Exclusive: Bank of America banker who died had sought to leave, citing long hours, recruiter says ( www.reuters.com )

The 35-year-old Bank of America (BAC.N) investment banker who died from a blood clot earlier this month wanted to leave the U.S. bank because he was working more than 100 hours a week, according to an executive recruiter who spoke with him about seeking a new job.

Boozilla ,
@Boozilla@lemmy.world avatar

Many years ago I worked at a small community bank. Was one of the better jobs I've had. Then a large regional bank purchased it, and overnight it became the worst job I've ever had.

Cosmonauticus ,

Nothing more American than working an "employee" to death

alquicksilver ,
@alquicksilver@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, this feels like the system working as intended.

Time to destroy the system.

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