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watty ,

They used to not have the right to marry in the US, and many people advocate for that to return. In some places on this planet, they don't get the right to live.

There is no one even advocating to take rights away from straight people, let alone beheading them.

Waffle House Is Taking Heat For An 'Especially Alarming' Paycheck Policy ( www.huffpost.com )

A union that’s organizing Waffle Houseworkers filed a petition with the Labor Department on Monday, asking federal officials to investigate the iconic chain’s policy of deducting mandatory meal costs from workers’ paychecks....

watty ,

I found this a bit confusing, but I think the core of this is really that Waffle House staff don't get a choice on whether or not they buy a meal during their shift. Is that right?

I kind of got that gist from the article, but nothing super clear. It said that employees pay for the meal whether they eat it or not, which if you ordered food and didn't eat it, that's kinda on you. I think it should be saying that they are charged for the meal whether they ordered it or not, if that's what is happening.

watty ,

Abortion rights are based on the bodily autonomy of the woman, not the status of the fetus.

Even a fully grown adult cannot use another person's body without consent.

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