DirigibleProtein ,
blackbrook ,

I, for one, am outraged, outraged I say, that a man in Seaside, California should have a boat their yard!

DancingBear ,

Agreed, very unsightly

bamboo ,

The fact none of the shots of video and images don't line up the perspective properly with the chimney is infuriating. Is there a KillTheCameraman community to post this to?

Toastypickle ,

Malicious compliance at its finest

SatansMaggotyCumFart ,

"I’m not a rule-breaker but I like to make a political statement as necessary as well as a humorous statement and a creative statement..."

How's this political?

ironhydroxide ,

Because his city told him he has to have the fence. They wouldn't have done that without a law on the books that says he had to.
Politics is governing, and part of that is making laws. Therefores it's a political statement to technically follow the letter of the law, while disregarding the probable purpose of the law.

SaintWacko ,

Politics doesn't just mean national government. Local government policies are politics too

DancingBear ,

It’s kind of malicious compliance. Neighbors were being sticklers about the unsightly boat without the fence, so he complied and had the mural painted, which kind of defeats the purpose of the fence.

SatansMaggotyCumFart ,

I'd consider this more of a sparkling mural myself.

autotldr Bot ,

This is the best summary I could come up with:

A California man who was ordered to keep his boat out of sight has had the last laugh, by commissioning an artist to paint a realistic image of it on the fence that obscures it.

Etienne Constable, from Seaside, California, was told in July last year by local government officials that he had to build a 6-foot fence to hide the boat from view of his neighbors.

But in a light-hearted jibe at officialdom, Constable decided to follow the directive, which said nothing about how the fence should be decorated, and asked local artist Hanif Panni to create a mural that makes it look as if the fence isn't there.

He is yet to have had any contact from the city about the mural — but added that he considers it to be covered by the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the First Amendment.

"The reaction is extremely more than we ever expected and we’re both just tickled about it," Constable said, referring to the stir the image has made on social media, where it has been shared many times.

Panni, who paints images across the Central Coast area, told KSBW: "I’m a big proponent of public art in spaces.

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