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To think I was recommending System76 to people. Won’t be making that mistake again.

Apparently caring about accessibility is “virtue signaling” and “concern trolling”.

Well, I know exactly the kind of people who use those terms and they’re not folks I want to have anything to do with or will be recommending to anyone else in the future.

If you’re not in the US, you should buy from a local shop anyway. In the EU, we’re spoilt for choice with Tuxedo, Slimbook, StarLabs, etc.

#System76 #Linux

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If you can’t play on Linux in online mode due to “inappropriate content” warning, you have to install the DLC. The anti-cheat for the update somehow counts missing DLC files as “modifications”. I hope they fix it soon, it’s a pretty dumb miss.

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“Just because we don’t consider lack of accessibility to be a blocker doesn’t mean we’re ableist.”

– Open Source folks in my mentions.

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Popular opinion seems to be that and are "fighting/competing."

Sure we have our differences in philosophies and design, but it's way more akin to siblings having small spats. But in the end we are siblings in family and I like GNOME folks a lot. And if anyone attacks my siblings, I'm there to defend them.

We can and we should work together as much as possible, not just GNOME or KDE but all other DE's too like and to be the best computing experience possible.

It's not perfect and it's never gonna be because perfection is unattainable, but perfect is also enemy of good.

Let's keep doing our best. Together.

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The X Window System (X11, or simply X) turns 40 this June. Happy Birthday X Window System. It is still used by and users.

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He escaped: Neofetch developer archives all his repositories: "Have taken up farming"

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MacBook Air owner?

2018/2019 models are losing support.

with / to keep your device in use! These machines will run beautifully for many years to come.

Not only wallet friendly, keeps CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. Ca. 75% of Apple's emissions comes from production alone (details in alt text).

Sustainable, independent : Better for users, best for the .


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    Fedora: “The Fedora Quality Team is joining Week of Diversity with an Accessibility Test Week!

    Much like other Test Days, the goal of this week is to put Fedora through its paces and catch as many accessibility related issues as we can for our disable users.”

    Me: Fedora, your screen reader is broken.

    Fedora guy: Patches welcome 👍

    Me: reaches for block button

    From the actually-what-you’re-referring-to-as-ableism-is-GNU/ableism department

    aral OP , avatar

    Background: It’s not just Fedora. Every Linux distribution that ships with Wayland by default – and that’s almost every major Linux distribution – ships with a broken/unusable screen reader at the moment.

    (Read that again until it really sinks in. Yep. I know. Uh-huh. Really.)

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    The Fedora Quality Team is joining Week of Diversity with an Accessibility Test Week!

    Much like other Test Days, the goal of this week is to put Fedora through its paces and catch as many accessibility related issues as we can for our disable users. If you want to put your advocacy to action, consider participating!

    The Accessibility Test Week runs from Jun 19-25, starting tomorrow.

    Learn more:

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    Plasma 6.1 Desktop Environment Is Out with Explicit GPU Sync and Triple Buffering on Wayland, Here's What's New


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    FYI, there is a bug in systemd. So, running: "systemd-tmpfiles --purge" will delete your /home/ in systemd version 256.

    Source: and

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    Mamy tu jakiś speców od iptables i wireguard?
    Mam problem z tunelem miedzy siecią vpn i LAN.
    Tunel jest zestawiany przy użyciu programu RethinkDNS.
    Na starym telefonie wydaje się, że działą, ale na nowym, już nie bardzo. Z tego co zauważyłem, to na nowym telefonie działają połączenia VPN->Internet, ale połączenia VPN->LAN już nie bardzo. Kombinuję już nad tym od dobrych 12h (z przerwami) i jedyne co mi się udało zrobić, to właśnie te połączenia z Internetem.
    Oba telefony są w VPN, bo komenda wg show pokazuje je.

    Przy uruchamianiu tunelu, ustawiają się takie regułki
    [#] echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    [#] iptables -A FORWARD -i wg0 -o enp88s0 -j ACCEPT
    [#] iptables -A FORWARD -i enp88s0 -o wg0 -j ACCEPT
    [#] iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wg0 -j MASQUERADE

    I jeszcze jedna rzecz. Brama VPN stoi na serwerze linuksowym, do którego potrzebuje mieć dostęp.

    Gdzie może być problem? Na serwerze/bramieVPN specjalnie wyłączyłem firewalla i to także nie pomaga.


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    Coworker: Explain what is /dev/null like i am five.
    Me: I got this. Imagine a trash can that can never be filled. You throw things in, they vanish. That's like /dev/null on a or computer, a place where data disappears.

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    lnav is a terminal-based log file viewer (TUI) for , , , and other like systems. It combines the functionality of tools like tail, grep, awk, sed, and cat into a single interface. It also allows you to run SQL queries against your log files to build reports and offers basic support for Linux containers like Docker. lnav – Awesome terminal log file viewer

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    Does anyone here have personal experience of successfully converting a CT Scan to a 3D printable file? Preferably on Linux.

    All I'm finding is outdated tutorials pointing to discontinued services.

    (Please assume I know how to use a search engine before replying. Thanks 😃)

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    After the whole shebang, I decided to finally leave for good. So I'm currently checking out - and I am very much in love.

    Biggest fear: Whether was possible for a noob. Until I installed the client and found out that basically all my current obsessions run on - including . ❤️

    As utter noob willing to learn, I suspect the is one of the best places to be.

    Boosts, tips, and cool peeps to follow are very much appreciated.

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    Very interesting: World’s first RISC-V gets a MASSIVE upgrade and equips with

    DeepComputing partners with Canonical to unveil a huge boost to the DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop family

    The DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II is the world’s first RISC-V laptop pre-installed and powered by Ubuntu, which is one of the most popular distributions in the world, providing developers with an outstanding mix of usability and reliability, as well as a rich ecosystem with security and support.…


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    Hrmmm, secure your OpenSSH server, you must, young Padawan. Three simple steps to follow, there are:

    1. Password Authentication, a weakness it is. SSH Keys, use you must
    2. Root Login, a vulnerability it presents. Restrict it, you shall
    3. OpenSSH, updated it must be kept

    Remember, young Padawan, security a journey is, not a destination. Vigilant, you must remain. See for more info.

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    Behold! The lair of Linus Torvalds, where the Linux kernel is forged and maintained. 🐧 But guess what? You need a fancy chair, mechanical keyboard, ergonomic mouse, bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, and six screens. I bet your code still sucks. 😒

    Linus Torvalds is standing in his home office.

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    You attract what you fear. I am so afraid of desktops taking over traditional operating systems. 🤣

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