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Blogger Alternative for the Fediverse

[UPDATE] Thank you for your comments but I found that Write Freely was well on paper but not funny to set up (self hosting) and maybe a little dead. I found that met the specifications well. Although it is not integrated into the Fediverse, it is free and respectful of privacy!...

wiki_me ,

It's good to see enhancement in moderations tools , there was a lot of feedback on that so i am happy this is being worked on.

With that said donations seem at a all time low (3,524), lower then when the new website started reporting donations ($3,962). on june 2 it was €4,010 , could the censorship drama be related to this? maybe there is a way to mitigate this event?

wiki_me ,

the monthly active users count didn't really seen such a drastic drop, seem like something disappointed lemmy most devoted supporters , i didn't notice a drop so big in such a short amount of time. there was also an increase in users after the initial surge of users in july due to the API drama. so i think the cooling down is over.

wiki_me ,

fediverse observer shows no growth (actually it shows a continual decline), could it be threads?

wiki_me OP ,

It shows "blocked" but clicking on it works for me.

Gender bias in open source: Pull request acceptance of women versus men ( )

Our results show that women's contributions tend to be accepted more often than men's [when their gender is hidden]. However, when a woman's gender is identifiable, they are rejected more often. Our results suggest that although women on GitHub may be more competent overall, bias against them exists nonetheless.

wiki_me ,

Obligatory mentions of the replication crisis and the Hierarchy of evidence.

Bias against women exists (I remember hearing various "insights" about women IRL from men) but i think something else is going on, reportedly even people who report they are men get "discriminated", maybe it's just people who are extroverted show their gender and that slightly correlates with lower quality?

Also i remember reading some woman saying she does not show her gender online to avoid harassment, maybe that also correlates (younger woman not having that insight that not showing your gender could be a net win for the preferences they have)

wiki_me ,

This is another case where multireddits will be helpful, having a "positive information" feed when you feel too negative. even having a "public" multireddit people can discover and subscribe to.

New piefed feature , anyone can subscribe to any post or comment (piefed is a reddit and lemmy alternative) ( )

This is a feature that as far as i know lemmy does not have, so it might be worth it to checkout and support piefed, it will probably be useful if there are certain topics that are really relevant to you and you want to develop in depth knowledge of.

wiki_me ,

Fundraising is skill, and it needs to be learnt, I have looked at a fairly large chunk of open source project that are successfully funded and i think that is what sets them apart.

I think it is important that users should have a very clear understanding of how you are doing, if you need X money to keep doing this, there should be a pop up saying you need X money on the software and it should be very hard to miss on the website and read me.

Will some people not like that? probably but you can't please everyone and you shouldn't let a vocal minority determines how things happen.

wiki_me ,

Yeah it's probably not doing great, compare lemmy active user count to that of writefreely , it does a lot better, even the number of servers is increasing, the number of other projects starting that compete with lemmy (piefed, sublinks) is also not a great sign .

Not trying to belittle anyone, i just believe in the importance of negative feedback and defensive pessimism.

On a more positive note, the amount of donations lemmy receive (which i think should correlate with high quality usage of the platform) has increased moderately (see november 2 numbers when they started posting the numbers with current numbers) .

wiki_me ,

As you can see from the graph support for measuring monthly active users was added fairly recently, so some servers might not be reporting it and in general 6m active users is a better metric, in that case that's somewhere around 2.5 times bigger , pixelfed is around 63K 6M MAU and is also growing , two of these projects are comparable in size of use and manage to generate growth.

Sometimes it is better to look at trends and not the current market share, because that might be the result of historical circumstances that are not related to how a project or business is managed, for example writefreely already had a strong open source competitor (wordpress) and lemmy basically got a free marketing campaign due to reddit API fiasco.

wiki_me ,

Look at the decline of lutris in term of revenue (around 2020), it seems to be inversely correlated with the growth of competitor like heroic game launcher and playnite.

What you mentioned is one possible scenario, but the negative one is that lemmy userbase will continue to decline and there will be less feedback/income/contributions to keep the project going, the resources spent on basic development on sublinks and piefed could be used to make lemmy even better and developing experimental addons and gathering feedback on this kind of experimentation (e.g. in the form of surveys).

I am also not sure we are at a point where starting to experiment is the best option as features that seem to have more of a consensus are not yet implemented (e.g. multireddits, the issue with the most "thumbs up" on github).

With that said lemmy did manage to overcome previous open source competitors, If i would have to estimate probabilities like in the good judgement project i would say there is a 40 percent chance lemmy would decline and a 60% chance it will maintain its resources or grow.

wiki_me , (edited )

Mastodon seems like a better comparison. It has more than a dozen forks and clones, and plenty of donation income.

Is mastodon a good case study?, his 6M active user count , server count, and income from patreon seems on the decline , and this isn't a project that made a large dent in existing market share like wikipedia/firefox/blender, compared to twitter and facebook market share it is still less then 0.1 percent. and when compared to it lemmy is not as established with a income that is about enough for just one developer.

Sure it would be good to have more contributions in Lemmy, but as these projects are made by volunteers they will do what they are most interested in. Nothing we can do to change that. And if they add new features which prove useful, they can also be added to Lemmy.

Maybe, but i think the problem with lemmy is that feedback does not effect prioritization enough (that is the common criticism it seems, iirc one of the justifications for creating the new projects), peertube probably created ideas.peertube to prevent this problem, when i compare sublinks and piefed development statistics to lemmy (in term of contributions this month) it indicates they are already equivalent in term of development resources despite being much newer and not really usable. Better prioratization processes might encourage more people to contribute rather then go there own way.

I know planning and prioritizing is not a particularly appealing or enjoyable activity ,but 65% of businesses fail during the first 10 years , I imagine running a non profit competing with industry giants like meta and twitter and seasoned business men is going to be harder then managing the average business .

wiki_me ,

It's missing a few features from RES, i opened issues about them , that should make using the platform a better experience. for example i would like to tag open source maintainers so i could prioritize helping them, or just people who contribute more to the community (that i can see i have given several upvotes to).

Also tbh some people here sound like russian or iranians propagandists or bots , if somebody writes something completely unreasonable (like making a terror group sound like the "good guys") I would like to tag him so i could know which submissions to examine more carefully.

Also having something like a "superupvote" like in where you can only give it once in a while (e.g. top post this hour/day/week/month/year/decade). Our information diet is very important, consuming content with great "mental nutrients" is a worthwhile goal.

wiki_me ,

I think the fediverse should take something from C++ playbook, it toke forever for the C++ 11 standard to be created but after the standard C++ foundation started getting significant funding which it used to fund work on standards the pace of publishing standards became a lot faster.

wiki_me ,

You can use KDE discover and GNOME software to read reviews , they use the same review database (ODRS), there is also flatstat.

A decentralized option is librate which is still in development.

wiki_me ,

The trend appears negative, see here , on a more positive notes the number of donations seems stable (when checking using the web archive).

How to save culture from the algorithms, with Filterworld author Kyle Chayka ( )

Seven years later, Kyle’s argument is that AirSpace has turned into what he now calls Filterworld, a phrase he uses to describe how algorithmic recommendations have become one of the most dominating forces in culture, and as a result, have pushed society to converge on a kind of soulless sameness in its tastes.

wiki_me ,

I would love an RSS reader that is FOSS for firefox for example

I use livemark.

wiki_me ,

Did you see the link to mozilla addons website? (it's on the side of the page) , just download it and i think it should be clear how to use it.

wiki_me ,

As you might notice, the new comments are shown YELLOW, that’s not a bug, it’s apparently a new feature in Lemmy…

I made the feature request to add incremental reading , but the method they use seem like non of the methods i suggested (I think it highlights all comments after X minutes) and I think that is a way that is useful to no one, If the instance owners of think it is not good maybe they could provide feedback on the issue, or at least request an option to disable it, the owners seem like they are in a good position to collect feedback.

wiki_me ,

The project is missing developers, if you want to then implement them yourself , or fund raise the money using a bounty platform like polar, some of the ideas are fairly controversial and linus law of trail and error apply here, with that said i think lemmy could benefit from a add on system like those wordpress and discourse have and those ideas can be checked out.

Personally i had them accept some of my feedback before (e.g. i am the one who requested the ability to block an instance which got implemented despite one of the developers were against it and the other suggested i should switch instances).

Just try to be prudent and persuasive .

wiki_me ,

What "political linux distributions" exist? I use debian and used Ubuntu before and don't remember anything political about it (At least by going by the how most people perceive something as political, That is the state should do X or not Y).

wiki_me ,

If somebody asks about anything , X happened in north korea is probably not a useful answer.

uhrbaan , to Fediverse avatar

@fediverse Fediverse user growth jumped to ~50'000'000 users. What happened ?
The FediDB Fediverse User Growth graph shows a significant jump in user count in February. Software distribution is also 81% other, and the biggest server is with 39 million users ! What happened ?

wiki_me ,

This shows nothing, probably some kind of glitch.

wiki_me OP ,

If you want to just make money, yeah it's probably not a really good investment, what i am hoping will happen is that people that really care about creating the type of products purism make will get voting rights and help manage the company better, maybe even create a non profit that will slowly buy the company and manage it (something like how the green day packers was bought by a non profit).

it's a very hard goal, i am even surprised they made it this far, but just complaining is probably not going to really help make a true Linux phone a reality.

wiki_me ,

Honestly i don't think these are good enough reasons to create a new project, there are other open source reddit alternatives and non of them toke off, it's hard to build a project like that and having NLNET funding might have made
it seem easier then it is.

Forking might have been a better options, or just developing a sever addon API so you could create plugins like on wordpress or discourse.

I tend to believe competition is good but in this case it seems like it will just fragment the already limited resources of the fediverse.

I warned someone that the project he started probably won't replace an existing popular project and eventually he seems to have abandon it, he could have spend that time improving the existing project.

I realize this is not feel good advice and i could be wrong, but i felt like i should say it.

wiki_me ,

Where there is some important design decision that the project leaders don't want to change.

wiki_me ,

This should not be surprising at this point that a lot of users prefer the wayland session, gamingonlinux survey shows that wayland adoption is consistently increasing (while X11 usage declines).

wiki_me ,

Any highlights from the study?

It seems mostly like "lemmy is now moderately liked".

Companies use customer satisfaction as a way to estimate their future potential (like apple was cited as a company with a
relatively high customer satisfaction, and indeed it's stock and profits later seemed to surge).

Would be interesting to see something like that for lemmy (you can replace "customer" with "user" for this discussion it's basically the same thing). comparing 1-10 rating of lemmy vs reddit or other platforms (but sample it well, to avoid review bombing), You can compare reddit google play rating with those of jerboa , but that has it own problems (for example a lot of people don't use a mobile client i believe).

wiki_me ,

Have you seen gdevelop? reportedly it does need programming skills.

wiki_me ,

I had some issues that happened on debian and not on firefox nix package, maybe debian packaging is not great and this can help improve it.

wiki_me OP ,

I tried a few games that are considered classics and didn't notice any performance problems, maybe open an issue with a test case?

wiki_me OP ,

There is this for wlroots based compositors.

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