ohlaph ,

Crazy seeing 8!

Etterra ,

5 for sure, you can see their faces. 1 more probably (half hidden behind a branch center-left).

FuglyDuck ,
@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

Getting some the shinjng vibes.

If you hear banjos…. Run.

errer ,

Can’t believe how long it took me to find the 6th owl!

anon6789 ,
@anon6789@lemmy.world avatar

That's a pretty big brood!

I feel bad for Mr Owl having to catch food for 6! 😬

akwd169 ,

The longer I look, the more I see

ChaosCoati ,
@ChaosCoati@midwest.social avatar

It’s like an i spy book

jabathekek ,
@jabathekek@sopuli.xyz avatar

they're all angry

xmunk ,

The branches and bark pattern create a really neat stained glass effect!

thesporkeffect ,

I count... 5?

RagnarokOnline ,

Me too, but I feel like I’m missing some

TheFriar ,

You’re missing two

xmunk ,

How? Are you counting the owl partially blocked by a branch in the bottom left as two? Is there an owl in the dead center of the picture?

I can clearly see three owl faces down the left side, one near the bottom, a bit right of center, and a final owl chilling in the top right.

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