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@futurebird I especially like the third one in the series. I've never witnessed a theft as brash as this

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These are so awesome. Do you have a higher res version of the last one ?(that is could you maybe crop it and post it again since the image on your camera might be much higher resolution that what we see here?)

This isn't a carpenter ant since her middle segment has a "dent" rather than a hump. Though she might not even be Formica, I need to study these more.

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@futurebird sorry no, it was one of those what an I seeing moments and captured with a shaky hand. I assumed with all the carpenter ants we have this was one. I'll take more pics later if it stops raining

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Thanks so much these are very cool either way! I wonder if ants "camp out" by spiders and just to be little thieves?

(I can't really tell if it is a spider, I think it's a crab spider, but it's hard to say. Poor little spider. )

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@futurebird it's an ambush bug. I'm curious to know now too

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@futurebird got a little clearer here

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