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raoul ,

The guy thinks he can get the $1 trillions leaf for an ice cream 🤑

raoul ,

That's a funny one: Wrong calendar, man 😂

raoul ,

No need to post the pic of a stick if don't have any owls

Trolls ( lemmy.world )

I rather randomly picked up the first four books in this series a couple decades ago when I was in France. It was a rather new experience for me as a Canadian to read a graphic novel with adult content. It is funny! I also learned a lot of vernacular and adult French in the process. Plus, I really liked the vibrant art....

raoul ,

"They eat our wifes and rape our cattle!"

I was conquered after that 😂

raoul ,

I realy like this one. He look wise, like he will give you a quest

raoul ,

I have trouble to imagine how you gather your men for that:

"The chef want all of you at the village center in 1 minute"

"Don't tell me it's..."

"Yes, again... We should never have imported him a wii fit"

raoul ,

I always loved watching birds "dogfighting": such an elegant dance.

raoul ,

I love this news website (outside of the content):

  • Articles are in Creative Common 🥰
  • No intrusive pop-up
  • Not a tonne of js

Big names should take notes

raoul ,

Ah, I see.

It's funny you can indirectly tell they try to inform and not make a ton of money

raoul ,

I was just upvoting the silly cartoons and now I respect the author because of this apology.

Bless you Gary

raoul ,

It's nice of you to take care of your boss like that 🥰

raoul ,

And they can still keep some vstol seagulls flying 🤌

raoul ,

What you looking at...

They always look so expressif

What's (are) the funniest/stupidest way(s) you've broken your linux setup?

Tinkering is all fun and games, until it's 4 am, your vision is blurry, and thinking straight becomes a non-option, or perhaps you just get overly confident, type something and press enter before considering the consequences of the command you're about to execute... And then all you have is a kernel panic and one thought...

raoul ,

First, the classical typo in a bash script:

set FOLDER=/some/folder

rm -rf ${FODLER}/

which is why I like to add a set -u at the begining of a script.

The second one is not with a Linux box but a mainframe running AIX:

If on Linux killall java kills all java processes, on AIX it just ignore the arguments and kill all processes that the user can kill.
Adios the CICS region 😬 (on the test env. thankfully)

raoul ,

Yes: same command name, two different semantics:

AIX man page

The Linux one

Cross-Unix scripting is fun ☺️

raoul ,

I didn't know that, good to know.

They could have send a SIGTERM by default instead of a SIGKILL. I would not have corrupt everything 😅

raoul ,

Sound like a great program! Let's not drink today

raoul ,

Why is he painting with the childs and why is he looking like having a blast doing so? 😂

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