Spitzspot ,
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High speed camera and use the footage to calculate the speed to figure out which floor. Use impact sites and you'll get the apartment window.

idiomaddict ,

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to set up a camera to watch the building, what makes this hard?

I’m worried that some child is vastly underestimating the damage they’re capable of, but I guess that’s still a better option than someone doing it on purpose.

jordanlund OP ,
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The trick is, it's a 23 story building. It would be super hard to capture anything actionable from 412 feet away.

idiomaddict ,

That I can see, but surely it would be enough to narrow it down enough to get more focused footage. I’m not saying I’d be thrilled about it if I lived there, but I also wouldn’t be thrilled with a neighbor of mine raining cans down on my head

200ok ,

Exactly. At least determine which balcony or window it's coming from. It's crazy to think this has been happening for weeks.

200ok ,

Is it crazy to fingerprint the cans?

autotldr Bot ,

This is the best summary I could come up with:

Cans have been smashing down onto the streets below the 23-story Ladd Tower in Portland, Oregon, for weeks now, and local residents have become increasingly concerned over the potentially deadly consequences.

Workers at the neighboring Higgins Restaurant in downtown Portland say they have been recently noticing cans being thrown out of a building and crashing down beside them, sometimes barely missing them.

Dylan Shmitt, a general manager at Higgins, told the outlet that there have been some “close calls” with some of their employees and other pedestrians wandering down the street.

“It’s been happening in the afternoons when people are arriving for our evening shifts, and so it’s a danger to actual commuters and civilians out here,” Mr Shmitt said.

Even if they were to go door-to-door conducting interviews throughout the building, which they say remains an option, most people do, in fact, own at least one or two canned goods, making investigating this bizarre situation increasingly difficult.

“Short of someone confessing, PPB personnel can’t search an apartment without probable cause and/or a warrant,” a police spokesperson said.

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