Biden, Zelenskyy sign new 10-year security agreement ( )

President Joe Biden touted on Thursday several new major U.S. commitments for Ukraine that were announced this week, including a 10-year bilateral security agreement, sanctions to disrupt Russia's war machine, and a sign-off from the G7 on a $50 billion loan backed by frozen Russian assets....

'LLM-free' is the new '100% organic' - Creators Are Fighting AI Anxiety With an ‘LLM-Free’ Movement ( )

As soon as Apple announced its plans to inject generative AI into the iPhone, it was as good as official: The technology is now all but unavoidable. Large language models will soon lurk on most of the world’s smartphones, generating images and text in messaging and email apps. AI has already colonized web search, appearing in...

El Niño has ended. Here’s what that means for a streak of record heat. The La Niña pattern is expected next, which might slow global heating but supercharge Atlantic hurricane season. ( )

The Washington Post recently started asking for an email address in order to access free articles. You can make up any string which starts with a letter, put at the end, and give them that; they don't check that you have access to the email account.

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