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@Nonilex supreme court

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Sooo, the people violating the Flag Code by flying the flag upside down are the same ones who decry the kneeling of Kapernick and other athletes before the flag when the national anthem is played? Because that violates ZERO elements of the Flag Code.

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Thanks for the gift article. I boosted.

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@Nonilex This is the thing that gets me:
"a clear violation of ethics rules, which seek to avoid even the appearance of bias, and could sow doubt about Justice Alito’s impartiality in cases related to the election and the Capitol riot."
Recently it has been well established that the Supreme Court justices can be openly and vocally biased and partial with no consequence, so I'm wondering if it even makes any difference anymore.

Thanks for the gift article with the specifics btw.

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@Nonilex is there something less than single-digit support? I think they're at negative now.

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Lifetime appointment, and they know it. Addison "Mitch" McConnell's work is done.

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After the 2020 presidential , as some supporters falsely claimed that President had stolen the office, many of them displayed a startling symbol outside their homes, on their cars & online: an upside-down .

One of the homes flying an inverted flag during that time was the residence of Justice Samuel A Jr, in Alexandria, VA, acc/to photographs & interviews w/neighbors.

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The upside-down flag was aloft on Jan 17, 2021, images showed. #Trump’s supporters, incl’g some brandishing the same symbol, had rioted at the Capitol a little over a week before. President #Biden’s inauguration was 3 days away. Alarmed neighbors snapped photographs, some…were recently obtained by The NYT. Word of the flag filtered back to the court, people who worked there said in interviews.

#SCOTUS #law #PartisanCourt #ActivistCourt #LifetimeAppointments #TermLimits #Recuse #JudicialEthics

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While the flag was up, the court was still contending w/whether to hear a #2020election case, w/Justice #Alito on the losing end of that decision. In coming wks, the justices will rule on 2 climactic cases involving the storming of the Capitol on #Jan6, incl’g whether #Trump has #immunity for his actions. Their decisions will shape how accountable he can be held for trying to overturn the last presidential election & his chances for re-election in the upcoming one.

#SCOTUS #law #JudicialEthics

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And just yesterday, Texas republican governor Abbott pardoned the murderer of a BLM protester. Said murderer was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Abbott said no jury and "no liberal DA" will go... against what republicans want.

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@locksmithprime I saw. So depressing.

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…“I had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag, “Justice #Alito emailed NYT. “It was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable & personally insulting language on yard signs.”

…Interviews show Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann Alito, had been in a dispute w/another family on the block over an anti-Trump sign on their lawn, given the timing & starkness of the symbol, neighbors interpreted the inverted flag as a #political stmnt by the couple.

#SCOTUS #law

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@Nonilex “Don’t blame me, it was my wife!” seems to be the go-to response for sketchy political behavior by right-wing SCOTUS members

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@Nonilex How is a sign that probably said 'F..Trump' "personally insulting" to Alito's wife? Is her name Trump? #SCOTUS

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@Nonilex "I had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the Black Lives Matter flag," Vice President Harris told reporters. "That was totally Doug's idea, in response to a neighbor's use of the N word in his presence."

"Oh, ok, in that case, no problem," responded Matt Gaetz (R-Hell). "That's completely understandable. I'm so sorry I even raised the issue."

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@Nonilex And I did not have sex with that woman.

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