. We are only here for a brief time. Make it enjoyable.

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Proud geek, Badger, and table top gamer! RPG freelancer (#dnd, Murders & Acquisitions, CAPERS) and telecom worker. He/Him. DM's open cover avatar


Sharing advice and assisting with the great migration, plus various thoughts and perspectives.

Banner Artwork: Julio Lacerda
Avatar Artwork: Brandon Pilcher
Individual account not representing any entity or organization.
Curates: @ClimateMigration @AstroMigration
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Smart brevity worthy of people's time, attention and trust.

Follow to see posts from the official Axios Flipboard profile. cover avatar


Political commentator. cover avatar


Hi, I'm Alice, a: 🦜 #Poly, 🍳 #Pan , 🤯 #Neurodivergent, 🧠 #ActuallyAutistic, ⚛ #Atheist, ∤ #Enby in 🌆 #Seattle.

ALT: @alice_watson

When it comes to #pronouns & partners, I'm mostly into them.

💛🤍💜🖤 / ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

😍 Yay:
👩‍💻 #Tech
🔏 #Data & #Privacy
🕵 #OSInt & #InfoSec
🧠 #Psychology
😻 @catsalad

🤬 Nay:
💰 #Capitalism
👮🏻‍♂️ #Bigotry cover avatar


🏳️‍🌈 🧛‍♀️ Writer & Video Game Creator. #IndieDev #GameDev Currently working on #RPGTBD with Terrible Toybox, and my own Dungeons of Freeport. Older projects: Swords of Freeport, TownCraft, Metrocide, Objects in Space. Loves #RetroGaming, #RetroComputing, #Photography, #Movies & #Filmmaking. Xennial. Disaster lesbian. Lazy goth. Angry lefty. she/her cover avatar

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Goals: Stand up for justice, liberty, truth, reality. Be aware of implicit bias. Remember, physics wins in the end. Take time to write. cover avatar


Posting tips about how to use Mastodon and the Fediverse 🌍

There are lots of answers to common questions on my website at If you can't find your answer @ or DM me, there's no such thing as a silly question!

I am a volunteer, you can buy me a coffee at or become a patron at

Maintained by @FediThing, banner artwork is by @posiputt

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VOA chief national correspondent/former White House bureau chief; Author, ‘Behind the White House Curtain.’ Adjunct asst. professor, Shenandoah Univ.; Adjunct lecturer in journalism, Univ. of Richmond; 2022-23 @JURISTnews journalist-in-residence, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law; Kiplinger Fellow, Ohio Univ.; American Foreign Service Assoc. governing board; Nevada Broadcasters Assoc. Hall of Fame; W7VOA on ham radio. cover avatar


Hi there, I am a 44yo woman from Holland with a passion for art.

I mainly post and boost art and photo's, but I am always up for a nice conversation as well!

Sidenote: the art and photo's that I post either come from the public domain, or in the case of copyright I have permission from the artist / photographer to post it here. cover avatar


Canadian, eh

#socialjustice #politics #climatecrisis #alternatetransportation #art #music #science #nevervoteconservative #health #space

NOTE: Racists and anti-LGBTQ+ will be BLOCKED

Democracy is fragile- let's protect it.
Mask up-Covid is real!

Keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out.

Profile picture is two hands holding up a neon sign that spells out " hello there".
Header picture is an abstract of brightly coloured bubbles in blue, orange, yellow and red
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SRE at Google. Queer. Poly :potion_polyamory: Trans :verified_trans: :nonbinary_potion: Engineer. Ace :flag_ace: Member of AWU-CWA. #ActuallyAutistic :rainbowinfinity: #UnionStrong

Opinions my own. Does not suffer fools gladly. cover avatar



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Low Quality Facts written in arguably lower quality handwriting. cover avatar


Coyoty (adj.): Like a coyote or Coyote in form, spirit, or humor. Ready to puns upon any opportunity for wordprey.

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