Dippy ,
@Dippy@beehaw.org avatar

I'm happy with this. I think it's good to have the presidents team being in as many places as possible to hear people

darkmogool ,

uhm.... why?

SecretPancake ,

Only if the instance you’re on is not one of those fuckers that block Threads.

spujb ,

i can’t and nor do i want to because my instance admin did me the blessed service of defederating threads ❤️

01189998819991197253 ,
@01189998819991197253@infosec.pub avatar

I was on the fence, until I heard it's on Threads. Hard pass.

jlow ,
@jlow@beehaw.org avatar

The capitalist part of the Fediverse, that is, obviously.

sunbeam60 ,

Groan. I’m on a mastodon server and a full believer in the free market. Can we not force this left/right conjecture onto server choice too, please?

TwiddleTwaddle ,

He's referring to Threads

sunbeam60 ,

I know. My point remains the same.

jlow ,
@jlow@beehaw.org avatar
FlashMobOfOne ,
@FlashMobOfOne@beehaw.org avatar

As if I need to hear more excuses from that man.

MarioSpeedWagon , (edited )

Biden (and probably 90% of US boomer politicians) have no idea that the internet is, much less Threads.

SecurityPro ,
@SecurityPro@lemmy.ml avatar

Why would you want to??

aurelian ,
@aurelian@lemmy.ml avatar

I much prefer the Netherlands goverment approach where they host their own Mastodon instance.

DarkThoughts ,

Germany too.
And Threads isn't even part of the Fediverse yet afaik anyway?

aurelian ,
@aurelian@lemmy.ml avatar

I am a bit confused by the status of that, I know Lemmy instances are already defedrating from meta so it must be part of it right?

Nia_The_Cat ,
@Nia_The_Cat@beehaw.org avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • DarkThoughts ,

    I don't think I've seen any Threads content on kbin.social nor fedia.io ever. I feel if it was federating I'd see lots of it, no? Since they're so much larger?

    B0rax ,

    Germany has a mastodon instance?

    DarkThoughts ,
    abbadon420 ,

    Really? Where?

    ABluManOnLemmy ,

    https://social.overheid.nl/about is the official Dutch government mastodon server

    i_am_not_a_robot ,

    I can't because my instance blocked Threads. I guess it's time to find a new instance.

    petrescatraian ,
    @petrescatraian@libranet.de avatar

    @i_am_not_a_robot Lemmy itself does not allow you to follow people, that's why you cannot see him (unless he posts/comments something on Lemmy).

    Kbin is the closest thing to Lemmy that allows you to follow individual persons.


    v9CYKjLeia10dZpz88iU ,

    It should be possible to ping him to a post or comment though. (or for him to comment or post here)

    petrescatraian ,
    @petrescatraian@libranet.de avatar

    @v9CYKjLeia10dZpz88iU he should be able to post here, provided the instance is not blocking Threads. That's how you could possibly ping him. Otherwise, maybe raising an issue could help.

    ReversalHatchery ,

    Not because of Biden, but to me threads blocking is a positive. I hope instances won't undo their decision.

    flumph ,
    @flumph@programming.dev avatar

    Checkout https://infosec.exchange instead of blocking Threads, the admin made a second instance for people who wanted Threads blocked. Like 40 people migrated, lol

    mp3 ,
    @mp3@lemmy.ca avatar

    Would have preferred an account straight on Mastodon but it's a step forward nonetheless.

    sunbeam60 ,

    Yeah they should have run their own Mastodon server but I can understand they want to reach the Threads audience and until there’s two-way sync Threads it is.

    cupcakezealot ,
    @cupcakezealot@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • mp3 ,
    @mp3@lemmy.ca avatar

    Most instances are defederated from Threads though.

    UmbraTemporis ,

    For now, the integration is a minor gesture, as it’s only a one-way connection from Threads to the Fediverse.

    Could someone explain what this means? It it like he can see us but we can't see him? I didn't know the Fediverse / ActivityPub could work like that.

    Pamasich ,

    It it like he can see us but we can’t see him?

    Opposite way around. We can see him but he can't see us.

    The reason you can't see him is because you're on Lemmy which will only display microblog posts if they're (1) a reply to a Lemmy post, (2) made from kbin/mbin, or (3) replied to by someone from kbin/mbin (not entirely sure about this one).

    UmbraTemporis ,

    Ah right, thanks :)

    helenslunch ,
    @helenslunch@feddit.nl avatar

    To be clear, this is supposedly temporary and eventually it's supposed to be bidirectional but I will be totally unsurprised if they "never get around to it".

    sunbeam60 ,

    I would agree with your suspicion but it’s got to be said that their public statements are pretty clear: It is coming.


    InfiniWheel ,

    It would be pretty useless as it is. Even for them. Federation only really mattered for a few people (us), most of their userbase doesn't care or know so its not like it was meant to be a hook to lead them in.

    Kichae ,

    This is, on the whole, a good thing. One should be able to have access to their politicians via piblicly accessible means, and the fedi is exactly that.

    It's a giant shame that it's still being moderated by a tech billionaire, though.

    victoitor ,

    Although your sentiment is correct, it must be said this DOES NOT give you "access" to him.

    abbadon420 ,

    Excuse me! I pay taxes, so I OWN the president.

    victoitor ,


    ShepherdPie ,

    Do you really think Joe Biden is sitting on his phone scrolling through the Fediverse and reading comments from us while he's taking a dump?

    I seriously doubt it's anyone but some young PR person.

    petrescatraian ,
    @petrescatraian@libranet.de avatar

    Wouldn't it have been better to just selhost an instance? Like, they'd have more control...

    Annoyed_Crabby ,

    Or at least go for bluesky.

    i_am_not_a_robot ,

    Bluesky uses a non-standard protocol and isn't really federated yet.

    MayonnaiseArch ,
    @MayonnaiseArch@beehaw.org avatar

    Like somebody already said, this is like president@hotmail.com

    petrescatraian ,
    @petrescatraian@libranet.de avatar

    @MayonnaiseArch yep, exactly. I mean, if @EU_Commission did it, why could they not do it for Christ's sake!!!

    jarfil ,
    @jarfil@beehaw.org avatar

    Last elections we had in Spain, candidates would use TikTok... 😒

    MayonnaiseArch ,
    @MayonnaiseArch@beehaw.org avatar

    I guess they can't help themselves

    realharo ,

    You have to go where the people are.

    Kissaki ,
    @Kissaki@beehaw.org avatar

    Maybe we should sell a blue checkmark on that

    AGuyAcrossTheInternet ,

    Oh there is. So all is well! Right? (Forgot where I stole that image from. Somewhere on here, though.)

    petrescatraian ,
    @petrescatraian@libranet.de avatar

    @AGuyAcrossTheInternet well, we know from the article that the first result is the official account. The second is a bird site bridge, but wtf is the third one?!?

    helenslunch ,
    @helenslunch@feddit.nl avatar

    Yes but then they couldn't post to Threads. Which is where far more people are, unfortunately.

    knightly ,
    @knightly@pawb.social avatar

    Sounds like an advantage to me..

    helenslunch , (edited )
    @helenslunch@feddit.nl avatar

    Not when you're communicating important information to the public and/or campaigning for people to vote for you.

    sleepybisexual ,
    @sleepybisexual@beehaw.org avatar

    You do realise, a self hosted instance can federate with threads, its just an awful idea for the longevity of fedi

    helenslunch ,
    @helenslunch@feddit.nl avatar

    Not right now it can't

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