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Photos by Harold Wilion

I thought I could wean myself off the Barred owls and start getting into other species, but realize that's a much more difficult task than originally thought. I love all owls. find Screech owls to be the cutest and they have the most expressive faces. I love the pizazz of a Great Horned owl. But find the almost mythical, mystical aspect of Barred owls really touches my soul. The eyes of the Screech owl are beautiful. The piercing eyes of the Great horned owl are amazing. But those big, dark eyes of the Barred owl just make me wonder exactly what's going on behind them.

The Barred owls I'm used to photographing just seem so incredibly mellow and will often be surprised to find myself just feet from one chilling on a low branch where they may look at me for a few moments before closing their eyes again as I quietly try to create some distance between us. For me, it's an otherworldly, almost religious experience to be in the presence of these marvelous creatures.

I didn't want to spend any more time trying to pick a favorite shot on this perch, so figured l'd upload a set.

ericatty ,

I love barred owls, we have them in our neighborhood and can hear them at night. We've also had the experience of finding one closer than expected, and it is magical.

anon6789 OP ,
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I haven't come across an owl I've been able to see outside since I was a kid, but I still remember it clearly.

I'm still happy enough hearing the neighborhood Great Horned Owls almost every evening, though I would like to catch a glimpse of them every now and then.

Daemnyz ,
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Biblically acurate owl

anon6789 OP ,
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anon6789 OP ,
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anon6789 OP ,
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Chetzemoka ,
@Chetzemoka@lemmy.world avatar

Oh that's the perfect shot, right there.

anon6789 OP ,
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I really enjoy this guy's work and I love there's usually some kind of commentary with them.

I don't know how this guy finds all these owls, but I wish I had a small fraction of his power!

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