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Chesterwick Milorganite Hoan the Fourth (no relation)

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One of the most egregious WI GOP state senators for blocking funding - Duey Stroebel - is facing a tough race for re-election. Help his opponent, Jodi Habush Sinykin, with your time or your donation so that Wisconsinites can stop him personally and change the state law so it can’t happen again.


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Definitely garlic mustard. Should be purple at the base of the stems, and the root will have a bit of a hook to it.

I spend a lot of time clearing this stuff in my wooded yard, as it’s highly invasive.

Study shows long-COVID hits hardest in Republican states ( web.archive.org )

... Overall, the CDC found that seven states in the South, West, and Midwest had the highest prevalence of long COVID in the country, between 8.9 percent and 10.6 percent: Alabama, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wyoming, and, the state with the highest prevalence of 10.6 percent, West Virginia. …...

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Odd that hanging out maskless in townie bars and churches back in 2020 wasn’t the best idea. Who could’ve possibly predicted that?

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