abbiistabbii , avatar

You know shit's bad when Cheney hates Trump.

RememberTheApollo_ , (edited )

Trump stands to mess up the money flow for anyone but himself and his buddies should he be elected. Cheney isn’t his buddy, so of course he will be an outsider and stand to lose money. That’s what is likely the issue. Not Cheney suddenly manifesting a conscience.

wolfpack86 ,

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

setsneedtofeed , avatar

Remember when Dick Cheney shot a guy and then the guy had to apologize for getting in the way?

John_McMurray ,

Bull fucking shit. This man was

dumbass , avatar

As the previous greatest threat to american, he would know.

Agent641 ,

Takes one to know one!

Yokozuna ,

Man, when a scum bag says someone is a bigger scum bag, I feel like it's finally getting serious.

Dkarma ,

According to the literally dude in second place in that running...that's something.

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

"Guy who is currently running for President is the worst person in history" is so fucking time worn and thread bare.

Trump's bad because he exists right now and Andrew Johnson isn't so bad because he died 150 years ago. It doesn't have to be a contest, though. They can both suck nuts and we would be better off if neither of them had taken office.

Otherwise, if we're talking historical potential future Presidents, please use your time machine to find Benjamin Butler and bring him here so he can run in Joe Biden's place.

Adderbox76 ,

I thought the fucker had died already.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

SuddenDownpour ,

Obscenely wealthy assholes have 20% higher life expectancy.

Jumpingspiderman ,

Getting new hearts on demand is Cheney's secret to longevity.

Agent641 ,

They are delicious and nutritious

JoMiran , avatar

He's died a few dozen times. He just won't stay dead.

Illuminostro ,

Plot armor.

mrspaz ,

No one's found his phylactery.

ICastFist , avatar

Must be buried in one of Iraq's oilfields

morbidcactus ,

Anyone who does gets an invite to a hunting trip with him.

frezik ,

I remember people saying in the 2000 election that he was too old.

He also has no pulse. No, really.

Raiderkev ,

Probably gonna live forever w that thing Darth vadering his ass through life

jj4211 ,

He has a pulse now:
"On March 24, 2012, Cheney underwent a seven-hour heart transplant procedure at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Woodburn, Virginia."
He was pulseless for 15 months though.

NikkiDimes ,

Holy crap, why is that so horrifying

Jumpingspiderman ,

Cheney has gotten more than one heart since this article posted in 2011

Someonelol , avatar

The man who helped the party that got us into this mess is complaining about the uncontrollable monster it built. Get fucked Cheney.

Viking_Hippie ,

Not as devastating as getting confirmation that this ghoul is still alive.. Jerk! 😛

242 ,

He's attacking Trump because Trump attacked his daughter. It's personal for him. Otherwise he'd be quietly cheering on the advance of fascism like every other right winger in america.

anon6789 , avatar

Exactly. This is one of those classic leopards ate my [daughter's] face moments.

NYT 01 JUL 2024

One post that he [Trump] circulated on Sunday singled out Liz Cheney, the former Wyoming congresswoman who is a Republican critic of Mr. Trump’s, and called for her to be prosecuted by a type of military court reserved for enemy combatants and war criminals.

“Elizabeth Lynne Cheney is guilty of treason,” the post said. “Retruth if you want televised military tribunals.”

corsicanguppy ,

televised military tribunals

Wow. Someone watched Starship Troopers and didn't realize it was obvious satire. But "microphone bicycle cameraman", so he's good, right?

dejected_warp_core ,

This has always been the problem. For some reason, the very people you want to stand up and take notice of your political satire are frequently the kind of people that are just going to not understand. As they say: "you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into."

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

If the J6ers had caught up with Mike Pence, Lynne Cheney, and Mitch McConnell, I genuinely wonder whether Trump would actually be in jail right now instead of cruising around the country soliciting more fascists to his cause.

anon6789 , avatar

I am grateful I didn't see the National Guard mow down a bunch of civilians that day, but I also feel that the low loss of life is what has let a huge chunk of the population write off the events of that day as basically a "boys will be boys" moment, when it was really something Earth shattering in our country's history.

Historians could very well one day mark it as a turning point in our nation's history where we took a severe turn on the road to ruin. I really hope we can pull ourselves back, but since it seems to be a world wide trend, I have more anxiousness than I'd prefer.

Jesusaurus ,

The lack of action/inability to prosecute those found pulling the strings is what's really frustrating. Sure, send the brainwashed people to jail, but those will just be replaced by the people behind the scenes...

anon6789 , avatar

Exactly, I should have been more clear on that.

This stuff started decades ago with all the people that felt Nixon did nothing wrong and have worked throughout the media, the courts, and the government itself to show that "government doesn't work" to undermine the integrity of all these institutions and to get the people to support individuals rather than a collective.

They've poisoned our systems this whole time, and need to be rooted out if we want to continue being free.

brbposting ,


100_kg_90_de_belin ,

televised military tribunals

Ripping a page from the playbook of the best 20th-century dictatorships

Dkarma ,

He attacked his own daughter. These ppl have no souls.

jj4211 ,

Though there might be a line between "attacking" and "tribunal for treason". I have a feeling the latter is a step too far even for Dick Cheney when it comes to his daughter.

crank0271 ,

a step too far even for Dick Cheney

Can you explain what this phrase means?

jj4211 ,

That even as Dick Cheney will be unreasonable toward his daughter, that it would be too much for him to see her before a tribunal for treason.

crank0271 ,

Still doesn't compute, but thanks for trying!

John_McMurray ,

Trumps a monkey wrench. Cheney fascism dreams were with the Bush family.

wolfpack86 ,

The straight one. Not the gay one

sirnuke ,

Definitely an all time "worst person you know just made a great point" moment.

There's obvious connection between today and the 2000 election's Bush v Gore court case. I suspect he doesn't see it that way, and there's a kernel of truth: applying political muscle to cause a clear coin-flip election to land your way isn't the same as riling up a mob after a clear loss. It's still categorically the same though.

Goes to show the current authoritarianism in the GOP isn't new. What's new is scope, and what enables it is the lack of guardrails within the party.

That said, the upcoming threat needs to be taken seriously, and I'm willing to bite my tongue for just about anything that helps push back.

kibiz0r ,

applying political muscle to cause a clear coin-flip election to land your way isn't the same as riling up a mob after a clear loss

Good thing they did both:

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

So easy to forget how last generation's conservatives were doing the exact same shit as this generation's conservatives.

FlashMobOfOne , avatar

That dude is giddy that it's gotten worse. It makes it easier to rewrite his own blood-soaked legacy, and he's insulated from the worst of it by his wealth.

Diplomjodler3 ,

Says the second greatest threat to the republic.

DragonTypeWyvern ,

More like the past damage. He already did his harm.

Diplomjodler3 ,

Yes. I meant from a historical perspective.

menemen , avatar

Is he afraid that Trump will cost him and Rumsfeld their legacy?

someguy3 ,

Bush Junior happy that the spotlight for worst president is off him.

DragonTypeWyvern ,

Pretty sure that's Reagan.

NegativeLookBehind , avatar

I think Dick should invite Don on a nice duck hunting trip!

disguy_ovahea ,

Or check his pockets for WMDs.

Guntrigger ,

Dick and Don in da bungalow, with a shotgun

NegativeLookBehind , avatar

It’ll give ol Dick a chance to really…shoot the shit

Someonelol , avatar

Trump: "Tell me about the rabbits again, Dick".

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