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🦀 Rust support for UEFI development through Project Mu

"minimizes the probability of errors that expose vulnerabilities, making Rust a strong choice for future UEFI firmware development"

#rustlang #rust #programming

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Central Hudson Gas & Electric utility company will absorb almost $65 million in costs from its botched billing rollout

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Hello !
Just found my way here and hope to find same minded people ..

saturata OP ,

@Dianora @BeAware

Thanks for welcome and of course I got some tag for you. I live in am in of working self-employed in domain. I'm interseted in programming and a couple of other items.

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Shoutout to for supporting ! Always great receiving an email like this.

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Behold! The lair of Linus Torvalds, where the Linux kernel is forged and maintained. 🐧 But guess what? You need a fancy chair, mechanical keyboard, ergonomic mouse, bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, and six screens. I bet your code still sucks. 😒

Linus Torvalds is standing in his home office.

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Hmm. So I tried Glaze, which is a program to run your images through in order to stop AI scraping from your work. I thought this would be a good idea to start doing, especially as I (for now) plan to keep my facebook page for my photography as many followers there will not follow me other places, it's the longest running page I've had.

It took me 2 hours to download the program (on high speed fiber)

It took 20 minutes to install on my computer.

I had to close everything on my computer for it "to have enough memory to run".

THEN: on the lowest settings (fast run, so worse rendering and more visible things PLUS less writeovers to stop AI scraping) it estimated 30 minutes for a small 1600 x 1200 pixel image I was going to test it on. Annnnnd then it choked on my computer and I said F-it.

I mean. I appreciate the effort going into designing these things, but this is NOT a workable solution....


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Geordi La Forge weighs in on the "tabs versus spaces" debate.

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So this year @attacus and I are steering the Good Ship @pyconau to Melbourne in November. Our CFP is now open and while you can no longer be the first person to submit a proposal we would absolutely love you to contribute to making our selection of talks as broad and diverse as possible.

The needful process starts here :

We'd love to hear from you!

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Ok, this is an extremely niche question, but I'm trying to work with a list of files in a Windows batch script, and one of the files contains two single quotes in the name, so the batch script is interpreting that as a command. Does anyone know of any way I can escape those single quotes programmatically? I can't simply add slashes to them because I don't have access to the filename. Should I pipe them to a text file and then munge the text file? I'm happy to give more information if necessary; this isn't a secret or anything. #Windows #BatchFile #programming #FediHelp #BoostsWelcome

P.S. If your suggestion is not to use a batch script to do this, believe me, I've considered it, but at the moment batch is what I've got. I'm not going to install an entirely new shell to do this fairly simple task and I don't like PowerShell enough to go to the trouble of scripting in that. If I were to write a non-shell program, I would probably write it in Python as that seems like the most reasonable option, but I remain convinced that there's a way to do this in a batch script.

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Just a #programming #rant of a #newbie
It is sorta depressing when I was trying to do very simple thing in #python - encode raw bytes sequence into emoji with #base1024, to see whether it would be shorter than base64, but I can't install related packages such baseEmoji. This package gives obscure error when started while other similar packages even can't be installed as it return an error.
May be this is some punishement for being on windows 10? But errors I see don't look platform-specific.

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just look...

a place that offers me the chance to interact with various programmers in chat rooms

a place where I can send and receive files such as images and documents

a place where I can post things and interact with other people in the comments of my can

a place where I can post trends and upload several images in the same post so that people get to know my work or things that I identify with.

a place where I can talk freely and make new friends, all for free and without ads. Fuck me, I think we should all be there, guys. join now


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Why use compared to other technologies

It's better than stack overflow because you can have a conversation if you need help instead of having a long comment thread. It's better than IRC because the feed exists even when you're not online, without you having to create an inbox bot. It's better than discord because discord is a ball. And it's better than language-specific forums because sometimes you just have a general question that isn't framework/lang specific. So don't waste time and register now and have fun programming.


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This is the SECOND time in 3 days that I forgot that if statements in lisp are ternary. Someone needs to end me.


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hello my username is JavaJuggler i am a programmer and i love to create things that help people in their daily lives. i am the creator and developer of which is a site where programmers of all levels can create chat rooms to talk, share, teach and learn things related to programming. with this i decided to invite you to visit my site and enjoy all the features it contains. give me feedback if you visit my site. thanks #Programming #Coding #Developer #CodeNewbie #DevLife

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Who called it linear typing and not “once in a lifetime”

Who called it const and not “same as it ever was”

Who called it a stack trace and not “well, how did I get here?”

#programming #music #TalkingHeads

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Something for coders! New post on the #LibreOffice development blog – fixing assertion failures: #programming #development

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We're open source and always will be!

If you're interested in the cogs that turn the wheel, you can check out Newsmast's GitHub here

We'd be happy to chat with any developers about our project and would be delighted to hear about interest in our API!

Just reach out to us, we'd love to help.

#fedidev #developer #code #programming #GitHub #tech #technology

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"If the authors of computer programming books wrote arithmetic textbooks..."

A colleague used this image to describe the documentation of a library. Meaning that the documentation was the example with the rabbits, but they have to use the library as the second part of the image.

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    I've been working for about 8 months on a branch that should optimize #rust 's checking model by about 50%.

    Yep, that's right. We're in a field where 1% is already a notable improvement, and this optimization is working in the realm of 30-70%
    And today, We only have 5 failing tests :heart: This should be ready by... maybe next week?

    Yayyy :333

    #programming #optimization #performance

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    Anyone got any good alternatives to ?

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    took out the fun part of , the creation, leaving us to debug and test auto generated code. Not fun 😕

    And it seems our software has also become worse since the era.

    @kevlin keynote at sharing developer research and thoughts.

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    After 29 years, C++23 finally introduces "print" function.

    #programming #cpp

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    This could be a potential bug in other languages, if not properly checked

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    When posting your programming language comparison article, can you please include the context of your comparison?

    "Rust vs Python, which is better? "
    "Sir, this is a kernel"

    "Why I switched from C++ to Go"
    Taps sign: "No GC or green threads in the kernel"

    Sincerely, a systems dev who'd like to remind you that APIs existed before REST...

    #RustLang #Rust #cpp #go #golang #python #programming #elixir

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