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Maybe they shouldn't bomb Iran if they don't want them to strike back?

Like I want all of this conflict to end, but Israel just bombed Iran's consulate in Syria, killing 2 generals and 5 officers. What did they think is gonna happen when they do that? Do they expect a country to just say "oh no don't do it again please."?

If it was US generals and officers the US would have went ape shit about it in response

Israel was striking their consulate in response to rockets that were fired at them, but the detail that people miss is that the rockets fired was in response to Israel previously striking them as well.

As another commenter said, Iran has the right to defend itself. If Israel wants Iran to stop attacking them, maybe they should try not attacking Iran?

(If this came off as sarcastic or combative it wasn't intended, just trying to say how I see the situation between Iran and Israel but I suck at formatting)

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Side loaded a lot on iPhones, figured I'd just infodump here a bunch of general info on it in case someone might find it helpful


With a free apple account which I assume most will be using you have to resign at least once every 7 days as you said. You can only sign 3 apps at a time including your side loading store if you choose to manage it from your phone. Paid Apple Dev account is more (unlimited?) apps at a time with 365 day re-signs, but $100 a year, which at that point unless you're actually making apps isn't worth it.

There's a few different methods, but I prefer to use AltStore. You sideload the altstore app onto your phone from the PC installer (windows or Mac), then you let the "AltServer" run on your pc 24/7.

When your phone is on the same WiFi network as the PC, or wired over usb, it'll automatically reinstall and re-sign your apps once they get close to expiring. You can also only install apps when on the same WiFi as altserver or over usb connection to your pc. It can sideload from repos or files directly.

There's also a way you can use on some specific iOS versions that don't need to be re-signed at all without having to jailbreak either but I can't remember the name of it at all, it's very specific versions and relies on a major exploit that apple fixed

Edit: ended up writing a whole essay, I'll put it in spoiler tags so it doesn't take too much space

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Maybe it'll stop being evangelized so heavily in every single search engine thread now, honestly just manipulative behavior from the CEO

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Repeated messaging or communication when the person has been asked multiple times to stop communicating is harassment, they aren't on some public channel where he's explaining to the masses, he's just directly harassing someone who's asked him multiple times to stop.

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The main reason is that the CEO continues to respond after 2 requests to stop the conversation, it would've been more appropriate after the request to just simply make a blog post or something addressing the points made on the blog post itself without naming the author, that way they're talking to their community about community concerns.

Repeated responses via direct message after being asked to stop 2+ times is harassment. The initial reach out itself was perfectly fine and expected, but respecting when someone doesn't want to engage in the conversation directly, and reaching out to the community in its entirety about the concerns is what should've been done by the CEO here for this to have ended in a better way for everyone.

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Also, if your hospital is registered as a nonprofit (most in the US are) ask for the charity program if you ever have to go in. I recently got an ~$80k bill written off 100% due to my income being less than 200% of the federal poverty line. It may only cover what the hospital alone does and not partner companies like radiologist, Anastasia, etc. or your doctor if they aren't directly a part of the hospital. This is not from a charity fund, it's money that the hospitals are required to provide assistance with to maintain tax-exempt status, and they get reimbursed for it in some cases.

The level of writeoff varies on your income. Usually if you make less than 200% of the Federal Poverty level (For 2024 that's anything less than $30,120) you can possibly get a 100% writeoff, and if you make more you can still get a large percentage taken off

Most hospitals have a 240 day time limit to apply for it so if you've recently had a big hospital bill I'd recommend checking into this, in some cases you can get it even if you have insurance that didn't cover the full amount, and get refunded for the portion of the bill you've already paid if your write off is big enough, or bills you still have even if they are currently sent to collections.


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https://kbin.social/u/@potus@threads.net you can follow him via this link (anyone else on other kbin instances, just adjust the link to your instance, assuming you aren't defederated or if it isn't bugging out atm on your server it should work)

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