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Arkham ,

“The Democrats are using their power to push an alarmist and false narrative that there is a problem accessing contraception,” said Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, the top Republican on the Senate Health, Labor, Education and Pensions Committee.

If he really meant this, there'd be no problem passing a bill to protect contraception access. If there's already no problem getting it, and you're not intending to prevent people from getting it, a bill protecting access is at worst window dressing and harms no one.

I can only conclude they are intending to find further ways to prevent people from getting contraception, and don't want this bill to get in their way.

Arkham ,

A lot of his base admires precisely those qualities you mentioned. They dig the idea of someone who appeals to their shared prejudices and wields power capriciously and cruelly. Either because they think he will wield that power on their behalf, or because they wish they could wield that kind of power themselves and are enjoying it vicariously by watching him do it.

Arkham ,

Gas I do not use so I do not care.

I don't own a car and don't use gas either. But my food, clothes, toiletries, mail, and lots of other things I need all probably required gas in order to get to me. If you live in a city, especially a US city, chances are high that you rely on gasoline a great deal just to get food, even if it's only indirectly.

Arkham ,

Just as a possible counterpoint to this: Lebanon has been highly divided by sectarian conflicts, mainly between Christians and Muslims, but has managed to stay a cohesive state since its founding in the 40s.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't point to Lebanon as some beacon of stability or good governance. But despite decades of problems, including a long civil war, Lebanon's government and civilian population still exist without a major external power forcing them to stay as a single cohesive state.

If they can do that, maybe a one-state solution for Palestine and Israel isn't completely unworkable. If nothing else it sure seems like an improvement over the current situation.

Arkham ,

Every time I see this type of discussion, my false flag senses start tingling. I have no idea if I'm right about that, but seeing a Dem attack anyone to the left of them that rabidly, and refuse to respond to reasonable questions or statements, always gives me an uncanny impression that I'm seeing a conservative in disguise.

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