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How do you switch clients?

I'm using the official F-Droid client now but I'd like to switch to another one. The problem is I have some third party repos added and I don't really know how F-Droid works (it seems to have a lot of modules for app installation). I don't want to break it or reflash my whole OS. So can I just uninstall the previous client,...

Are there any good FOSS TTS engines?

espeak's apk doesn't seem to have been updated in 2 years and says it isn't compatible with my phone (Pixel 8a). I'm not sure if there are any decent ones. I want TTS for OSMAnd's navigation while driving. They do prerecorded voices too but those can only say prerecorded things obviously, so eg can't say specific road names.

Any "smart" Gallery app?

Hi guys! Is there any smart gallery app that can help tag/search the gallery pictures through automatically created tags, such as objects/things recognized in the pictures, locations etc? This is a rather convenient feature in some apple and samsung phones, which I think would be nice to have...But I reckon must consume some...

Why do fdroid main repo keep apps that has not been updated in 12 years ? Isn't it more logical to move apps that has not been updated in more than three years to the archive ?

Like i use an older version of android and every new app on fdroid works for me and keeping the main repo full of abandonware isn't a good idea and will hold fdroid back on being a good app store . And its not like the apps are deleted or anything if someone needs them for whatever reason they can find it on archive and not...

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