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Jack Dorsey. In a life long mission to look like a pencil. Steady progress I see.

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    You’re on beehaw, and are spouting that Trump/FOX-level inferiority complex bullshit?

    Either you’re trolling and/or joking…or you can rightly fuck off.

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  • ulkesh ,
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    The simple fact you use terms like “libtard” proves the abundance of undereducation you have received. Enjoy living with such idiocy. Bye.

    Ganbat ,

    Dorsey was on a tear yesterday, unfollowing all but three accounts on X while referring to Elon Musk’s platform as “freedom technology.”

    Ah, I see. He went insane.

    e8d79 ,

    Or he is trying to get ahead of some news. Maybe a journalist contacted him about some serious allegations. So now he joins up with Musk, comes out against the 'woke agenda' and when the news releases, he can claim its main stream media silencing him.

    Kichae , (edited )

    Yes, but a long ass time ago. What's happening here is that he's not getting his way over something, or he's gone and done something that we haven't heard about that will stain the company and he was removed, or he was told his farts still smelled, and he threw a tantrum.

    This has all of the hallmarks of a billionaire baby being told "no" over something for the first time in a while.

    somas ,
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    He’s been a libertarian douchebag as long as he’s been a public figure.

    cupcakezealot ,
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    i mean he was already there.

    darkphotonstudio ,

    I'm seriously wondering. All these billionaire types seem to be getting a taste for attention and can't help shouting crazy bullshit at the top of their lungs. The louder these people are, the more scrutiny they will receive. Do they believe that will end well for them?

    Templa ,
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    I think it is weird they didn't say anything before, considering Dorsey deleted his account 8 months ago.

    zygo_histo_morpheus ,

    I think he was still on the board after he closed his account, him leaving the board might be much more recent

    MajorHavoc ,

    Does that mean they're prepping to sell to Elon Musk at well above market value only to get enshitified? It's not clear to me what's mandatory after you fire JD...

    watson387 ,
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    I hate that dude's beard. Lol

    FatAdama ,

    Can you imagine how it probably smells?

    thejml ,

    I’m reminded of the Family Guy where a bird lays eggs in Peter’s beard.

    HootinNHollerin ,

    It’s grown one craft beer at a time

    avidamoeba ,
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    Here we go again.

    belated_frog_pants ,

    Lol get wrecked shitstain

    scrubbles ,
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    So will he just give up already and admit the fediverse is a pretty good idea?

    Templa ,
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    Are you assuming he was the one behind the decision of not using ActivityPub?

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    Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is no longer on the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform he helped start.

    In two posts today, Bluesky thanked Dorsey while confirming his departure and adding that it’s searching for a new board member “who shares our commitment to building a social network that puts people in control of their experience.”

    For now, two board members remain: CEO, Jay Graeber, and Jabber / XMPP inventor Jeremie Miller.

    Dorsey originally backed Bluesky in 2019 as a project to develop an open-source social media standard that he wanted Twitter to move to.

    But Dorsey hadn’t seemingly been a particularly active participant at the company.

    In March, when The Verge’s Nilay Patel asked Graeber for Decoder about his level of involvement with Bluesky, she said she gets “some feedback occasionally,” but implied he’s otherwise “being Jack Dorsey on a cloud,” as Nilay put it.

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