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The reaction by some Mastodon instance admins in joining a ANTI-META FEDI PACT to block Meta's Threads joining the Fediverse is hypocritical. They are essentially acting as gatekeepers to prevent alleged possible gatekeeping. Here's a list of instance admins/mods who have agreed to block Threads:

Avoid these instances. Quoting John Gruber on BlueSky:

Masto zealots: We’re open, federate with us!
Instagram: Great, we’re building a new thing to join you.
Masto zealtots: Not that kind of open!

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I don't understand why so many people act like air fryers are a scam because "It's just a convection oven!!"

Yes, it is "just" a convection oven, and having a small, quick to preheat, easy to clean/store convection oven is fucking AWESOME.

I've used full-sized convection ovens before, and having one is definitely not a replacement for an air fryer.

Yeah "air-fryer" is just a marketing term, but it doesn't make the devices any less useful , to random avatar

For the Bluesky bridge, discoverable opt in instead of opt out is definitely something I could have (should have) figured out before the announcement. Sorry. Lesson learned.

Another thing I should have had ready beforehand was user-facing docs. The introduction post has some information, but not enough. People reasonably have lots of questions! I’ve tried to answer some, here and elsewhere, but that obviously doesn’t scale.

Docs would have avoided a lot of misapprehensions – for example, will it immediately bridge everyone and everything? (No, only when someone follows you, and only going forward.) What about blocks and reports? (They’ll work, and be bridged, as much as possible.) Etc.

The bridge is still a month or more away, so I haven’t written complete user docs yet, but they obviously would have helped. The current docs for bridging personal web sites and blogs are pretty substantial, but they don’t cover Bluesky. I’ll work on that.

jasdemi , avatar Thanks for the update. Sad to see the opt-out getting castrated.
Good job illiterate, misinformed admins and users you have ruined something great.
Keep until Mastodon and the becomes even less relevant.

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