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Macron wins shock vote to keep coalition hopes alive ( www.politico.eu )

Emmanuel Macron’s party formed a last–minute agreement with right-leaning lawmakers to win a key vote in parliament on Thursday that opens the door to the French president playing a greater-than-expected role in forming the country’s next government....

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Here's coverage from the Guardian. It was a big story that was widely covered so it shouldn't be hard to find another source if you want one.

I understand the concern about their sale but the conclusion that they aren't reliable isn't supported by evidence as far I can tell. Per the included link in the post, they haven't failed a fact check in the last 5 years -- and they were sold to Axel Springer in late 2021. MBFC has reviewed them multiple times since the acquisition. Politico, also acquired by Axel Springer, was rated "Leans Left" in blind bias reviews by AllSides both before and after the acquisition, so it doesn't appear to have changed their editorial bias much either. I can't find any evidence of a shift rightward or away from factual reporting.

Germany slashes Ukraine funding in savings push ( www.politico.eu )

Germany, which overcame its initial reluctance to support Ukraine to become the country’s biggest European supplier of military aid, looks poised to change course as the finance minister said the government would slash future assistance by half in order to fulfill other spending priorities....

Ukrainian intelligence 'hacks Russian websites, replaces homepages with pig head pictures' ( kyivindependent.com )

Ukraine's military intelligence (HUR) claimed on July 16 that it had hacked nearly 100 Russian websites that support the Kremlin's war effort, taking them offline and replacing their homepages with a picture of a bloody pig's head....

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They've been very active targeting Russia since the full-scale invasion, though they've been pretty quiet lately.

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Gonna go on the record right now and say that this dude is a real turd

NATO’s Pledges to Ukraine Fall Short for a Counteroffensive This Year ( www.nytimes.com )

Despite billions of dollars in additional weapons and security assistance that NATO announced this week, allied officials said Ukraine would not be ready to launch a dramatic counteroffensive or retake large swaths of territory from Russia until next year....

Russia’s advance toward key eastern highway threatens Ukraine’s grip of Donetsk Oblast ( kyivindependent.com )

Outgunned and outmanned, Ukrainian soldiers struggling to hold the front line in a brutal, months-long Russian siege of Chasiv Yar are increasingly worried about their army's ability to protect their rear. If key supply lines from the west are cut off and if troops to their south are overrun, they risk being choked....

Kremlin bots spam internet with fake celebrity quotes against Ukraine ( kyivindependent.com )

Russian bots with a Kremlin disinformation network published 120,000 fake anti-Ukraine quotes falsely attributed to celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansson, in one day, the independent Russian media outlet Agentsvo reported June 15....

Deepfake of U.S. Official Appears After Shift on Ukraine Attacks in Russia ( www.nytimes.com )

The fabricated video, which is drawn from actual footage, shows the State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, seeming to suggest that the Russian city of Belgorod, just 25 miles north of Ukraine’s border with Russia, was a legitimate target for such strikes....

‘Time is our life’: Volodymyr Zelenskiy on balancing urgency with diplomacy in the war against Russia ( www.theguardian.com )

The interview came at perhaps the toughest moment for Ukraine since the early days of the war. Zelenskiy insisted, however, that it was too early to write off the country, and that he remained positive despite all his frustrations. “I’m not in despair at all … I don’t feel like we are on a sinking ship which is going to...

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There's an archive link at the bottom of the post.

Israeli campaign against ICC may be ‘crimes against justice’, say legal experts ( www.theguardian.com )

Efforts by Israel’s intelligence agencies to undermine and influence the international criminal court (ICC) could amount to “offences against the administration of justice” and should be investigated by its chief prosecutor, legal experts have said....

In historic first, Canada lawmaker addresses legislature in Indigenous language ( www.theguardian.com )

Sol Mamakwa, a New Democratic party member from the community of Kingfisher Lake First Nation, rose on Tuesday to give the province’s first-ever Indigenous language speech in Queen’s Park, telling colleagues the moment left him feeling “thankful and proud”....

Spain to give Ukraine €1bn in military aid in decade-long defence deal ( www.theguardian.com )

Spain will provide Ukraine with €1bn in military aid this year after the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, and Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, met in Madrid to sign an “enormously important”, decade-long defence and security deal....

Israel’s military says it is fighting near central Rafah, apparently expanding its operation in the city. ( www.nytimes.com )

Israel’s military said on Thursday that it was fighting in neighborhoods near the heart of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza, apparently expanding its campaign against Hamas in a week when Israel has faced mounting diplomatic and legal pressure over its war effort....

Russia’s latest offensive into Kharkiv Oblast is stretching Ukrainian defenses ( kyivindependent.com )

Two weeks into the offensive, one group of Russian forces is already fighting in the streets of the town of Vovchansk about 70 kilometers away from the city of Kharkiv, while the other is trying to push toward the town of Lyptsi, just under two dozen kilometers away from the city....

Ireland, Spain and Norway to recognise Palestinian state ( www.theguardian.com )

Ireland, Spain and Norway have announced they will formally recognise a Palestinian state on 28 May, triggering an immediate response from Israel, which said it would retaliate by recalling its ambassadors from Dublin, Madrid and Oslo, and withholding vital funds from the Palestinian Authority....

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It has more to do with them being identified and fleeing the country:

Holocaust memorial had recorded two figures arriving at about 3am with spray paint and stencils, as well as two or three other people who may have been involved. They were reportedly quickly identified from mobile phone information.

All were Bulgarian and left Paris by coach for Brussels later the same morning just after spray-painting the graffiti, France Info reported, confirming an earlier report in the satirical weekly Canard Enchaîné.

And the similarity to a previous incident:

In October, about 60 Stars of David were discovered on walls in Paris and districts on the outskirts. All were in a blue similar to the blue of the Israeli national flag.

A Moldovan couple were arrested in that case and their alleged handler, a pro-Russian Moldovan businessman, was identified, according to Agence France-Presse.

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