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What are some free interests/things/hobbies you can do in the city?

I live alone and I'm just wasting away my time here. It's actually making me very depressed to be honest. I do live in the city which makes think there ought to be at least something to do out here. Though I can't really afford to spent money on it every day....

adhocfungus ,

I agree on board games.

See if there are Board Game shops in your city. If they have tables for Magic the Gathering you can check their calendar and usually find open board gaming nights. In my experience people usually bring a bunch of their own games and are open to new players. Some of the people in our group don't own any games; the rest of us are always bringing more than we can possibly play anyway.

adhocfungus ,

In college I lost one of my jobs and knew I needed another one fast or I wouldn't be able to make rent. I spammed my resume on Indeed and Monster.

I got an email offering an IT-adjacent job in town. It was Saturday and they said I could stop by in a few weeks to fill out the paperwork or we could do it over the phone and start Monday. I called so I could get my first paycheck before the end of the month. We eventually got to her asking for my Social Security number and I froze.

I realized this could be a scam, but I was really desperate. I tried to think of a way to test them, so I said that I just realized I would be unavailable during certain hours, would that still be okay? She said she had to put me on hold to talk to the manager. After a while she came back and said it should work, but I would have to discuss the specifics with my supervisor once I started.

That sounded real to me. If it was a scam surely she would have just immediately said my schedule was fine, right? I gave her my SSN. She said I was ready to go and to have fun on Monday. I got there and it was just a parking lot. Couldn't get a response via phone or email.

A couple months later I found out someone across the country had used my SSN and I had to freeze my credit.

otl , to Fediverse avatar

Apas: ActivityPub via email

The overarching goal is an experimental system to make ActivityPub federation stuff clearer for devs, sysadmins and advanced users.

The documentation is incomplete and the code is really not OK! But they always say it's better to get stuff out the door for others to look at sooner. Maybe it inspires others to think about the Fediverse/ActivityPub in weird new ways!

PS thanks @emersion for your SMTP work!


adhocfungus ,

Very interesting. It would certainly make doom scrolling harder. Email always feels more personal, like each message was sent specifically to me for a reason. As opposed to feeds, which feels like looking at cars as they drive by.

I think this system pushes against those boundaries. This sort of concrete brainstorming at the edges is such a crucial part of software evolution, so thank you.

adhocfungus OP ,

I honestly don't know. He can stand on it without issue, but he's only 40 pounds. If I were to make this for an adult I'd need to do more math and some tests. My conservative estimate would be 50 pounds at the very edge. It got a little creaky at that point so I stopped testing it.

A floating desk for a gaming rig is definitely possible. I hope you end up doing it and showing us the results.

adhocfungus OP ,

I rounded them just enough that it's not going to hurt your hands, but I'm tempted to go further in case he runs into it. Since these just lift off the wall without needing to unscrew anything it'd be pretty easy. The toughest part would be repainting and finishing. I'm also a bit worried about chip-out since I was too lazy to cap the edges of the plywood with hardwood.

spiritedpause , to Map Enthusiasts avatar

FEMA Natural Hazards Risk Index

adhocfungus ,

Apparently the calculation includes "Social Vulnerability", which looks very much like a population map. Which is probably why my city is yellow due to winter weather even though the surrounding counties are blue.

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