FuglyDuck ,
@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

Owl jokes are the best.

They’re all hoots.

Klear ,

I smell meme potential in these pics.

umbrella ,
@umbrella@lemmy.ml avatar

woodpecker hoo?

anon6789 OP ,
@anon6789@lemmy.world avatar

Woodpecker who would like to know if you have a moment to talk about our Bird and Savior? /offers pamphlets

AllNewTypeFace ,
@AllNewTypeFace@leminal.space avatar

Life imitates old children’s jokes:

Q: Why did the owl howl?

A: Because the woodpecker would peck her

anon6789 OP ,
@anon6789@lemmy.world avatar
JetpackJackson ,

He looks shell shocked lol

anon6789 OP ,
@anon6789@lemmy.world avatar

He just got to sleep and they start construction right outside!

JetpackJackson ,

"Well, I'm aware that the bird must do his work
But the woodpecker just drove me berserk!"


anon6789 OP ,
@anon6789@lemmy.world avatar

He said "Screech Owl!"

I said "Wot?!"

Never heard that before, but nice bass line!


JetpackJackson ,

I'm glad you like it!

anon6789 OP ,
@anon6789@lemmy.world avatar

The tangential learning you guys provide me in exchange for owl pics and facts definitely keeps me doing it!

JetpackJackson ,


Chetzemoka ,
@Chetzemoka@lemmy.world avatar
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