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renard_roux ,

You missed an S in enShittification.

And I completely agree, Cory seems to be good at coining terms and making them stick 👍

renard_roux ,

That seems like a good idea.

renard_roux ,

In short, and mirroring what seems to the general sentiment: no. I like it here, and I like the heavy moderation and intolerance towards intolerance 🙂

I've yet to see a Beehaw de-federation action that I disagree with.

What app are you using to browse Beehaw on Android?

I've been using Sync for a while, but it repeatedly hits an error when I try to submit posts to Beehaw. I have not tried other instances, but I am assuming this issue is specific to Sync. Getting really sick of drafting posts and then having to discard them because the app errors out 🤦

renard_roux ,

I think we need to look a bit back in time for the answer:

“If they pay a penie or two pence more for the reddinesse of them..let them looke to that, a foole and his money is soone parted.”

— From Dr. John Bridges' Defence of the Government of the Church of England, 1587.

renard_roux ,

A winning strategy 👌

renard_roux ,

Was introduced to Merlin a few weeks ago on a scout nature course, and I love it so much!

I'm using it a sort of real-life pokémon game, trying to grow my list of found birds (Life List). So far I'm up to 36! 😍

Would you teach your kids how to pirate?

My gf and I have had discussions about teaching morals to kids. In that vein, I asked myself, would I teach piracy to my kids? Yes, it’s technically illegal and carries inherent risks. But so does teenage sex carry the risks of teenage pregnancy, and so we have an obligation to children to teach them how to practice safe sex....

renard_roux ,

Don't have any data to back it up, but I've been using Photoshop for 25+ years, and got the clear impression that this was 100% part of marketing; from what I gathered from friends back then, pirating Photoshop was so astonishingly simple that it seemed deliberate. If you've got the software that's the easiest to get hold of for kids and students, that's what they grow up with, that's what they know, that's what they expect to have access to in future employment situations.

Now that they've managed to pull off Subscriptions (and consequently fucking us all over by making it a legitimate business model, which instantly spread to, what, +60% of all paid software?), I'm sure they've calculated that the higher bar for gaining access to their software is more than adequately offset by the readings on the yard stick in their Scrooge McDuck money vault building(s).

And still, nobody has managed to make something that can replace their bloated, shitty software for professional users.

Google fires 28 workers for protesting $1.2 billion Israel contract ( )

"Google issued a stern warning to its employees, with the company’s vice president of global security, Chris Rackow, saying, “If you’re one of the few who are tempted to think we’re going to overlook conduct that violates our policies, think again,” according to an internal memo obtained by CNBC."

renard_roux ,

Yay, space opera! 🥰

Highly recommend almost everything by Peter F. Hamilton if you haven't read them, arguably top 3 space opera authors ❤️

Edit ...: and Boo! Google!

Looking for self hosted digital asset management

I'm looking to be able to store assets that I've created and purchased (both 3d models and images, potentially audio in the future) on my nas and would love to be able to use something to browse them and filter or sort them based on what kind of usage license I have for them. So if I'm doing a commission I can filter out the...

renard_roux ,

I realize this is a FOSS channel, but I'm going to play devil's advocate and suggest Eagle.

I have some 40K assets, mostly JPGs and PNGs, and apart from Obsidian, Eagle is the best piece of software I've found in the last 5 years, maybe longer, and I absolutely adore it.

It's not free, but it's pay-once, fairly cheap, and the upcoming version has an API and huge focus on community developed plugins.

The current version supports a huge amount of file types, including 3D. I'm not completely sure about audio, but I'd be kinda surprised if Eagle didn't support audio.

renard_roux ,

Ooh, that's good! 🤯

renard_roux ,

Always make a backup! Hopefully, they remembered the 1-2-3 rule 🤔

renard_roux ,

Are you sure you responded to the correct comment? 🤔

renard_roux ,

First one doesn't work without the comma, I think you meant "Stop killing games".

You are going to be trapped in a room for 12 hours with a mid 2000s office desktop with no internet connection and an external hard drive; what are you putting on the hard drive?

I've got some DOOM WADs I have been meaning to play so I would probably grab Trench Foot, Total Chaos, and the sequel to Ashes 2063, Ashes: Afterglow with a portable install of GZDoom to play them....

renard_roux ,

A complete collection of QI episodes, and I'd be able to watch a fraction of them 😊

What Spotify to YouTube MP3 downloader for Android do you recommend?

I was using Spotiflyer for a while because it worked well and was available through F-Droid but it seems like the creator has moved on to an app called SoundBound that I haven't seen in the megathread or any of the other sites listed in the Other Treasures section....

renard_roux ,

Genuine question: Spotify TO YouTube? I'm trying hard and not coming up with a use-case 🤔

Or is it just "Spotify or YouTube"?

renard_roux ,

Thanks! I misunderstood completely, thought you were downloading from Spotify and uploading to YouTube 😅

renard_roux ,

Voyager doesn't support Lemmy 18.x anymore, and Beehaw is getting ready to leave Lemmy so won't upgrade servers beyond 18.

The "solution" is Native version of Voyager (download an older version), but that means no more upgrades.

renard_roux , (edited )

As a die-hard Voyager user (until now, that is), I think you'll be very happy with Raccoon.

I didn't expect to find anything that could replace Voyager, and have been pleasantly surprised so far 👍

EDIT: Android only, AFAIK, sorry.

renard_roux ,

Damn, sorry, I missed you iOS requirement 😔

Don't think that's a thing, sorry 😐

U.S. Sues Apple, Accusing It of Maintaining an iPhone Monopoly ( )

The department joined 16 states and the District of Columbia to file a significant challenge to the reach and influence of Apple, arguing in an 88-page lawsuit that the company had violated antitrust laws with practices that were intended to keep customers reliant on their iPhones and less likely to switch to a competing device....

renard_roux ,

Iirc the pirate bay guys made something like that, but only in the browser, and only for very few websites. It gives the content a like button. Periodically it then distributes money over all your likes from a preset pool of cash.

So, micro payments? 🤔

How to catalogue my library

Hello! I would like to catalogue my library (I estimate in the low thousands but I am unsure of the precise number). I would like to keep tracks of several things, from the "obvious" like author, title, publisher, edition, to more personal like "when"/"where" did I get it. Was it a gift? Is a lucky find from that one trip to...

renard_roux ,

Sounds like what you need is a database.

Maybe have a look at Airtable and Notion? Both have database capabilities and are quite user friendly.

renard_roux , (edited )

Both are (or can be) basically relational databases, so you have a table for authors, one for genres maybe, one for physical location, and one for books. You create a new book, and that "form" then gives you fields for Title, Description, Rating, whatever you need, and then pulls data from the other tables for Author, Genre, etc.

If you're not used to relational databases, the Golden Rule is basically:

  • If a data type is unique (e.g. Title, Description), it stays with the "product" (book, in your case).

  • If the data type can be used for more than one item (e.g. Author, Genre), it should (probably) have its own table.

  • You can take it a step further and make tables for all Descriptions, Titles, etc., and then those get related to the book by a unique key, but this is probably unnecessary for your use case.

  • All of this is incredibly simplified, and if anyone who works with databases sees it, I'm sure I'll get corrected 😅

Anyway, you might not need to think too much about any of the above, as both platforms have user contributed templates!

Have a look at this list of free Notion 'Books Templates', or this Airtable 'Book Catalog' template 👍

renard_roux ,

No problem, and sorry for the over-explaining; sounds like you've got more than the basics covered 😅

Also thought that it might be useful for any future visitors.

Did you find a good solution? 😃

renard_roux ,

Looks very nice, and story sounds interesting!

Not that it matters, but it looks like some if the typical generative AI cues are present (looking at eyes, button, fingers, especially).

Out of curiosity, could you share how much did you pay the artist (ballpark)? And were you expecting something "handmade", or did you know you were getting AI generated (if that is the case, of course).

renard_roux ,

Sorry, it wasn't meant in any negative way, and could have been worded much better. I can see how that would be annoying, and I'll try to do better in the future 😊

I'd love to see the sketch work, curious how your vision of Solemn differs from the end result 🙂

📚 Online forum to ask Chicago Manual of Style related questions?

Does anyone know of a good (and hopefully also free) online forum where someone can ask questions related to the Chicago Manual of Style? Chicago Manual of Style's page has an online question form, but it seems like it's one of those "we'll answer your question if we get to it" type of things. I need to ask questions about...

renard_roux ,

Not super helpful, but have you looked for Discord communities?

renard_roux ,

Yeah I know what you mean, I've reached a point where I can just about stomach going there if a Google-search finds relevant information on something I'm researching, but I draw the line at active participation or even logging in.

I've done a quick search and found a list of Discord boards that are tagged with #grammar.

This one looks promising, and the list says there are currently 20 people online (take with grain of salt, though): The Grammar People

If you could share your specific question, maybe there's more research that can be done (or maybe someone here knows the answer) 🤔

Parts Washer: What solvent are you using?

I've got one of those big red 20-gallon parts washers. You know the one. I mostly clean bicyle parts, and most bicycle lubricants are not petroleum-based. They're usually plant or wax-based. The idea is that a water-based degreaser, like Simple Green, should have no problem cleaning the stuff. My experience is that Simple...

renard_roux , (edited )

Maybe Sublinks could be(come) that new platform you guys have been searching for, re: Beehaw thinking about leaving Lemmy? 🤔

I just hope it will be compatible with the available Lemmy apps (Voyager in particular) 😓

Edit: Or PieFed I guess 😊

renard_roux , (edited )

I second @ben, it's a really nice game! Extremely well-polished, the UI and color theme are gorgeous, and the sounds work perfectly.

Initial thoughts on the game difficulty:

Having to add up the number values adds an incredible amount of complexity (for my brain at least) — even finding a word to start with takes a lot of time, especially since you don't know how many letters you're aiming for.

I don't want to spoil the current daily, but my first word gave me three greens. I thought I remembered the tutorial saying that green means "correct letter", without saying anything about the position.

Personally, I think this is a bit of a shame; after the initial relief of finding a word that fits the Dot Requirement (DR), I'm now stuck with knowing three letters, but I still don't know the word length, and I don't know if the letters are in the right place.

I have to go hunting for words that contain my three green letters (and none of my grey ones), but even when I manage to think of something, I then have to fulfill the DR, which means a lot of the words I come up with don't even work.

For a second just now, I thought I had come up with a workable strategy: since there is no apparent word length limit (other than dictated by PR), I could just take my green letters, and try to find a single letter to add. Slow going, but at least I'd be working towards a solution. Then I start typing my new, 4-letter word, and I realize that I've forgotten about the DR. Which promptly negates the word I wanted to try.

Obviously, everyone’s brains work differently, and I might just be particularly bad at this specific task, but I simply find it too hard.

I understand that optional settings that affect difficulty are a bit iffy because they could affect any scoreboards that might be added (not seeing any as of yet), but I think those could be taken into account.

Some ideas and suggestions that I think could make the game more accessible to players who find it a bit too hard:

  • Letter Placement Clues (LPC) — Consider differentiating between whether a correct (currently green) letter is in the right place or not; grey still means "wrong letter", yellow (or maybe that delightful peach color from the Enter button) indicates "correct letter, wrong placement", and green indicates "correct letter, correct placement". LPC could be an optional toggle in Settings. This genre of game can usually be condensed down to "Mastermind with Letters", and even Mastermind indicates correct placement (although omitting which letter is correctly placed).

  • Word Length Clues (WLC) — Consider letting the player know how long the target word is. WLC could be an optional toggle in Settings.

  • Tackling scoreboards vs. clue use — If the above (or other) clue settings were implemented, and if a scoreboard gets implemented, the scoreboard could have a tab for each combination of clues:

    • No Clues Used — main scoreboard, doesn’t need to explicitly say anything about clues.

    • LPC used — scores from plays with only LPC enabled.

    • WLC used — scores from plays with only WLC enabled.

    • LPC + WLC used — scores from plays with both clues enabled.

    • Maybe a simple icon could be created for each clue type, and a small icon key shown at the bottom of the scoreboards to indicate which tab has which scores, without having to actually write “LPC” and "WLC”, or some other silly acronym.

  • Point of friction: “Not a Valid Word” — When typing words, a Friendly Chime (FC) sounds when the DR is Satisfied (DRS), supported by the X/Y Counter (XYC) numbers turning green. However, when the word is submitted (Enter button), and only then, the "XXX is Not a Valid Word" notification (NVW) appears (only if it's not a valid word, obviously). The NVW is not accompanied by a sound, nor any other visual indication, and it's a bit anonymous. I just had this happen, and I kept pressing the Enter button a few times before noticing the NVW.

    Is it really necessary to have to Enter to get the NVW? If PRS, I'm clearly not going to add any more letters; I already spent the pip dot quota. I think DRS should trigger the NVW evaluation, without the player needing to press Enter, as it seems an unnecessary step. I'll call this DRSNVW.

    • Suggestion: Better / more NVW indicators upon NVW-eval causing DRSNVW (in addition to current notification):
      • Entered letters could turn grey.
      • Enter button could be greyed out.
      • Entered letters could do a Little Shudder (LS) / shake from side to side.
      • A different sound from the FC could play, maybe a Low Note from a Marimba (LNM) or something similar?
  • Consistency: "There must be Exactly X Dots" notification (EXD) — Similarly to the points made for NVW notification above, EXD-eval could trigger on each entered letter, and show EXD notification if total dots entered > DR, instead of only happening after player presses Enter. Some of the extra NVW indicators from above could also carry over to EXD for the sake of consistency:

    • Better / more EXD indicators when player presses Enter without DRS (in addition to current notification):
      • Entered letters do a LS.
      • LNM plays.
      • X in XYC turns red.
  • A thoughts on learning braille — I know available space is a bit sparse, but I think adding the dots to the letters of already entered words would make it more likely that I started associating the dots with the letters. Seeing the dots in the context of a word I spelled would just hammer the point home a bit more; currently, I can see the dots on the keyboard, on the letters I’m currently adding, but not on the words I already entered.

  • Bug? "There must be Exactly X Dots" (EXD) — I actually can't reproduce this now, but I just had a situation where EXD was displayed at the same time as DRS. Not sure how I did it, though. If DRS, then EXD shouldn't be shown, because DRS = exact number of dots is satisfied = no need to explain how many dots are needed.

That’s what I have, off the top of my head. Would love to hear your thoughts, and will come back and update if any other ideas pop up 😊

If you made it this far through my acronym bonanza, thanks! I don’t know if any of the above is useful, but I thought it was worth spending some time on this, as I think the game has great potential, and would be something I would like to play more, were it not for the current difficulty.

renard_roux ,

Wow, that looks great! I was beginning to think you'd missed my comment, or, worse, that it was too annoying 😅

Happy you managed to translate the acronyms and found some of it helpful; I spent way too much time on it 😅

Think the changes are really good! Being allowed to enter words that don't live up to the dot requirement really takes a lot of friction out of it and makes it so much more enjoyable!

Looking forward to seeing future updates, keep up the good work!

I actually stumbled upon a small issue: in Chrome on my Android phone, I've enabled a flag to force dark mode, and it doesn't play nicely with the game. An edge-case for sure, but might be worth looking into. See screenshots below 😊




renard_roux ,

That's pretty cool! If anyone more skilled than me is able to make this for ZSH, I'd be very happy 😊

renard_roux ,

Seconded! I'm on a small Danish instance as well, and they have a weekly, bot-posted "What are you watching/playing/reading?"-thread that I really enjoy 👌

renard_roux ,
  • They don't like the phone.
  • Battery life sucks.
  • Camera sucks.
  • Stopped watching at that point.

Hope that helps 😊

Faster backup solution?

I use Beyond Compare to sync files from my laptop to my NAS which is a QNAP (my laptop is Linux Mint). It is incredibly slow, to the point that it is driving me crazy. Admittedly, I have lots of large files on my laptop that I move around frequently, so that may just be how it is. I do have my laptop setup to sync to my phone...

renard_roux ,

Just spent 3 hours today with my stepmom trying to tame the "backup" situation on her work computer (a Mac). I'm just going to dump the (somewhat angry) rant I wrote my wife on the way home on the train:

... and then helping [stepmom] with computer backup for ~3 hours. Made a lot of progress but will need to go back for round 2, need her to get another external drive first.

Apparently her "IT guy" is some old colleague from previous job. Most braindead setup I've ever seen 🤢

Use Carbon Copy Cloner to "backup" (copy) her Desktop and Documents folder to a local OneDrive folder, hope that gets clouded from there. Last time I was there, OneDrive wasn't even running, so nothing was happening. Even if it had been, it was set to "leave local files where they are", so her HDD was almost out of space. This time, it couldn't even be opened because her OS is too old to run it 🙄

Another CCC backup set to copy "full computer" to an external drive (to external root folder, relevant later); CCC full backups are 1:1 clones, so can be restored onto new hardware ... unless the external drive isn't formatted with same filesystem as computer. Of course, it wasn't (FAT32 for a 5TB drive🙄). Oh, and only set to backup on "drive reconnected", so no backups if she leaves it plugged in. Which of course she did.

On top of that, her main working folder is, of course, her Downloads, all 400 GB of it (and none of it added to any cloud backup in any way) 🙄 So once in a while she would manually move (not copy) files to both of her external drives, one reliable LaCie Rugged, one sketchy no-name drive, to clear up space. Except that "full system" CCC backup that runs on "reconnect" is pointing at the reliable drive's ROOT folder, so every time that runs it would delete ALL the files she had manually moved there 🙄

Luckily she has that secondary (sketchy) external drive; all the files on the rugged one are gone forever.

Also - OneDrive for "backup" - what would happen if that folder was deleted locally? It's fucking SYNC! OneDrive would simply remove the files from cloud (if the program had even been (capable of!) running)!

What an idiot 🙄 Wonder how many other people he's "helping" 😬 I should just follow in his wake and make a living fixing his stupidity.

Also on the To-do for next meeting:

  1. set up a password manager, as her current system of manually copying her passwords (all of them the exact same 5-letter word, followed by the exact same 4-digit year, followed by one of 5 symbols, rotated for "security") from last year's paper calendar to this year's paper calendar (with little or no notes about what they're actually for) is ... less than ideal.

  2. install software (Eagle) to manage her ~600 GB collection of work image files, half of which are in folders in her Downloads folder, the other half living dangerously on that sketchy external drive, all of them in semi-randomly named folders with nothing even remotely resembling any sort of system.

  3. copy the files on the current Rugged external drive to the new Rugged external drive so I can format the current one to a FS that can handle TimeMachine.

  4. upgrade her OS so OneDrive can actually run, although I won't be using it for "backup", because:

  5. setting up a proper cloud solution (B2) with proper backup software (Arq or Kopia) to make daily cloud backups of the primary external.

  6. setting up her external drives (at that point two Rugged drives) so one does daily backups (CCC + TimeMachine), and the other does a weekly backup of the first one before getting locked in the safe, with primary also hosting all her images.

Wish me luck 🙄

renard_roux , (edited )

Thank you 😊

I'm happy to help, and she wrote a very sweet message to say thanks, she was very happy 😁

And I'll be very pleased once we get it all sorted. I left her computer copying the files from that sketchy drive to the other one, so at least, until I go back, there should be a bit of redundancy 👌

renard_roux ,

Agreed, which is funny because he's an intelligent guy, and I wouldn't normally take him for someone who's fall for this type of confirmation bias, but tech is a blind spot.

Also, I think he sees me as someone who is overly cautious (for one thing, there are some differences in opinion about how my wife and I raise our kids), which probably means that because the warning about his IT setup is coming from me, it's already somewhat tainted by that.

* adult son is over reacting; take with grain of salt; roll eyes *

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