FDA took months to react to complaint about Abbott infant formula factory, audit finds ( )

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took more than 15 months to act on a whistleblower complaint it received about conditions at an Abbott Nutrition factory that was at the center of a nationwide shortage of infant formula, a new audit shows....

How to reset a locked iPad?

At my work, they recently cleared out the lost and found and were going to trash stuff. I ended up with a clean practically new iPad. The previous owner was not contactable for over a year. He left his Apple details on and his passcode was 12345 (I kid you not). I want to unlock it from his Apple account so that I can hard reset...

U.N. official says he saw Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians fishing off Gaza coast ( )

Two men fishing in the waters off the coast of the Gaza Strip were killed Wednesday by Israeli troops firing at them with automatic weapons, James Elder, the global spokesperson for the United Nations' children's agency UNICEF, told CBS News....

Worker-Downloaded Malware Caused Ascension Ransomware Attack ( )

All Patients, Employees Offered Credit Monitoring While Investigation ContinuesRansomware attackers stole files that potentially contain patient and employee data from seven of Ascension's 25,000 servers. The hackers gained access to the organization's network when an employee inadvertently downloaded a file containing malware,...

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