WitchHazel ,

I hope to see this man at the gay bar so I can instruct unscrupulous people to get a clean lick on a rotten weasel

AbidanYre , (edited )

If your morality says dead teenagers is cool, I'll pass.

mozz OP Admin ,
mozz avatar

Not just cool: An actively good thing, to be encouraged.

notannpc ,

Dude should be immediately removed from his position. The country and its government should not be religious at all.

Drusas ,

We should bring back pillories for people like this.

carl_dungeon ,

This guy fucks kids and has a baby shoe collection. He also fantasizes about sucking dick but hates himself after he cums.

SmurfNuts ,

And these pathetic shitbags have the gall to call themselves Christians.

zib ,
@zib@kbin.social avatar

There's no hate quite like Christian love.

JPummil ,
@JPummil@genomic.social avatar

@mozz It’s that dull, dead stare he has that’s creepy 😒

die444die ,

What a disgusting excuse for a person.

paninid ,
@paninid@mastodon.world avatar

@mozz 👀

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