Is there a federated/non-profit alternative to Stack Overflow?

Considering how SO is killing itself rather quickly, it would be interesting to have a platform with similar structure but taking users interests instead of profit of executives. I am not saying their system is perfect, I have made a post in the past on their meta community regarding how hard it is for new contributors to start....

Flow state: Why fragmented thinking is worse than any interruption ( )

One thing that pretty consistently drops me out of the flow state is having to dig through documentation for whatever I'm trying to use, or even worse having to dig through its source code because the documentation is either nonexistent or eg. plain wrong

I'm looking for a way to create webpages without HTML, any tips?

Hello! I'll try to explain what I'm looking for: I sometimes have to write simple web pages (not just text, also buttons and video players and so on), but I really really hate writing html code. What I'm used to is QML, which I like a lot, because of the ease of placing objects exactly where I need using the anchors and the...

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