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Wusstet ihr schon, dass Kindern bei uns niemals Geld im Weg stehen soll?

Unsere Freizeiten haben realistische Teilnahmepreise, aber niemand muss sie bezahlen. Eine formlose Mail mit Wunschbetrag ab 0 € reicht.

Falls ihr Kinder oder Jugendliche kennt, die sich über eine Tech-Ferienfreizeit freuen würden, aber die Familie denkt, es passe nicht ins Ferienbudget, sagt es weiter!


vivdunstan , to random
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Tackled a major bit of restructuring in my parser / for . Thought it would be much more of a fankle ( word for a menace / tangle / complicated thing) to code than it was. Managed what I needed with surprisingly surgical changes, involving a new variable and more nested IF ... OTHERWISE commands. Then tested and tested and tested. The game will be going out for more formal playtesting next month too. Phew!

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So this year @attacus and I are steering the Good Ship @pyconau to Melbourne in November. Our CFP is now open and while you can no longer be the first person to submit a proposal we would absolutely love you to contribute to making our selection of talks as broad and diverse as possible.

The needful process starts here : http://2024.pycon.org.au/program/

We'd love to hear from you!

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hello my username is JavaJuggler i am a programmer and i love to create things that help people in their daily lives. i am the creator and developer of https://chat-to.dev which is a site where programmers of all levels can create chat rooms to talk, share, teach and learn things related to programming. with this i decided to invite you to visit my site and enjoy all the features it contains. give me feedback if you visit my site. thanks #Programming #Coding #Developer #CodeNewbie #DevLife

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@lemmyreader Here's a starting point for a fediverse StackExchange: Make sure it's interoperable with Lemmy.

Now, you may not get the full feature set on Lemmy, but you should be able to interact with it from Lemmy as if it's a group on there.

#StackExchange #Fediverse #Coding

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took out the fun part of , the creation, leaving us to debug and test auto generated code. Not fun 😕

And it seems our software has also become worse since the era.

@kevlin keynote at sharing developer research and thoughts.

anatudor Bot , to random
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#tinyCSStip You may have seen some of my demos using this on #CodePen already. Here's the how behind it.

Pure #CSS #halftone effect in 3 declarations:

✨ background layering a pattern and a map
✨ blend mode multiplication of the two layers
✨ contrast bump up to push all greys to either black or white

#cssFilter #filter #cssTricks #cssTip #cssTips #tipsAndTricks #code #coding #frontend #wedDev #webDevelpment

A simple step by step visual guide on how to create a pure CSS halftone effect with just 3 declarations! Step 1: Set a grey to white gradient background. Give it a small background-size (by default, this repeats to cover the entire element). This is the pattern part. background: radial-gradient(closest-side, #777, #fff) 0/ 1em 1em Step 2: Add another grey to white gradient layer covering the entire element. This is the map part. Where the map is darker, it will make the pattern thicker. The background declaration is now: background: linear-gradient(90deg, #888, #fff), radial-gradient(closest-side, #777, #fff) 0/ 1em 1em; Step 3: multiply the two background layers. The pattern is now darker where the map is darker than where the map is lighter. This blend mode literally multiplies corresponding channel values for each pair of corresponding pixels from the two layers. Let's say corresponding pixels have rgb(50%,50%,50%) and rgb(20%,20%,20%). The channel values of the resulting pixels are all .5*.2 = .1 (the decimal representation of 50% is .5 and that of 20% is .2), that is, the resulting pixel has rgb(10%,10%,10%). background-blend-mode: multiply; Step 4: contrast() with values >1 pushes darker greys (that is, darker than a 50% grey, which is dead in the middle between black and white) towards black and lighter greys towards white. This creates the halftone pattern. filter: contrast(21)

jaruzel , to random
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Is it hard to write a #mastodon client?

I mean, the protocol and whatnot, not the actual app stuff, I'm good at that.

#programming #coding

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A weird thing about being 50 is that there are programming languages that I've used regularly for longer than some of the software developers I work with have been alive. I first wrote BASIC code in the 1980s. The first time I wrote an expression evaluator--a fairly standard programming puzzle or homework--was in 1990. I wrote it in Pascal for an undergraduate homework assignment. I first wrote perl in the early 1990s, when it was still perl 4.036 (5.38.2 now). I first wrote java in 1995-ish, when it was still java 1.0 (1.21 now). I first wrote scala, which I still use for most things today, in 2013-ish, when it was still scala 2.8 (3.4.0 now). At various times I've been "fluent" in 8086 assembly, BASIC, C, Pascal, perl, python, java, scala; and passable in LISP/Scheme, Prolog, old school Mathematica, (early days) Objective C, matlab/octave, and R. I've written a few lines of Fortran and more than a few lines of COBOL that I ran in a production system once. I could probably write a bit of Haskell if pressed but for some reason I really dislike its syntax so I've never been enthusiastic about learning it well. I've experimented with Clean, Flix, Curry, Unison, Factor, and Joy and learned bits and pieces of each of those. I'm trying to decide whether I should try learning Idris, Agda, and/or Lean. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few languages. Bit of 6502 assembly long ago. Bit of Unix/Linux shell scripting languages (old enough to have lived and breathed tcsh before switching to bash; I use fish now mostly).

When I say passable: in graduate school I wrote a Prolog interpreter in java (including parsing source code or REPL input), within which I could run the classic examples like append or (very simple) symbolic differentiation/integration. As an undergraduate I wrote a Mathematica program to solve the word recognition problem for context-free formal languages. But I'd need some study time to be able to write these languages again.

I don't know what the hell prompted me to reminisce about programming languages. I hope it doesn't come off as a humblebrag but rather like old guy spinning yarns. I think I've been through so many because I'm never quite happy with any one of them and because I've had a varied career that started when I was pretty young.

I guess I'm also half hoping to find people on here who have similar interests so I'm going to riddle this post with hashtags:

#Coding #SoftwareDevelopment #ProgrammingLanguages #8086Assembly #BASIC #C #Pascal #perl #java #scala #LISP #Scheme #Prolog #Mathematica #ObjectiveC #matlab #octave #R #Python #Fortran #COBOL #Haskell #Clean #Flix #Curry #Factor #Unison #Joy #Idris #Agda #Lean #6502Assembly

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Improve your and knowledge – join the project! That's what Kira Tubo did: https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2024/04/22/community-member-monday-kira-tubo/

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Re: ChatGPT/CoPilot coding:

Boilerplate code is not a thing. Most "boilerplate" code is already covered in a library or package, and it should be used there. Otherwise, there are situational edge cases to be covered.

And unit test code is not boilerplate either. The point of unit tests aren't just to verify, but to explain problems when a failure happens. Unit tests without this are test theater.

AI coding without severe coaxing cannot do this.

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NewScience101 , to random
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thevglibrary , to bookstodon group
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Moving to #Mastodon is like a lifestyle change. You first get accustomed to the #fediverse and decentralized/federated #socialmedia protocols (#ActivityPub, etc), and then you get into #opensource and #FOSS stuff, and then you slowly get into #Linux, and then you slowly develop an interest in #programming / #coding and building your own portable or mini computer. Before you know it, you'll start a local leftist revolution. 😅

I love it BTW.


#news #tech #technology

f3rno64 , to random
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Hi everyone! 👋

My name is Cris, and this is my formal 🙈 #introduction post.

I'm a software engineer 💻 and am passionate about coding; I love working on personal projects and creating products.

I specialize in modern web app development and have 13+ years of experience 🧙‍♂️

When I'm not coding, I'm usually gaming🎮

GitHub: https://github.com/f3rno64 🔗
Tech Blog: https://f3rno64.io

I'd love to connect with like-minded people, so do reach out!

#coding #programming #gaming #webdev #tech

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In five years time, some CTO will review the mysterious outage or technical debt in their organisation.

They will unearth a mess of poorly written, poorly -documented, barely-functioning code their staff don't understand.

They will conclude that they did not actually save money by replacing human developers with LLMs.


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I've got a question for the #Mastodon / #ActivityPub / #Fediverse community.

I hate #medicine. I dunno why I even became a doctor. Must've been due to parental pressure. I love #astronomy & also have an interest in astronomy software/apps (& software in general). Problem is I dunno how to #code.

Is pursuing a degree in #compsci worth it in the age of LLMs? Or should I just get an astro degree & depend on "AI" to write codes for me?

#science #computing #programming #software #computer #coding

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I was originally on ppb1701@noc.social, but started my own instance.

A little about me, I’m a Software Engineer from Tennessee. Been #Coding for over a decade, primarily in the .Net world, but also some Flutter and Ruby. I enjoy #gaming, #SteamDeck, #Disney, #StarWars, and #StarTrek.

Kbin: ppb701@kbin.social
Secondary (old) Mastadon Account: ppb1701@noc.social


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There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary fix that works.

#TechnicalDebt #TechDebt #programming #coding #SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #development

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    More #interactiveFiction game coding in #Inform and I’m getting more fluent at the language, but always get caught out coding variables and constants, and have to recheck the syntax. Rooms, NPCs and scenes no problem. Core coding aarrgghh! #GameDev #IndieGames #Coding

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    I've got a little playlist of ambient music that just puts me in the zone when I'm coding. And it just hit "Callista" by Saki Kaskas. AKA the music from Afterlife's Upper Level in Mass Effect 2.

    Probably my favorite best "bar" music from a video game setting.

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