Ephera ,

Yeah, the loneliness thing really resonates with me. I like to play this Minecraft-like game which doesn't even have mobs. I live in a society all the damn time. It's a form of escapism, to dive into this world, where I can just be by myself for a while, without responsibilities or the like.

mozz OP Admin ,
mozz avatar

100% agreed. I didn't even really play more than poking at Minecraft one time to see what it was about, and the instant vibe of being alone in a vast alien landscape with no other living soul for any distance in any direction is exactly as he described.

account_93 ,

They need to hire more people as they can’t even push out updates they showed off on time.

1 crap mob added via voting nobody likes

cupcakezealot ,
@cupcakezealot@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

old minecraft is great.

old minecraft developer wasn't.

MangoKangaroo , (edited )
@MangoKangaroo@beehaw.org avatar

Beta 1.8 and its consequences was a disaster for my childhood nostalgia.

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

Care to share what happened?

MangoKangaroo ,
@MangoKangaroo@beehaw.org avatar

They fixed the distance bugs :(

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

So the game became less predictable?

MangoKangaroo ,
@MangoKangaroo@beehaw.org avatar

The consequences of straying too far from spawn got less interesting.

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

I wonder what this means 🤔

snail2go ,

I think I probably agree with all these statements. New Nether lost the allure for me, exploring tidied a lot of the cute chunk generation bugs etc.

Buuut to be honest I didn’t watch the video. 5 mins in and the creator hadn’t really provided any reasoning to back up any points and was just repeating the premise in different ways. Not a well paced video….

arnan ,
@arnan@mas.to avatar

@mozz still is probably... Just the newer versions ruined it 😉

altima_neo ,
@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

Nothing beats how much fun Minecraft was during the alpha days. It was so janky and broken, yes, but it was awesome seeing the game get built up and improved.

mozz OP Admin ,
mozz avatar

Things are good, not because of the amount of stuff inside the thing that is provided to be discovered.

I read this guy talking about when they nerfed fire in early Minecraft, how he and his friend before the nerf had accidentally set the entire continent on fire and had to run away in a boat for a long time across empty distant ocean, and landed in some strange place and how they set up the beginnings of their first base there that they played out of for years.

Things are good because of the quality of experience you have on the thing. Social media, operating systems, video games, life in general: Adding to it to make it "good" from the outside, often detracts from the goodness of the experience, from the ones experiencing.

altima_neo ,
@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

Yeah, it was so janky and the jank is what made it fun.

Wed get griefers on our server whod set the whole server on fire, and it would burn endlessly. Wed all go out and try to clear trees to slow it down, periodically dropping our diamond axes on the ground to restore their condition because of course that was broken too.

TwilightVulpine ,

I remember when one single block of water source would flood the whole map if not contained by sponge blocks

philpo ,

I remember when there were no sponge blocks. These are still saved in my head as "new".

TwilightVulpine ,

To be fair it kinda went away for a while during the beta and then it got added back years later.

aperson ,

Beta 1.7.3 was the best.

banghida ,

Classicube? Minetest?

insomniac_lemon , (edited )
@insomniac_lemon@kbin.social avatar

Yeah, one of the things I liked in old versions was having just one type of planks (not having multiple variants of everything wood, particularly). And I've never cared about the bosses or searching for something 50K blocks away from spawn or whatever. The other annoyance is hunger, though eating to insta-heal isn't much better either.

One issue for me is that I really liked the block model system of newer versions (release 1.8), particularly as a resource pack creator. A ladder looks so much better as a few cuboids than it does as a flat texture, and my models (which I made in a text editor) looked a lot nicer than my textures.

Also, never migrated my account. Are the servers to download the old versions from the old launcher even still up?

Minetest could be a solution here, but it seems like most Minetest games are either following new MC's footsteps or are doing something completely different. At least I've never played one that made me want to keep going, something good enough to start my own thing with (I would like chaining sticky pistons or similar things that are powerful in single-player, blocks that look cool but offer specific benefits like an iron grate floor/ceiling).

Parallel timeline mods are interesting, though I am not having luck with trying them thus far and I also doubt the modding tools are there enough especially for me who doesn't want to code in Java. I could also see it interesting if there were an easy way to just disable a large amount of blocks/items/mobs etc and then just add in new stuff... maybe even with data packs especially for this sort of thing.

I am thinking about game mechanics that interact (has anyone tried liquid-like gravel/coal piles yet?) or that just connect simply/are instant (rather than high-throughput automation). Or different systems for healing/buffs/food. Maybe alternate tools/transportation/skybridges etc.

EDIT: So they really added data packs without the ability to make "true" blocks/items (instead still dependent on entities and commands, data overridden not data driven), huh? Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Kerb ,
@Kerb@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

i have no idea if it still works,
but manny third party launchers like polyMc still have a option to sign in with old mojang accounts

insomniac_lemon ,
@insomniac_lemon@kbin.social avatar

It seems like the old login servers don't even exist anymore (so I don't see how it'd actually verify unless it just checks a username's purchase status), but yeah that launcher does work for offline. (I still have my lastlogin file assuming it can't overwrite itself easily, but I don't think anything uses that other than the old launcher which can't seem to actually download the files because 404).

It's also interesting for the built-in modding, though it doesn't seem to be perfect. Also added an edit to my original comment mentioning parallel timeline mods. Though I'll just check out some classic(/revived) mods if I can get them to work.


cyborganism ,

It was! It felt peaceful. Simple. You didn't have to find or craft food all the time to eat too stay alive.

maniacalmanicmania ,
@maniacalmanicmania@aussie.zone avatar

You mean Minecraft is a survival game by default now?

amio ,

It's easy enough to just start a Creative world. I don't remember whether the hunger mechanic just gets disabled if playing Survival on Peaceful difficulty, that might have been how it works.

Fixbeat ,

What is it now?

GammaGames ,
@GammaGames@beehaw.org avatar

Still great, just more complicated

Ashelyn ,

Except for phantoms, which you can't turn off on Bedrock without bricking achievements

i_am_not_a_robot ,

And the licensing that's supposed to ensure that everything is kid-friendly.

TwilightVulpine ,

Even the private server chats. That's [hecking] [doo-doo]

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