pjwestin ,
@pjwestin@lemmy.world avatar

It really is astonishing how bad her political instincts are. A large majority of her party disapproves of what Israel is doing to Gaza, but she chooses now to call the protesters ignorant? A group of young progressives Biden will probably need in order to win? Who is this for?

Honestly, I'm not even mad about the stupid shit she says anymore, I'm fascinated. Does she know she's politically irrelevant going forward, so she's just on some sort of bitter, scorched-Earth tirade? Is the party encouraging her to say crap like this as some sort of testing ground for unpopular messaging? Or does she really just this detached from public opinion?

fluxion ,

If she didn't decide to dedicate her life to shitting on progressives then Bernie probably would be finishing up his second term and the country would be 19% less stupid

Linkerbaan ,
@Linkerbaan@lemmy.world avatar

Democrats trying to pull a Clinton2.0

Watch them blame leftists again when they lose and proceed to shift the entire party even more right. Because if more people voted Republican that must mean people wanted the Democrats to be more right wing!

Cryophilia ,

What the fuck is www.middleeasteye.com??

goferking0 ,

1st it's .net

2nd it's right in the site


Semi_Hemi_Demigod ,
@Semi_Hemi_Demigod@lemmy.world avatar

"We must allow children to be massacred with our money because of ✨HISTORY✨"

Baphomet_The_Blasphemer ,

The amount this woman fails to grasp, morally or otherwise, is truly astounding. I still blame her for Trump's win, and wished they'd both just fuck off already.

sin_free_for_00_days , (edited )

Don't place the blame on her. Blame the dumb fuck primary voters. Or the dumb fucks who couldn't be bothered to vote in the primary and then bitched about their shitty choice.

EDIT: Amazing the twists people will go through to excuse dumb ass voters.

@JDPoZ@lemmy.world avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • chemicalprophet ,

    I love you! Thank you for doing that for us!

    sin_free_for_00_days ,

    I never even hinted that I was a Hillary supporter, and I agree 100% with all the shit you pointed out. I just think the fucking dipshits that actually voted for her need to be blamed at least as much. Too many bitch about corruption, nepitism, and general fuckery, then go and vote for "their" corrupt politian. It's fucking gross.

    Knock_Knock_Lemmy_In ,
    meleecrits ,
    @meleecrits@lemmy.world avatar

    Does anyone else feel like she's ramping up her media attention for a 2028 presidential run?

    It just seems odd since she went silent after 2016 and now it seems like she's trying to get in the headlines again.

    God I hope she doesn't run.

    maynarkh ,

    I mean the reason she lost last time is apparently because she wasn't 80 yet.

    goferking0 ,

    Either that or she thinks she can be a Broadway producer

    Clinton was on the US network to promote a new musical she has produced, Suffs, about American suffragists and their fight for voting rights.

    Knock_Knock_Lemmy_In ,

    Chelsea 2028

    eran_morad ,

    Fucking stop posting her.

    Rapidcreek ,

    That's perhaps the funniest headline of the month.

    Viking_Hippie ,

    Yeah, we don't need the take of the one who elevated Trump in the primaries and then sucked enough in the general to let him within cheating distance of the white house.


    mysticpickle ,

    Go away Hillary.

    jordanlund Mod ,
    @jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar

    "They don’t know very much at all about the history of the Middle East"

    You're right, it's actually WORSE than what they understand.

    bender223 ,

    Pokemon Go commit genocide

    downpunxx , (edited )
    @downpunxx@fedia.io avatar

    lol hillary isn't interested in bourgeois middle class tankies, and jihadi supporters, what they think, what they do, how loudly they yell. hahahahahahaha, failed to grasp, hahahahahaha published in an "article" written in the "middleeasteye" hahahahahahahahahahahaha what in the antisemitism is this fucking islamist arab bullshit here hahahahahahahahah

    PahassaPaikassa ,

    Have you forgotten to take some of your meds lately? You wrote like how I imagine jared letos Joker writes.

    MegaUltraChicken ,
    @MegaUltraChicken@lemmy.world avatar

    To be fair, that's how I imagine actual Jared Leto writes too.

    kaffiene ,

    Grow up

    Glowstick ,

    She frequently demonstrates exactly why she didn't get elected.

    harrys_balzac ,

    2016 was awful...it was like choosing between breaking some ribs or a breaking a femur. It was going to suck no matter what. Turns out the femur break was a compound fracture that had gangrene set in.

    In retrospect do I wish she had won? Yes. Definitely. On the other hand, that might have meant a 2020 Trump victory.

    Unless she really embraced the progressive wing of the party and really moved the country forward in terms of resolving home ownership, income stagnation, or health care in an impactful way, I can't imagine her getting a second term.

    Glowstick ,

    I voted for her, but i seriously held my nose while doing it. I volunteered for Obama, but i didn't for Hilary. I was demotivated by the polls saying she was a sure thing, and by me seriously not liking her as a person and many of her political positions. She was obviously way better than Trump, but man was she a crappy candidate.

    Serinus ,

    What political positions didn't you like when she was running?

    Glowstick , (edited )

    I don't remember at this point, it was 4 8 years ago

    hardaysknight ,

    8 years ago dude

    Elegen ,

    I'm not OP, but for me, it was her verse Bernie. She felt like voting for the status quo and would likely not bring about any big changes. She might have beought about some good chnages but to me, I got the vibe she just wanted her moment and the title of first female president. Maybe I'm wrong but she just felt like the corporate choice. On the other hand there was Bernie. Yes, another old white guy, but this one actually felt genuine and made me feel like he could actually change things (though the house and senate might have something to say about that). Plus just look at his history. Dude was a stand up guy and never changed. That all being said, I still voted Hilary when Bernie lost to her because I knew trump was going to be horrible for this country.

    Glowstick ,

    This is almost exactly my opinion

    Serinus ,

    I also voted for Bernie and then for Hillary. But I think Hillary did just have bad feels built against her for 30 years.

    Cryophilia ,

    felt like



    This is how you know you've fallen for propaganda. Almost every single time I ask about Hillary's policy positions, the people who hate Hillary either spout some right wing conspiracy bs or they just talk about "vibes".

    (There's the occasional leftist who actually knows what her policy positions are but 95% of the times it's bs or vibes)

    Elegen ,

    Where in my post did I say I hate Hilary? I said it was her vs Bernie for me and I preferred Bernie. Nowhere did I say I hated her. I remember looking at what they stood for and their history, and I preferred Bernie. I'm not going to comment on specific policy positions from 8 years ago. I dont remember that shit. Maybe you can in which case I'm jealous of your memory. But I do remember general feelings which is why I said what I did.

    You are prolly right about if someone bases their opinion alone on feelings, then it's likely heavily influenced by propaganda. But I did mention Bernies history and what he stood for. I didn't specifically mention Hilarys though. But I did look at that stuff at the time. I just remember feelings better than specifics.

    That being said, you also can't judge someone alone based on their policies. They are politicians. There's a decent chance they will lie and say what they think people want to hear with no intent to follow through. So you have to also look at their history. And I also like to look at how they speak. Do they feel genuine? Of course they could be amazing liars. But I think feelings/gut instinct do have a role to play. It's just not as important as their history and policies. And for me, Bernie checked all 3 of those boxes better than Hilary did.

    Cryophilia ,

    That's fair, it was 8 years ago. But 8 years ago, few people cared about her policies either.

    btaf45 ,

    Almost every single time I ask about Hillary’s policy positions, the people who hate Hillary either spout some right wing conspiracy bs or they just talk about “vibes”.

    They did exactly what Putin & the GOP hoped they would do. Think about "vibes" instead of the 5 different ways she was going to raise taxes on the wealthy.

    monkeyslikebananas2 ,

    Same as the other guy I volunteered for Obama and in 2016 I voted for her but I don’t/didn’t think she should be president. To me she was disqualified because she was the spouse of a former president. Same as I don’t want Michelle Obama to be president. I don’t care how qualified or if she would have brought about a utopian future. I don’t want families running the country.

    hydrospanner ,

    Of all the reasons to not want Hillary to be president, this has got to be one of the most absurd takes I've encountered.

    monkeyslikebananas2 ,

    Why? We’re not a dynasty. We can find people just as qualified outside familial ties.

    Your willingness to just accept passing power family members is more absurd to me.

    Pacmanlives ,

    I complained for Bernie and was big mad about the contested convention and how it’s screwed him. If we got Bernie we would not be in this situation

    harrys_balzac ,

    If Bernie had gotten the nomination I would have probably gotten involved, even though I'm in Utah and they'd vote for Hitler if he was Republican. Especially if Jesus ran as a Democrat.

    btaf45 ,

    I voted for Bernie also but there was no contested convention. Bernie was not contesting anything because he wasn't a shit politician like Treason Trump. If you were "big mad" it is because that's what Putin and the GOP wanted so that the end result was Convicted Felon and Sex Offender Treason Trump giving a gigantic tax cut to the billionaire establishment elites.

    FuglyDuck ,
    @FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

    seems her understanding can be bought with 2.6 million US dollars.

    she should probably go gaslight somebody else. We're tired of boomers gaslighting us. "Whah you don't understand!!!"

    no. we do.

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