jlou ,

Apple Is Trying to Kill the Open Internet!


tabris ,

They're still going to charge app developers releasing on 3rd party app stores, so Apple will still make money through this route.

eveninghere ,

Oof. Can they just let me run my own app on my phone?

ajsadauskas , avatar

Dude, where's my self-driving car?

A good look at The Verge about the history of false claims made by the Silicon Valley hype machine around self-driving cars:

"In 2015, the then-lead of Google’s self-driving car project Chris Urmson said one of his goals in developing a fully driverless vehicle was to make sure that his 11-year-old son would never need a driver’s license.

"The subtext was that in five years, when Urmson’s son turned 16, self-driving cars would be so ubiquitous, and the technology would be so superior to human driving, that his teenage son would have no need nor desire to learn to drive himself.

"Well, it’s 2024, and Urmson’s son is now 20 years old. Any bets on whether he got that driver’s license?"


n2burns ,

Thanks for the links. As I read it, none of that is saying their ratio is below 1:1, just that they switch between vehicles as needed.

And the "what their operators do" link sounds like they are the equivalent of a driving instructor sitting in the passenger seat, giving instructions but not "directly controlling" the vehicle.

LallyLuckFarm , avatar

Meanwhile, toyota's driver assist tech from 2023 models will actively jerk the wheel from you and try to steer itself into obstructions on the side of the road you're trying to pass, if you have to move closer to the double yellow dividing lines to do it. Oh you live in a rural area and more than half the roads don't even have markings? It will occasionally attempt to steer you into the middle of the two lane road, into oncoming traffic.

ajsadauskas , avatar

Me: Will the Matildas win the World Cup in 2023?

Google Bard: "Ultimately, it is too early to say who will win the World Cup. The Matildas have a good chance, but they will need to play their best football if they want to lift the trophy."

Me: Which is heavier: a feather or a mountain?

Google Bard: "A feather and a mountain have the same mass. One kilogram of feathers has the same mass as one kilogram of rocks. However, the feathers will have a much larger volume than the rocks. This is because feathers are made of air pockets, while rocks are solid. So, if you were to pick up a feather and a rock of the same mass, the feather would feel lighter because it has more air in it."

Me: Is Sam Mitchell a good coach?

Google Bard: "Sam Mitchell is a relatively new coach in the AFL, having only taken over the Hawthorn Hawks in 2022. However, he has already made a positive impact on the club, leading them to a finals berth in his first season ... In his first season as coach, Mitchell led the Hawks to a 13-9 record, which was good enough for seventh place on the ladder. They then went on to beat the Brisbane Lions in the elimination final before losing to the Sydney Swans in the semi-final."

So there you have it. According to Google Bard, the Matildas are still a chance.

Also, apparently a mountain and a feather have the same mass.

Disappointed I missed that Hawthorn – Sydney Elimination Final that Sam Mitchell coached in his first season. Sounds like a cracker of a game.

Brisbane will be disappointed!


JustinH , avatar

A really good explainer of dropshipping, or why Amazon has 25 of the same thing from weird brands.


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