gme ,
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I propose a for people.

We should start asking people if they support 's "war" in .

If they say YES, they automatically FAIL the test and should be casted out.

If they say NO, they pass the test, and they have demonstrated they are a decent person with empathy.

@palestine @israel

shinyhat ,
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@gme @palestine @israel I have a better idea.

If you support hamas and consider them the rightful rulers of Gaza even after their demonic actions on October 7th and starting the current war they have no chance to win, then you don’t belong in polite society.

If you oppose hamas and support freeing the people of Gaza from their totalitarian yoke, then you can stay, even if you are harshly critical of the government of Israel.

What do you think?

ghazi ,
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@shinyhat @palestine @gme @israel are you that deluded to think Israel is liberating Palestinians? I usually just block people like you without interacting with them, but I've never seen someone this stupid. It's fascinating!

rochacbruno ,
rochacbruno ,
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@alice @rochacbruno well looks like yout comment didn't reach my wordpress comment inbox.

rochacbruno ,
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@alice @rochacbruno It took some minutes but now it is there!

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