RIP Hootie 😢 (and some pics of the other owls at the park) ( )

Got out of work early, so I went to the park to check on the owls. Annabelle and Otis were there doing their thing, but I didn't see old Hootie. I was hoping they had moved him inside or something since he was so old, but when I talked to the staff, they said he was not doing well the day after Thanksgiving, so the vet took...

Looking Back: 2023 Year in Review ( )

I wanted to do a yearend review, both for the new people, since this community has grown so consistently as time has moved on, and for those of us hoo have been here longer can remember some things we might have forget or missed the first time through. It's been fun sharing things with all of you every day, and I hope you've...

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